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This coloring-in resource is intended as a visual exercise for students to learn the anatomy of a generalized animal cell. It contains a unlabeled coloring sheet as well as a worksheet where students need to label the organelles and structures that make up a generalized animal cell. This includes an answer key. This resource is intended for US High School (grades 9-12). For NZ students Years 10-13. This FREE resource download includes a US version (spelling+page setup) and a UK/AUS/NZ version.
10th - 12th, Higher Education
Focusing on plant needs (light, water, soil, air, space), this item includes a watercolor-y painted diagram and a whimsical worksheet about packing a plant’s suitcase with all the essentials. There is also an opportunity to practice handwriting. (skills involved: word tracing, coloring, cutting, pasting; grade levels: pre-K, kindergarten, and 1st)This listing is for:- “Color Slide”- “Pack a Plant’s Suitcase” Activity***Supply List:- Coloring Media (crayons, colored pencils, markers)- Pencils- Sc
Students can be exposed to content that will seen throughout the year as a coloring activity. Can also be used as an any day activity.
7th - 9th, Higher Education
This document contains 10 questions that serve as a guided reading for the Marine Biology Coloring Book page Tidal Zones. It is formated to print with two copies on one piece of paper. The coloring page is not included but can be found at The Marine Biology Coloring Book, Second Edition, Thomas M. Niesen.
9th - 12th, Higher Education
Print zoo animals for students to color! Fun, big sized animal templates to get started on the theme! Animal coloring pages: Animals, zoo, elephant, lion, hippo, camel, rhino and tiger! animal clipart, black and white
A FREE excerpt from the Human Body Coloring Book and Human Body Coloring Book Assistant. About the Product• This a stand-alone resource that blends science, literacy and coloring – NO textbooks required.• Reading passages provide a foundation and complete explanation of difficult science concepts.• Literacy tools help students extract, organize and summarize important facts from the readings.• Coloring pages provide visualization of concepts discussed in the readings.• Additional activities help
4th - 12th
Free Animal and Plant Cell Labelling Doodle Note | Printable Handouts | Digital Compatible for Distance Learning | Learn the Organelles the fun way! (4 worksheets)Topics Covered: Organelles, Plant Cell, Animal Cell, Mitochondria, Centriole, Plasma Membrane, Golgi Body, Golgi Apparatus, Endoplasmic reticulum, Vacuole, Nucleus, Chloroplast, Cell WallCheck out these free plant and animal cell doodle printables! This is for elementary to middle school students as it only has the basic organelles.
Coloring pages have recently become a huge hit all over the world. In my new series of word wall coloring pages, you can bring the excitement of coloring into your middle school and high school science classrooms.This set includes the words: hypothesis, experiment, constant, variable, data, research, qualitative, quantitative, and scientific investigation. Word Walls are an instructional tool used primarily in the elementary classroom. While teaching in Texas my administrators decided they wante
This free interactive activity on human respiratory system comes in two-sides foldable format, is fun and will help students label the parts of this human body system. Observing, identifying and labeling human organs by pinpointing their exact location in the human body is a good way to understand the human systems.UPDATE/NOTE: Explore other activity / worksheets, task cards, all-in-1 packs and bundled teaching resources on human body systems by visiting the following links:Respiratory System –
5th - 8th
SUPER SHARKS FREE COLORING PAGES PACKDo you know a fan of Shark Week?Let this FREE pack turn his/her love of SHARKS into a fun, educational activity!This pack contains SIX SUPER SHARKS Coloring Pages with Traceable Sentences including:Sharks are fierce predators!Sharks are superb swimmers!Sharks have special senses!Sharks have amazing teeth!Sharks have powerful jaws!Sharks have unusual features!If you're in need of more SHARK activities, please check out:SUPER SHARKS FACT PACK. It includes Infor
Chromosomes, chromatids, and chromosome arms are some of the most challenging concepts for students when they study cell division. Use this coloring page to help students see the difference. This resource is unique because it comes with a reading, questions, and a coloring page that students label and color. Concepts/terms taught in this resource:ChromatidsChromosomesChromosome ArmsNucleosomesChromatinHistonesIf you like this resource, you may like this cell division unit bundle of diagrams,
This is for you, the teacher, and can also be useful for your students! These monthly goal tracking coloring pages will have a new scientific theme for each month.So far:January - Astronomy and Space ExplorationFebruary - Geology: Rocks & MineralsMarch - Botany April - EntomologyMay - ChemistryJune - Marine Biology July - DinosaursAugust - Tropical BirdsSeptember - Earth ScienceOctober - MicrobiologyNovember - Meteorology / WeatherDecember - Electricity & MagnetismJust want these as col
Not Grade Specific
This color by numbers the DNA worksheet is fun for elementary school students and teaches them about the shape of deoxyribonucleic acid. The full 100 page Pipette Kids Science Coloring and Activity Book is available on Amazon at
K - 3rd
Included - 1 Mendelian Punnett Square Worksheet and Key These worksheets are a great visual for students learning the basics of inheritance through Punnett Squares. Students identify alleles, possible genotypes of offspring, and color the phenotypes, before answering a variety of analytical questions. Looking for more? Check out the full Coloring Punnet Square Pack: Punnett Squares Coloring Worksheets – Mendelian and NonMendelian Protein Folding with Mutations Activity Love this product? C
7th - 12th
A mix of wildlife from Africa! Do you have zoo wild kids? Infuse wild animal learning with geography, biology and wildlife conservation designed for kids with a Zoo Wild activity page. Perfect for homeschool or as a station in class! If you feel Zoo Wild: Visit our Store for discounted bundles! Instead of $0.50 for one group, you can buy 17 groups for $2.50!: If you check out the Bundles!
