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Cold War Superpowers (US, USSR) No Prep Lesson | Includes Digital Option

Cold War Superpowers No Prep Lesson: PowerPoint, Reading Passage, Activities, QuizThis resource pack is a FREE no prep complete lesson (GOOGLE version included!) about the Cold War Superpowers that includes 3-5 days of materials. Audios of the reading passage & quiz are included. This is perfect for students with read aloud accommodations. This resource can also be easily used for distance/digital learning because all components are available in a digital format.If you have always wondered w

The Cold War In a Nutshell; Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, Space Race, Brinksmanship

The Cold War in a Nutshell: From the creation of the USSR to Boris Yeltsin, this 5-page student packet clearly defines each facet of the rivalry between East and West. Topics included:Lenin and Stalinthe 15 Soviet Republicsdefinitions of communism and capitalism the nuclear arms raceChinathe Iron CurtainNATOthe Warsaw Pactthe Brezhnev Doctrinethe Berlin Wallthe Korean Warthe Vietnam Warthe Space Racethe Hungarian Revolutionthe Cuban Missile CrisisGorbachevPerestroika and Glasnostthe collapse of

Cold War Slideshow and Guided Notes

This slideshow pages explains the Cold War to students. The guided notes directly correspond with the slideshow. You can post the PDF slideshow to your Google classroom or Canvas, or email directly. Please do NOT post on public sites. Students should be able to guide themselves through the slideshow with the guided notes. This is NOT editable. Corresponds with my Cold War Reading Comprehension Bundle*I do my best to make sure I do not have typos, but occasionally they slip through. PLEASE messag

COLD WAR |Berlin Blockade SOAPSTONE| Source Analysis |Print &Digital| FREE

This FREE 2-page, common-core aligned activity will help students to understand the Berlin Blockade. Diverse types of sources are included for your students to analyze. The SOAPSTONE strategy is used. Print and digital versions included. Perfect for distance learning.Note: SOAPSTone is a primary source analysis strategy (find the Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, Subject, Tone) and a list of questions related to each source. This product includes both a print and digital version compatible

The Cold War Reading Passage (PDF and Digital Formats)

Need a quick activity to introduce, review, or test prep the Cold War? This NO PREP reading passage provides a broad summary of the Cold War and includes a response worksheet with short answer questions and graphic organizers. The resource is available in print and Google Docs formats! Works well as a quick textbook-free in-class activity, homework, or sub plans. Just print and go or use the digital format to reach learners virtually!

Berlin Wall Cold War Differentiated Internet Scavenger Hunt WebQuest Activity

Looking for a way to introduce or review the Berlin Wall during the Cold War in your classroom? Check out this differentiated internet scavenger hunt! Students will use the scaffolded notes to guide their research through the website: instructions page for teacher- 4 page fill in the blank only internet scavenger hunt (editable PDF or printable)- answer key- 4 page open ended comprehension questions an

Cold War Unit & Resource Bundle PowerPoint

The Cold War to Present-Day America unit contains a dynamic, 61-slide PowerPoint that takes students from the beginning of the Cold War up until the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The PowerPoint is filled with interesting photographs and detailed teacher notes so extensive that it reads like a textbook! Cloze passages (can be used as guided notes) accompany each slide the PowerPoint, along with Lesson Reviews that allow students to reflect back and respond to each chapter of the PowerPoint.Also inc

Cold War Student Performances

Created by
History Alive
This assignment will have every student in your class reading, writing, and performing the events of the Cold War. The assignment includes detailed directions/expectations, questions for all students to answer, particular group questions, and the readings necessary for success. The first six pages is the packet each student will receive. The following 16 pages are the readings/pictures for the individual eight groups. For this interactive assignment, break your class into eight groups. Each gr

The Cold War Unit 12: The Space Race

This is the eighth unit in a series covering the Cold War. It is a reading activity that includes a lesson describing the events that occurred during the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. The lesson is followed up with multiple choice reading comprehension questions, a matching and vocabulary section concerning the content, and a series of fill in the blank and true and false questions. It also includes a set of student response writing questions that challeng

THE COLD WAR - Key Terms

The Cold War Key Terms related to the Cold War. PEARL HARBOR ATTACK - World War II - U.S. History - World HistoryLegislative Branch - CONGRESS - Civics - GovernmentTHE RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT - World HistoryThank You For You SupportMichael

Cold War One Pager Freebie!

A “One-pager” is a visual way to demonstrate your understanding of a topic or theme in a single page, focusing on specific criteria identified by your teacher. Most one-pagers incorporate sketches, Doodles, words, quotes and other text related to the topic or theme, & lots of color!Your students will love this Cold War one pager end of the unit project! This resource includes instructions, a rubric, and simple template for students to successfully complete their one pager. (Two versions are

Origins of the Cold War Political Cartoon Analysis

Students analyze three cartoons on the origins of the Cold War and answer accompanying analysis questions. Great for a warm up or a quick review!

