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Comics, questions, a Power Point presentation, lesson ideas, coloring sheets... This bundle of tools created by The Bonus Point Band has a lot to offer any science teacher. "Rocky Returns" chronicles the story of two soul mates who are torn apart by a greedy miner. Tormented by grief, Rocky flings himself into a pit of lava, while Minnie is sold to a rich widow as jewelry. However, the surprise ending reveals the true nature of the rock cycle. Bundle Includes: - Quick Start Guide - 1 page, 6 f
5th - 7th
My students just returned from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater to view the live production of Flat Stanley. It was spectacular! I wanted to give my students time to reflect on the play but thought that this Flat Stanley character analysis could be used for any Stanley book. It was a hit and thought I'd share it. Thank you to KG fonts for your incredible work. Write on, friends!
FREEBIE :) Veterans Day thank you letter writing templates! Send a note and blank envelope home to parents asking them to write a name/address of a Veteran they know! Once the envelopes are returned to school, have students write a thank you letter and mail them! :) You might also like:November Writing Activity
Not Grade Specific
Special freebie! Grab these before the price returns on June 26th. 5 posters featuring watercolour ocean creature and simple instructions. There are two versions included: one with a background and one without. Each ocean creature accompanies a different strategy for breathing. These are perfect for your quiet corner or as a teaching tool while modelling the techniques!This is an English Product and a PDF Document.DID YOU KNOW? I am a certified children's yoga teacher (May 2019) who has implemen
Special freebie! Grab these before the price returns on June 26th. 5 breathing posters featuring watercolour ocean creature and simple instructions. There are two versions included: one with a background and one without. Each ocean creature accompanies a different strategy for breathing. These are perfect for your quiet corner or as a teaching tool while modelling the techniques!This is a French Product and a PDF Document.DID YOU KNOW? I am a certified children's yoga teacher (May 2019) who has
Do you like getting your assessments, tests and graded work signed and returned from your students' families? This FREEBIE will help keep track of the assessments that have been signed and returned to you!This resource includes: 4 EDITABLE Assessment/Test cover designs.12 EDITABLE Parent Letters.4 Parent Signature Pages to choose from.********************************************************************************************************I strive for 5's so please feel free to reach out to me if
Not Grade Specific
Stick these labels in your students' take home / homework folders so there is no confusion on which papers should be returned to school and which papers should be kept at home! If you are looking for an editable set, please check out Take Home Folders with EDITABLE labels, Reading Log, & Behavior Chart **Print these labels on Avery5162 Labels** Actual size is 1 1/3" by 4" Suggestions: Buy a class set of folders that are all the same color during the Back to School sales. It will be easier
This is my Weekly Progress Report which will work for K - 3rd grade. These are sent home every Friday and returned every Monday with parent signature. Kids LOVE to bring home the report when it is highlighted that they had a great week both academically and in behavioral objectives. It also works as a great reminder that at times we need to focus and work on improvement in certain areas. Parental awareness and communication is essential in creating a better learning environment for all. 1.
Note to send home regarding student's behavior. Includes two versions - one that has a line for parent signature to be returned the next day - and one that has a "notes" section instead. Easy checklist style
Not Grade Specific
I send home this end of the year party donation letter stating what their child recommended they bring in for our class party. The parent returns this sheet letting me know if they can or cannot bring in what was mentioned by their child. Having students assigned to a certain food item allows for us to have a variety of food rather than everyone bringing the same items.