PreK - 3rd
Tyrannosaurus Rex Art Copyright R. Zapata
PreK - 2nd
This download features a set of 11 coloring pages (+bonus). You could provide a single sheet at a time or you could copy and staple them together to create a coloring book.THESE COLORING SHEETS ARE PDFs & JPEG, SO YOU ARE ABLE TO PRINT THEM OR UPLOAD THEM TO YOUR CLASSROOM PHONES OR TABLET APPSThank you and Happy Teaching!keywords: baby barbie birthday christmas cute printable downloadable free alphabet unicorn coloring pages book
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
Enjoy these FREE Science title pages or coloring pages based on 12 different scientific disciplines:AstronomyGeologyBotany EntomologyChemistryMarine Biology PaleontologyOrnithologySeismologyMicrobiologyMeteorology Electricity & MagnetismThe zipped file contains 4 files you can use:PDF of all 12 pages in landscapePDF of all 12 pages in portraitLandscape PowerPoint with the .png images that you can add text on top ofPortrait PowerPoint with the .png images that you can add text around/on top o
Not Grade Specific
A mix of animals from all over the world that are Critically Endangered. Do you have zoo wild kids? Infuse wild animal learning with geography, biology and wildlife conservation designed for kids with a Zoo Wild activity page. Perfect for homeschool or as a station in class! If you feel Zoo Wild: Visit our Store for discounted bundles! Instead of $0.50 for one group, you can buy 17 groups for $2.50!: If you check out the Bundles!
PreK - 3rd
Begin your nature study with this beginner level origami bird project. PDF file includes a nature coloring sheet that becomes a child's unique origami paper and clear, step-by-step origami folding instructions._______________________________________________________Howdy! I'm Katie Clemons. I keep journals with kids, and you can too! Nurture creative thinking, improve penmanship, get silly, and build keepsakes. Together!Follow me here on TPT for weekly new content.Explore my collection of award-w
Teaching marine biology studies? This is a student journal for marine biology unit study for students in grades K-3. This document contains journal pages for coloring, tracing, developing, and exploring writing. It can be used with any unit study curriculum.Journal Page Topics:- Oceans- Ocean Zones- Tides- Marine Life- Coral Reefs- Invertebrates- Mollusks- Marine Reptiles- Fish- Sharks- Marine Mammals- Whales- Marine Birds- Ocean Exploration
K - 3rd
8 different insect coloring pages. -Ant-Bee-Dragonfly-Beetle-Butterfly-Ladybug-Fly-GrasshopperPrint in A4.For personal use only.
PreK - 3rd, Staff
Instead of lecturing and notes the traditional way, try something new!In this download, you will receive a set of Sketch Notes I designed, drew, and used with my own 7th grade science students in our Human Body Systems. My students LOVE them, as they are a great way to break up the monotony of traditional notes. There are plenty of possibilities for differentiation and delivery, and plus, your kids get to COLOR! INCLUDEDBlank Sketch NotesColored-in Answer Key (for inspiration | your convenience)
This is a 4 page download that includes 2 coral reef coloring sheets. One sheet includes a description of a reef fish and the text that is meant for the back of the sheet includes tips for reef etiquette. This sheet is used extensively across Hawaii for reef education organizations. The second coloring sheet depicts the coral reef and on the back gives students a list of tips about how they can protect coral reefs even if they live far from the ocean. These sheets were excerpted from the Award-W

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