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Great way to activate the twenty-first-century learner's interest! You can use it for a variety of content, concepts, vocabs, terms, characters, time periods, the list is endless! Give students a modern and engaging assignment that can be done whether you are virtual, in-person, or hybrid!Table of ContentsSlide 2 IG Profile with grouped and ungrouped icons to build it yourselfSlide 3 IG Profile templateSlide 4 IG Picture Post with Caption Template Slide 5 TikTok Profile with grouped and ungroupe
4th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
INTRODUCING FAIRNESS/ACCOMMODATIONS IN THE CLASSROOMA memorable analogy for students to learn that sometimes people in the class will need different things to be successful. The whole lesson is scripted for you and comes with discussion questions. All you need is 3-5 bandaids. Includes printable posters with the saying, "Fair does not mean everyone gets the same thing. Fair means everyone gets what they need to be successful."VIEW THIS LESSON IN THE NEWS:
Social Emotion Learning Tiktok Brain A fun and interesting lesson on how TikTok may be impacting the way young people think and act. Learning to Cope with Changes - CopingBEHAVIOR REFLECTION - Social Skills - Life SkillsSocial Skills - SELF AWARENESS - Emotional AwarenessGOOD SPORT - Teamwork - Sportsmanship - TeamsPlease support this free resource with feedback. Thank you very much. Michael
If your students know tik Tok then they know this game, put a finger down!You will get a complete powerpoint, and all descriptions are editable, so you can change them to your preference. All students do is hold up 10 fingers and if that sentence applies to them then they put a finger down.
It is no secret that TikTok has overtaken our classrooms from Elementary to High School. If you can't beat them, join them. The TikTok project was created to join creativity and content mastery. This project is a fun way to have students demonstrate knowledge and be wonderfully cringy.Included is a FULLY EDITABLE rubric. The file is a google slide that is can be made into a PDF. See examples on my blog here!Directions for editing and printingEdit the text to suit your classroom, grade level, and
Not Grade Specific
This is the slideshow I created for my classroom's Sorting ceremony at the beginning of the school year! I have also attached the link in the slides where I purchased the Sorting quiz and its score sheet, which I modified for my classroom use (it was also created by a teacher for TPT, so please support them as well!).Here is the link to those resources to use with mine:
Not Grade Specific
Blank TikTok Profile home page template. Designed for 11x17 page. I use this during novel studies- students choose a character to create a profile page for, writing an about me section, drawing pics with #s to describe main events in the books. They also come up with the characters username and profile pic.Can also be used for reseraching a historical figure/group/event/topic in any subject area.This was an IMMEDIATE buy in for my students!
Use this on-trend TikTok inspired game at the beginning of the school year to get your students communicating and participating! The "Put a Finger Down" activity is a low-stakes game all students can participate in. Edit the Google Slides to customize the prompts to your needs during this back-to-school season!The directions to this game are simple:Put up all ten fingers!I’ll say, “Put a finger down if…”If the statement is TRUE for you, put one finger downLook around and see what your classmates
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Staff
Have you heard the viral Tiktok song I Am Woman? Have your students use this song as a template to create their own songs of positive affirmation. This presentation includes:- 10 slides-Clip of song-Lyrics-Teacher example-Review of adjectives-Template for students to follow-Positive message for students at endI am using this as an extended do now/bell ringer at the start of class.To extend this lesson have students write out their "songs" on poster paper and decorate it with clippings for magaz
Mad Lib Practice with an emphasis on Nouns, Adjectives and verbs.This resource is intended for students grade 4 - 6.What this Download Includes:- Two page Tik Tok Mad Lib- Three FREE bonus activities:- 1. Write your Tik Tok Profile- 2. Draw your Tik Tok Profile- 3. Wordsearch using words like - noun, adjective, verb - Over 60 minutes of student engagement- No planning required just download and go!This five page worksheet is a great exercise after reviewing nouns, adjectives and verbs. Student's
Just a silly little quiz that goes along with the "it's corn song" from the tiktok trend!Do this activity after listening to the song/watching the video with your class. Here's the youtube link to the original video (without music):'s the remix with the music: fun and be silly!!! You may also be interested in these bestselling products: ⭐ Bathroom Signs⭐ Staff Appreciation Thank You Cards⭐ Y
Not Grade Specific
Used in my Social Media Marketing Unit, this takes a look at the national privacy issues surrounding TikTok. The lesson includes a Google Slides with information, videos and a discussion question that is two parts for students: information based an opinion based. Also includes an article with a question used as a Do Now before the lesson.