Not Grade Specific
Use these Nurse Passes when you have students who are not feeling well and need to go to the Nurse’s office. If the nurse signs them and returns them with the student, they can help you keep a record of which students have been to the nurse throughout the week. Just file them in a recipe type file box, or other filing system, under the student’s name.The passes come in color or black line copies. Duplicate the page you want and cut into four passes. Keep a stack handy to quickly fill out when
These can either be printed as is, or if you want to save time handwriting some of the details that don’t change (price of gift, date to be returned), then simply add a text box on this document and type in the details! The children fill in a slip about themselves and then you draw this out of the hat and give it to the child who is buying the gift. The buyer (Secret Santa) fills in the ‘Guess who’ tag with clues about themselves for the other child to try and guess! Heaps of fun and something
K - 5th
Several years ago, a hurricane passed through my state. While We received quite a lot of damage, other places in the country were much more severely impacted. As my students returned to school, I realized that they had been exposed to quite a bit of media, including images and stories of destruction and death in the wake of the storm. Many of them were frightened and upset. So I decided to help process through some of those feelings with some discussion drawing and writing activities. Some o
This is a document I created to manage students checking out books from my classroom library. It has a place for student name, book title, date signed out, and date returned. It's ready to be printed, put in a clipboard, and placed near your classroom library!
Not Grade Specific
School begins at 8:ish and so do your chores as a teacher - Many of them you cannot do until the students get into the room. Lunch counts, attendance, library book returns, etc. So, what are your students doing at this time? Reading a book? Maybe not quite at this time. So, how can you keep the class maintained, still learning, and fully engaged? - You give them one of these 26 printables. Each of these worksheets give the students a chance to practice handwriting skills (which we don't have en
First Day of School All About Me Activity. A set of FREE posters for Back to School. Give these out at the beginning of the school year and request them to be returned ASAP. Then put them in a file and pull one out as needed for Student of The Week! Now you won't find yourself scrambling during the year. This would also make a great Back to School "Get to Know You" activity. 2 Poster styles: All About Me & Me By the Numbers 2 variations of each 2 sizes of each: 8.5x11, 11x17, 18x24 (That'
This free, editable assignment tracker or student checklist helps keep your classroom organized. The fillable format allows you to enter student names, assignments, standards, or even forms or other paperwork that must be returned. The fillable (and saveable) PDFs have so many different uses and come in both color and black and white versions. Perfect for any teacher trying to be more organized. Hole-punch and add it to your teacher binder or make copies and keep them on a clipboard. Produc
Please enjoy this free informational letter to send home around St. Patrick's Day! This letter explains what your students need to do for this Leprechaun Trap family project and when it need to be returned by. This would make for a GREAT simple machines activity as well!! I hope you enjoy it! If you are happy with your download, please leave me some feedback! Thanks so much! Please follow me to be updated as I add more products to my store :) I really appreciate your support! Thank you! Chec
Use this google sheets template to track all of your small group reading data, enter the grouping of students by reading group level and use the check mark boxes to track if they have returned books. Keep up with required data testing and scores as necessary, as well as entering any reading notes as you meet with small groups. Simply make a copy of the template as often as you refresh groups to track progress over the year.
Do you allow your students to check out books or other classroom materials? Here are two check out sheets to help you keep track of what has been checked out and when it is returned. Includes an individual student check out sheet and a whole class sheet.
Are you ready for the easiest class party ever! Attach the letter to a brown lunch bag. The students decorate their bag and fill it with the items listed on the letter. The bags are returned to school and on the day of the party play a cute game of ``pass the treat bags.`` Nobody gets their own bag and let me tell you the children love the surprise of getting a secret treat bag!!! I know your students will love this activity!
PreK - 5th
Looking for a way to ask for donations for classroom supplies at Open House? I surround this sign with die cuts of hands that have products listed on them. The parent takes a hand and returns the item to school.
PreK - 12th
Jeopardy game to review 3rd through 5th grade fractions concepts: • equivalence • simplest form • comparing • improper fractions and mixed numbers Click on question and then after the student has responded hit enter for answer. Clicking on the house returns to the game board. Selected questions turn white so that students know that they have already been answered. Have students work in teams so everyone is participating. It is a fun way to review. The game can be edited for any subject/c
This daily parent/teacher communication sheet is great for parents or guardian's of non-verbal students, or students with any disability, to get a breif snapshot into their child's day. This sheet can be sent home each day, signed, and returned so that teachers can track student behavior, mood, health, academic exposure, special education services, etc. This communication slip can also be personalized to be used in any type of classroom, daycare, hybrid learning program, and so on. PRO TIP'S: -
PreK - 4th, Staff
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