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Prepositions can be tricky! This FREEBIE is sure to help when teaching all the prepositions and prepositional phrases. Whats Included: - 2 anchor charts (one for prepositions and one for prepositional phrases) - 18 card preposition and prepositional phrase SCOOT - printable for your artistic kiddos :) Enjoy!
This product is a no prep resource for teachers to reinforce prepositional phrases. It helps students recognize the preposition and the object of the preposition and encourages the visual of beginning and ending the phrase with both components.
2nd - 5th
Make learning prepositions and prepositional phrases fun and easy with this visual writing presentation. 13 pages/slides of active learning strategies for understanding and using prepositions and prepositional phrases along with commas. Includes: Definitions Poem Preposition List Preposition Chair Activity Preposition Walk around the School Campus Easy to use tips Prepositional Phrases Commas and Prepositions Lots of color coded, visual writing examples Practice activities for individual/small/
5th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This Grammar Google Form quiz can be used as a pre-test or post-test. It assesses your kids' knowledge and identification of prepositions and prepositional phrases. It suits ELL / ESL / EFL students as well as native English speakers.Google form quizzes are administered online. They can be self - grading. They are a great time saver for teachers. Teachers share the form link through google classroom or any other online teaching platform. They can view a summary of their students' scores as well
This FREEBIE was designed with Kagan Cooperative Learning in mind. Even if you haven’t been trained in using Kagan, each worksheet contains a simple set of descriptive instructions your kiddos will easily understand! This freebie is an interactive activity that will turn grammar learning/review into a fun energy burning activity using the structure: Find Someone Who. Included: - Prepositions & Prepositional Phrases Worksheet - Answer Key - Directions on how I implement this into my class
3rd - 6th
This first part of this lesson teaches what a preposition does and gives some examples. The second part of the lesson teaches what a prepositional phrase is and explains how to compose one. It helps break down prepositional phrases into a formula that is easy for students to understand. The activities part of this lesson asks students to create their own prepositional phrases using the formula explained. Then, students are invited to choose a pictured character and write a short page about that
5th - 9th, Adult Education
The best way to help your students to learn new vocabulary is by using pictures, 2bucksSpanish knows that and did you this great presentation with some spanish common Prepositions. Each one with an image(clipart) and a sample sentence. La mejor forma de ensañar nuevo vocabulario a tus alumnos es con el uso de imágenes, es por eso que 2bucksSpanish les trae esta increíble presentación con algunas preposiciones comúnmente usadas en el español. Cada nueva palabra viene acompañada de un dibujo y u
5th - 12th, Higher Education
This FREE lesson introduces prepositions and prepositional phrases. Find task cards, anchor charts, and an editing passage for this lesson HERE. Introduction: The lesson is designed to introduce and practice prepositions and prepositional phrases.  The introduction, activities, and exit ticket are based on the gradual release of responsibility model. Please review and edit the slides to meet the needs of your students and teaching style. I recommend having students sit in a collaborative setting
This product gives students a list of verbs that are related to place, and others that are related to time. On the opposite side it gives a list of prepositional phrase examples demonstrating how they relate to place and time.
4th - 5th
* a quick small group activity to complete sentences using prepositional phrases * a bookmark with common prepositions to copy and give to your students
3rd - 5th
Included in this post is a google form for prepositions and prepositional phrases. In my classroom I use this as a end of the week quiz or test. You can FULLY edit it. It also includes the answer. Just share this link or print it out so that you can have your class independently. I hope you enjoy this google form. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please email me a!
Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases Quiz
3rd - 5th
Dear Teachers: Thank you for taking a few moments to read about my teaching materials. This lesson is my approach to Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases. You can use the lesson as your guide for a classroom presentation or simply as a handout that your students can use. What is included? Although, I have an entire grammar school year in place that would work for middle school or high school, right now, I am only uploading a few lessons. These lesso
6th - 12th, Adult Education
This is a find and color code the prepositions and prepositional phrases in each sentence. Afterwards, students follow the directions and illustrate the Valentine Party.