Powerpoint: The Cold War; How can a War be Cold and yet have Hotspots?

This is not Fluff! The Cold War, a time of struggle and a time of change. Engage students in an age old question; "How can a war be cold and yet still have hotspots?" Students will be drawn into a study of this time period with its philosophical and political differences. To draw students in, your downloading of this power point demonstrates how I have integrated political cartoons, content information, review at the beginning of each lesson, and ideas for video snippets to help students u

US History Borders PART 3 FREE 1920s, WWI, WWII, Cold War

US History Borders PART 3 FREE VISIT MY STORE AND FOLLOW TO GET UPDATES WHEN NEW RESOURCES ARE ADDED Included Borders: World War I 1920s World War II Cold War I hope you enjoy this FREE product, please go to the MY PURCHASES section under the MY TPT bar and click on the free downloads to leave feedback. PLEASE VISIT MY STORE AND FOLLOW ME BY CLICKING ON THE GREEN STAR! This product is for consumption and commercial use, just make sure you credit my store by add the store link on your re

The Cold War Guided Viewing Unit

This is a free Guided Viewing Unit from Reading Through History. This unit includes 26 videos, created by Reading Through History, which document the Cold War. The videos can be viewed on either our website or directly from our Youtube Channel at - The Cold War SeriesTopics in this series include Communism, the Soviet Union, the Berlin Airlift, the Iron Curtain, the Truman Doctrine, the Chinese Civil War, the Korean Conflict, Cold War Spies, the Red Scare (Part One), the Red Scare (Part Two),

The Cold War Important People and Events

Created by
Kimberly Mazza
Help your students understand the important people and events with this print and go resource. This can be used as notes, a study guide, or used in an interactive notebook. This resource comes two per page. This resource coves the following Georgia Standards of Excellence for 5th Grade Social Studies:SS5H5 Discuss the origins and consequences of the Cold War. a. Explain the origin and meaning of the term “Iron Curtain.” b. Explain how the United States sought to stop the spread of communism thro

Vietnam War - Tunnel Rats - Cold War

Please support my store by leaving feedback.Thank You for Your Support.Michael

Parallels of The Butter Battle Book and The Cold War

Created by
Nick Buchholz
Relaxing and Rewarding! Take advantage of Dr. Seuss' wonderful story called The Butter Battle Book; it highlights key standard information and concepts in regards to the arms race that occurred between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. I developed an active video guide that follows along with the short film, including the times where specific questions and terms are located. The objective of this resource is to draw parallels between the story and the Cold War. To complement this resource, I recom

10.6 Cold War: Proxy Wars Student Activity

Created by
Global 4Life
This is materials used from NYS new visions modified to be a short activity students can do online or in class on the 4 major Cold War Conflicts. This will be used for Distance Learning. Answer key is not included, but may be available in just a bit.

Cold War (80s-90s) FREE GUIDED NOTES for ALL 5 engaging PPTs (85 slides total)

This download includes the graphic organizer in PDF and MS WORD format. The graphic organizer handout has been formatted to fit perfectly on one paper (2 pages, front and back). Enjoy! 1 Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan; Olympic Boycotts (20 slides) step-by-step events, with commentary from Uncle Sam and the Russian Bear, statistics on the medal counts from 1980 and 1984, links to videos, and much more... 2 Glasnost and Perestroika (10 slides) Political Cartoons, explanations, connections to t

1950s Abroad-The Cold War

Created by
David Bage
This is a lesson plan that I put together to introduce the Cold War in U.S. History. I generally begin this lesson just after WWII. I did not create all materials myself as I have acquired the readings of the past few years. Nonetheless, I want to share these materials with others. The lesson begins by introducing the topics of the 1950s, and then, has students analyze and evaluate post-war goals/objectives for the United States. The lesson goes on to cover how the U.S. and USSR became en

U.S. History | Cold War | Vietnam War | A Video Activity

Check out this FREE Vietnam War video worksheet (link included) that is a great warm-up activity- video is approximately 5 mins long and briefly introduces students to the Vietnam War...Great Supplement to any lesson or lecture on the war! (Answer Key and video link included)***INCLUDES A GOOGLE and Traditional version for your use!Follow My Store!Follow my store... simply click on “follow me” under Learning is a Passion on the top of my store page. You will be the first to receive notifications

Cold War Duck and Cover Video Questions - editable

Created by
"Duck and Cover" Questions and video link.I do not own the images, video, or lyrics on this activity. EDITABLE

Oversimplified -The Cold War Part 1 -Questions / worksheet / viewing guide

Created by
Cognista Labs
Hey Folks!Your friendly neighborhood social science teacher here. I've created a viewing guide for the "Oversimplified" video series. This collection of multiple-choice questions based on the Cold War (Part 1) can be used as a formative and/or summative piece. Questions can be easily added to a LMS system like Google classroom. Copy and paste to a google form, and "Bob's your uncle" -students can virtually complete the questions while watching the video at home! Great for a flipped classroom an
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