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This free project is all about gratitude! How do you teach gratitude in your classroom? This differentiated activity can enhance your discussions about recognizing all of the things we have to be thankful for. Sometimes it can be difficult for students to realize that many things are taken for gr
Go beyond, "What are you thankful for?" with these fun worksheets. The first one asks children to think of things they are thankful for that meet specific criteria. The second has an ABC format.Not only do these questions facilitate flexible and fluent thinking, but they also get kids to think more
Help kids and young adults practice gratitude by learning what we are thankful for. Gratitude promotes happiness, positive thinking, and creates a positive classroom climate. Research shows numerous social, emotional, and health benefits from developing gratitude and appreciation skills.Why Teach Gr
Practicing gratitude cultivates joy and positivity, key feelings that lay a foundation from which to create an empowered life. Focusing on what we appreciate is also a healthy coping skill for when times feel overwhelming and get tough.Hang this free gratitude poster in your classroom. school counse
This FREE thank you note writing activity will provide your students with an awesome opportunity to give back to the school community! It can be used during the holiday season, Teacher Appreciation Week, or anytime you want to spread warmth and kindness. Many people at your school positively impa
Did you know that countless number of research has come out to show that those who are grateful are happy and healthy? Try this Free gratitude journal to help your students (and yourself) think about the many things you are grateful for! The journal is set up in an attractive way so that even your r
Why Practice Gratitude As the research tells us, practicing gratitude is not only a positive mindful coping tool but it also helps us to cultivate joy and balance. Focusing on what we are thankful for increases feel-good emotions, helps us to be more present in the here and now, improves sleep, and
Help students identify things they are grateful for with this paperless digital activity! It can be used with students as a class, in groups, or individually.This editable product is in Google™ Slides and can be used on multiple devices. (laptop, iPad, Smartboard, etc) To use on an iPad download the
Studies have shown that having a sense of gratitude increases happiness in adults and children. I wanted my students to realize all of the amazing things they have in their lives, even when it can be difficult to always see the good. I wanted them to develop a sense of gratitude, all the while imp
FREE I Am Thankful Lists has two inspiring lists that will be beneficial for your classroom during this Thanksgiving and holiday season. *Included in this freebie: ~List of picture books for inspiring students to be thankful and grateful ~Student handout: My Top 10 Thankful List ***This free pro
Reviews are greatly appreciated!Enjoy this cute, gratitude freebie! Coloring Activity and Writing Page. Adaptable to whatever you would like to do with your students. Some ideas include:-paragraph writing projects-poetry writing-list making-write one thing each day of the month to slowly fill the ja
Teaching students to have a spirit of gratitude can have a powerful effect on your classroom. Use this free twenty-five day journal for daily reflections and to help develop a positive environment in your classroom. Please leave some feedback if you download this freebie!
There are 37 frames to use in a journal. Some frames have prompts like "find 3 things that are blue" or "I am so grateful for..." This activity allows children to look around their world and consider the many things that they could be grateful for. This is a writing activity that requires a blan
Free Thanksgiving Reading, Writing, and Language! A great selection of Aesop's Fables with themes (morals) related to being grateful and giving thanks. Students explore character, motivation, theme, new vocabulary with analogies as practice. A writing warm-up is included with a selection of writing
Having an attitude of gratitude is a trait that not only we all take on around Thanksgiving time, but it is also an attitude that will make lives richer and less stressful. Help your students practice that attitude with these ink friendly activities and printables. Typable PDF included for several
Get in the spirit of Thanksgiving with these fun and insightful activities. Move a step beyond gratitude and show acts of appreciation and kindness towards the people in your life who make a difference all year long. For both formats, choose an act of appreciation for each day of the month. Cro
I was reading a blog recently that discussed the importance of gratitude for us grown-ups. It talked about how it’s downright good for our health to take time from each day to find things we are grateful for. I wondered how this might look in my classroom and decided to go for it! I had a discu
Live with a Grateful Heart!I am so grateful for all of you!Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!This clip art set includes 16 images. There are 8 vibrant coloured images and 8 black and white images.You might also like:Follow me for lots of P4 FUNINSTAGRAMIf you like this set I'd love to have your feedba
I photocopied this and make a booklet for my students! Based on research, practicing gratitude will help students to stay calm, lower anxiety, and even develop new neural pathways for the brain! I even made one for myself so I could do it with my students!
Gratitude practice meets poetry practice in this printable gratitude acrostic poem. Acrostic poems are a great way to introduce students to poetry as well as reinforce language and writing skills. Why not reinforce the habit of gratitude at the same time? Acrostic poems use each letter of a giv
Invite your kiddos to strengthen their mindfulness by contributing to a digital class gratitude wall. A gratitude wall is a daily activity that helps everyone simply reflect on what they are grateful for.A perfect resource to help students stay connected during distance learning.Simply share the wa
These free Christmas activities includes holiday journal prompts (to help students become more mindful), templates to write Notes of Gratitude and a worksheet on identifying Statements of Gratitude. No prep!Gratitude Journal: color or b/w cover; 3 sheets of writing templates, each with a different i
Gratitude is an action, and I am grateful for you! This Freebie includes an awesome Grateful through the Alphabet where students are required to write something they are grateful for that starts with each letter. The more detailed and specific to them the better. Next a thank you note template is in
Need a quick and new way to send your students off before a break? Here's a visual way to have students reflect on the things that they are thankful and joyful for during the holiday season.This set of reflection sketch notes feature the words:gratefulthankfuljoyfulmy truthrememberStudents can choo

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