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I cannot stress the importance of mental health care enough. After struggling with my own mental health, I have a profound understanding of how critical it is to "check in" on people to see how they are doing. This FREE PDF will help you "check in" with your primary students multiple times per day.
This charts allows kids to choose how they are feeling (or how the character in the book is feeling) from 9 different feelings- labeled with pictures. This chart can be used to teach kids to name emotions and feelings they feel, make connections between a face/behavior and a feeling, or to teach the
Printable Kimochis feeling chart. Do your kids know there are more than just three feelings (happy, mad, sad)? Print this and use it in many different ways. Post it outside your classroom. Use it for a daily check in. Make two copies and play a matching game! Tell us how you use your Kimochis feelin
Our editable routing chart is such an excellent tool for establishing routines with your child. You both will love it as it will save you a lot of time and reduce your stress level. This kid routine chart is very flexible, and you will have so many choices and ways to change this around!And it is
Quick and easy feelings chart to prompt your kids to say more than "I am happy."Comes with:-I am-I'm-I feelfor whichever works better in your classroom. And the best part is it's free! Make sure to tag and follow @tinyroamersshop on instagram to keep up with the latest classroom resources and have a
Naming difficult feelings is the first step to taming them. This feelings chart can stand alone as a guide, or pair with the downloadable board game 'Cheese Party,' teaching identification and coping strategies for difficult feelings.
Help your students develop emotional intelligence as they identify their own emotions as portrayed by cute unicorn characters!Included1 Unicorn Themed Feelings ChartFeatures 7 Emotions: happy, content, excited, anxious, angry, disappointed, and sad.Enjoy!
Use in a guidance and counseling setting or in the general classroom to assist early childhood students to express their emotions through pictures.
Self-Monitoring Charts help students become aware of their feelings and teach them to use positive coping skills. The colors associated with the regulation levels correspond to similar programs like Zones of Regulation and ALERT and should be familiar to kids (red means stop, yellow means slow down,
This chart is for communication to parents about individual behaviors for the day. Simply, write in your school schedule and fill in with any marks you want. Happy faces, check marks, or a phrase about that period. Also included are the visuals for the student to have on their desk and be reminded
Do your kids ever have a hard time remember how to write a division or a multiplication sentence? Do they have a hard time understanding what each of the numbers in those sentences actually mean? Here are two posters you can hang in your room for them to reference. What's included: 1 full sheet m
Cute and fun sight word tracking charts for FREE! Rainbow design included with several different title styles. Great to go along with my FRY sight word series resources here on TPT. Each week we focus on 5 fry words. At the end of the week we "graduate" the words to our chart. :) During the morning
This is a free rounding resource that includes a mini-lesson, worksheet, answer key, and game using the hundreds chart to round. This free hundreds chart math practice aligns with 3.NBT.1 and 4.NBT.3.Click here to save 20% by buying the Rounding Bundle.Rounding to the nearest ten can be tricky for s
Do you want to go back to school with a pocket chart center the kids will find fun and engaging? Do you love pocket chart rhymes and activities, but hate the time it takes to prepare? This set is so easy to use and you'll have a clean, neat looking pocket chart in no time. Just print, cut, and p
With so much pressure already on kids to prepare for tests, the last thing we want is for students to be thrown off by scantrons. Giving students the opportunity to practice with scantrons will give them confidence on the big tests! These different practice versions of scantrons will help studen
Understanding how energy flows and transforms the various systems on this planet is critical to figuring out our world. THIS CHART IS BRIGHT, COLORFUL, INFORMATIVE AND THOUGHT-PROVOKING. The graphic integrates our physical world with a holistic but abstract concept. Recommended for teachers who
This tool is meant to help students scale how they are feeling on a scale of 1 to 10, one being the worst. I always explain to kids that one is as sad/upset as you could possibly be, and 10 as happy as you could possibly be. 5 equals feeling “okay”. This tool can be used in individual and group co
Emotion Thermometer - Behavior Management, Behavior Chart - by AllDayABAOur Emotion Thermometer is a tool that can be used to help students regulate their emotions, communicate how they feel, and reduce challenging behaviors. This product includes a words-only emotion thermometer chart as well as an
The carbon cycle is critical to our understanding of this planet. THIS CHART IS BRIGHT, COLORFUL, INFORMATIVE AND THOUGHT-PROVOKING. The graphic integrates our physical world with a holistic but abstract concept. Recommended for teachers who want their kids to think deeply. PLEASE READ: I have
Bring the fun! Make a simple, & wildly popular prop, Kit also provides ideas for teaching these 5 topics in Spanish: • Feelings • Weather • Body Parts • Colors • Clothing. You'll provide: •manila folder •scissora •glue/tape You'll get: •PDFS for making kit: stencil for cutting face hol
Need reasons to use 0 -120 Charts and Cards in your classroom? This news-like, one sheet paper is great for having at your fingertips the importance of teaching using 0 - 120 cards and charts. This "Math Notes for Teachers" provides you valuable information you can use at a moment's notice when pa
4 Modified multiplication charts for 1-5, for those who are working at this level. Less on the page to be distracting or overwhelming. Numbers are big and easy to follow along with your finger. A great way for a child to get used to using a multiplication chart and feel successful.Chart 1: Done For
This activity is great pre-assessment to see what the kids are already familiar with on the STAAR formula chart. I give each student a formula chart, and let them go! Many times, I let students work together either in pairs of in groups of three. It is a great way to get a feel for what prior kno
Teaching a special education class comes with quite a few challenges- one of the biggest is trying to keep up with DATA for SO MANY GOALS for so many kids! This daily chart is a great tool to use to keep parents in the loop about their students day, as well as their progress towards IEP goals. THI

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