Learn and reinforce prepositions (above, below, beside, between) using adorable bug and insect themed cards. Use the cards for drill, memory, a lotto game, or go-fish! Great for Spring or for kids who are fascinated by insects! Prepositions are shown in pictures with a fill-in the blank sentence below. This Activity includes: 2 Sets (9 Playing Card Per Set) of Above/Below 2 Sets (9 Playing Cards Per Set) of Beside/Between 6 Lotto Boards Directions: Drill- Use cards to drill and teach prepos
PreK - 1st
This PDF file contains eleven fun posters you can print and display in your classroom! Each poster contains the Spanish prepositional phrase that describes the location of a penguin in relation to an ice cube. The final pages are a notesheet that students can keep as a reference, and an answer key for that sheet. If you teach any other prepositions I have not included, let me know in the comments section, and I will gladly add new posters. The prepositions in these posters are also include
2nd - 10th
This activity provides practice with prepositional phrases as well as writing practice with a Christmas theme. 1. Students underline prepositional phrases in sentences and color code every preposition and object of the preposition. (Answer key provided). 2. Students use the sentences as a story starter to solve the "Christmas mystery" started in the sentences. A page to fill in a mysterious postcard message as well as writing space to finish the mystery are both included. Students incorporate
This is a standalone handout that challenges students to really pay attention to where they place their modifiers. This is an important skill to master for several reasons, but I'll provide a single one that proves my point well enough:"Giovanna gave donuts to the children in a box." Now, are the donuts in the box, or did Miss Giovanna place children in a box and then feed them donuts? Something fishy is happening here . . . "Giovanna gave donuts in a box to the children." This is a little less
Not Grade Specific
This is a simple interactive book for working on the prepositions "in" and "on" with either young students or students with communication disorders. Boardmaker Symbols are used to complete the prepositional phrase and to help support the student's learning. In this version, you will receive: - the title page - 1 instructional page with directions for assembling and ideas for using in therapy or the classroom - 4 activity pages (finished pages will be half-sized, 8.5"x5.5", and will include a c
Who can get three-in-a-row first? Play like you would Tic-Tac-Toe. The student has to name the prepositional phrase, verb, or generate a basic sentence that includes the appropriate concepts before putting on their colored token, marking the box, or coloring it in. *************************************************************************** ** Check out my blog TLC Talk Shop for tips, tricks, and to talk shop about all things Speech and Language related. *** You can also catch me on Instagra
PreK - 2nd
This product includes ONLY my note page and my quiz page for Subjects & Predicates. If you like what you see here, go check out my complete unit for this grammar topic in addition to my 14 other complete units! Below this line is a description of my other units:My grammar units all come with eight nifty teaching tools for you to use in your very own classroom! Each tool, excluding the note slides, are just one page, so they are extremely easy to print and impressively simple for your kiddos
Hello, fellow teachers! This is one of my pre-test assignments that is included in my complete prepositions unit. You can use this assignment to check whether your students understand the difference between an adjective prepositional phrase and an adverb prepositional phrase. They will be tasked with finding examples of both in a passage, and they will then be challenged to write their own passage that incorporates the grammar skill. An answer key for this assignment is available in the complete
7 parts to this assessment. Section 1: Underline the preposition in each sentence. Section 2: Underline preposition and write the object of the preposition. Section 3: Underline prepositional phrase. Section 4- 6 Give written sentences identifying each type/example. Section 7: Prepositional Poetry. Includes answer key
4th - 6th
About this activity“Spot the Differences: spatial concepts” targets spatial concepts and prepositional phrases in a playful way and can be used with early elementary students, Kindergarten through 3rd grade.This activity also involve spatial orientation, observation, concentration, visual attention, "same" and "different" concept, verbalization, oral comprehension, and memory.Ready to print and go for immediate intervention! This has been created for speech language pathologists, special educat
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