Engaging, quick worksheet for students to complete as a get to know you activity at the beginning of the semester or the school year based on 2022 TikTok trends. Pair each prompt with video examples of each sound to further engage the students and bring laughter to the classroom.Perfect for middle school students, but would also work with high schoolers. Students enjoy discussing their favorite trends and sounds, so be prepared to share your answers as well! It's a great way to show your stud
This product allows students to practice the parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, pronoun) using the viral TikTok song "It's Corn". This activity is fun and engaging, and can work online or in print.
5th - 8th
Want to amp up your staff meetings, parties, or use humor to manage the stress of teaching this year? I have the perfect solution for you: Tik Tok inspired "Put a Finger Down" game! This TEACHING 2022 version includes:24 "Put a Finger Down" slidesEditable category & blank pages for you to add your own slidesTo play, TEACHERS will:Hold up 5 fingers. Put down 1 finger each time something applies to you.You’re out when you have 0 fingers left.Playing in Zoom or Google Meets easily allows you to
I gave these away for FREE, after one of my TikToks went semi-viral (167,000 views!!!) They are super colorful and fun! My students have really enjoyed them! I have given you a variety of slide headings including:*Good Morning!*Hello!*Welcome!*Social Studies*Math*ELA*RTI*Quiz Day*Test DayFonts that I used:AGImExtraPBMorningGrindPerfect Blend Doodles in ColorI hope you enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions!
Not Grade Specific
Throw away your boring reading survey! Its time to integrate students' use of social media in the classroom with this TikTok themed interactive Google Slides survey. Middle and High School students will feel validated and excited to participate in this survey with 18 slides with ranking questions, 15 slides with reading history and habits questions, and 2 slides with setting SMART goals. This survey is meant to be administered digitally through Google Classroom, and is a great rainy day lesson,
I'm sharing what I used for a chemistry review project with my students this past year. They have to get ready to take the New York State Chemistry Regents exam where they must know quite a number of definitions and facts. So I divided with work between students in both my classes and gave it a try. I then put together all their short videos into one longer video for them to watch and hopefully retain some information. I graded mine as a quiz.
A fun way to get know our new students. I've done it this way since many of them love TikTok. If your students like it too, this version of this back to school activity is for you!PLEASE, RATE THIS RESOURCE IF YOU DOWNLOAD IT. Since it's free, a comment is the least I can ask for. Thanks!
Una manera divertida de conocer un poco más a nuestr@s alumn@s. Lo he realizado así ya que a much@s de ell@s les encanta TikTok. Si a tus estudiantes también les gusta, esta versión de esta actividad tan chula de principio de curso ¡es para ti!PORFA, DEJA UNA VALORACIÓN SI DESCARGAS EL RECURSO. Ya que es gratuito, un comentario es lo mínimo que puedo pedir. Gracias.
3rd - 12th
This is the Balanced audio track for the Corn Song from TikTok. The sheet music and individual practice tracks are available for purchase on my account!
This is a fun way to introduce Jane Austen to students who know and love all the current TikTok trends. Help them remember the information by engaging them in current trends. Some of the topics covered include:The Life of Jane AustenInformation about the time when Jane Austen wrote her novelsThe leading men and leading ladies in Jane Austen novelsFun information about Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility and her other novelsThis is a fun activity to inform or introduce one of the gre
7th - 12th, Higher Education
Did you become a #tiktokteacher over summer break? Need a way to reinforce safety procedures for next school year? Download my TikTok posters to add finishing touches to your classroom or school. They are perfect for any elementary, middle, or high school. Download, print on standard "8.5x11" paper. Each download comes with colored and black and white options.
PreK - 12th, Higher Education
This group activity aims to help students gain a better understanding of how and why they see certain types of information on their social media feeds, particularly TikTok and Instagram. The assignment is versatile in that it can be used as a Socratic seminar or an informal class discussion. It also includes options for a more in-depth discussion for honors or college level courses. Since it is a group assignment, all students can easily participate, whether they engage with social media apps or
11th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
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