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Want an easy way for parents to be able to treat your teachers? Have teachers complete this survey and post to their classroom websites. Parents (and colleagues, too, if you do a "secret pal" for the year) can take a peek any time of the year for treat ideas.This form is a fillable Google Slide.When you download this freebie, you will download a PDF with a link to a Google Slide where teachers can type their answers directly to the slide and print, or download as an image to post online.*******
Not Grade Specific
Want your students to practice addition & subtraction facts within 20 in a FUN & Creative Way?Halloween Color by Number Addition and Subtraction Within 20 is full of fun and surprises in these worksheets. Learn math the fun way with this Halloween color-by-number activity worksheet for kids! Included is a sample page from my Halloween Color by Number Addition and Subtraction within 20Your students will love coloring these fun Halloween Color-by-Number addition and subtraction worksheets.
Do you love infographics but don’t know where to find high quality, editable and free speech and language infographics? Canva has great infographics that are helpful, informational, and convenient and this product includes infographics that were made just for SLPs!WHAT’S INCLUDED? 3 editable infographics just for the SLP! Here are the 3 free templates that are currently included:1. Phonological Processes in Speech Therapy Infographic This infographic includes information about the 7 most comm
Not Grade Specific
Do you want to start using task cards with your students? These errorless Halloween task cards are the perfect and fun way to introduce these materials to your students! This FREEBIE includes a set of trick-or-treat task cards and a set of candy bucket task cards. These are the perfect addition to independent work boxes or centers.Please be sure to leave your feedback- I would greatly appreciate it!Interested in other errorless activities??Errorless Halloween Activity Set
Teaching students to treat themselves with respect and kindness is a critical skill to develop self confidence, positive mental health, and a healthy life.Learning these skills as children, students will take these skills into teenage and adulthood which will tremendously help them throughout their entire lives – especially in our current world of constant comparison and competition, often spurred on by social media and unrealistic expectations. Each of us has an “inner bully” — an inner voice t
This worksheet goes with the quote: "People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But, people will never forget how you made them feel." Have students reflect on how they want their classmates to remember them in the future. Then, have students think of how they must act and treat others in order to be remembered that way. This activity would work well in the beginning of the school year as students can set a goal for how they will treat others, or use it if you are studyi
Not Grade Specific
A virtual classroom background is a powerful way of enhancing your classroom experience. The best thing about virtual classrooms is they can be designed in pretty much any way you could imagine and can be used to deliver pretty much any content you want to cover. I designed this virtual classroom as part of my Classrooms Around the World series to bring culture to the classroom and provide opportunities for teaching tolerance through my classroom experience.> In this classroom, students will
This is a FREE SAMPLE of my MINIMAL PAIRS Toolkit for Speech Therapy to treat final consonant deletion, cluster reduction, gliding, deaffrication, fronting, backing, and stopping using AN ORGANIZED and evidence-based approach! The HUGE FULL PRODUCT has everything you need and more to help kids UNDERSTAND phonological patterns in a FUN, EFFECTIVE, and SILLY way! It includes TONS of visual cues such as mouth visuals, metaphor cues, metaphonological cues, and suggestions for gestural or symbolic cu
PreK - 5th
This is coloring page for kids that introduce the  concept of traffic light eating, a simple way to help kids understand that some foods you should "stop and think" while others are always "good to go." A great tool to talk about the basics of healthy eating, and a wonderful tool for the classroom or home school!Traffic Light Eating Teaching TipsThis is a basic concept I teach. It is great to use for yourself or your kids. It is how to eat simply- without dieting or number crunching or worry
PreK - 2nd
Valentine Freebie for TeachersRecognize kids on Valentine's Day with valentine joke bookmarks. The kids love sharing the jokes and riddles.  Attach a new pencil or candy for an extra treat.Eight different designs. 9 pages. Each 8 1/2 X 11 inch page includes eight bookmarks. Each bookmark measures approximately 2 inches X 5 inches. Print on card stock. Cut on guidelines. Laminate for extra strength.Hand out as holiday gifts, desk surprises or pack in a lunch box. Sure to get the giggles going.NIN
Not Grade Specific
Share this resource in your Google Classroom for some extra reading fun. A reminder of the Golden Rule: Treat Others The Way You Want to Be Treated! Enjoy!
PreK - 3rd
4 Posters. Modern boho, mid-century modern, blue and burnt orange theme.Choose kindness. Try your best. You can do hard things. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
FREE - Writing for Struggling Writers: 4 Persuasive Writing Prompts (Grades 3-7). In this freebees printables: Santa's newest reindeer. Tia & Theo's new pet. Chuckles wants the job. Tyler family tiny house. + + + + + + + + + + +About the bundle:Writing for Struggling Writers sustains mainstream Common Core learning, while offering additional support and flexibility to modify. Many prompts with pictures and fun facts can inspire struggling writers.Use for homework, lesson found
Here is a fun data and graphing activity for Halloween! Students do the first part as a survey, polling classmates, teachers, friends, or family members about their favorite Halloween treats while keeping track of answers with tally marks. The second part of the activity involves using the data to create a bar graph. One version allows students to create a displayable craft with their survey results. The other is a simpler version that students can complete fairly quickly.Great for 2nd, 3rd, 4th
2nd - 6th
SEL is a newer acronym standing for social-emotional learning. How to manage emotions, handling social relationships, and growth mindset are at the heart of it - but how does that translate into the art room?One way is through the All About Me Ladder.This simple design can be used with watercolors and gel pens, oil pastels, crayons, or paint pens. Or it can be simply done with markers or crayons, making it perfect for remote learning and art-on-a-cart.In it, students can use words that they woul
K - 8th, Staff
We teach children that “good manners” are important, but we don’t always tell them why. This curriculum helps children and students truly understand why good manners are important and why how they treat themselves and others matters.Good manners are more than habits we “should” have. For the most part, they allow us to present ourselves in a positive light, and help us demonstrate respect — for other people as well as for ourselves — which is something we need in this world more than ever.This c
This FREE fun note reading dice game reviews the spaces in the bass and treble clef while your students assemble an ice cream! Simply roll the musical dice, identify the note, and add to your treat. This game is perfect for individual piano/ music lessons but would also work well in a group classroom setting. Be sure to leave feedback and check out the other awesome freebies! Game Instructions: Give each player the blank board and spread the ice cream pieces in front of them. Each player wi
K - 6th
Your students are going to have so much fun targeting functional and early communication within this Easter FREEBIE! Interactive draggable pieces and a "crunching" sound effect will keep your students engaged within this surprise activity! In this activity your students will open colorful eggs to find a treat for the bunny hiding inside! Consider the following language targets:-Target multiple language functions: requesting, directing others actions, commenting, sharing preferences/opinions, ask
Our students are not able to learn if they're in an environment where they feel alone, isolated, excluded or bullied. To avoid accidentally and unintentionally creating a classroom or school environment that condones this, we can instead intentionally teach our students and expect our students to be kind. And one way to do that is to encourage kind behaviors by reading about it. Teaching kindness can't be a one time thing. But if we use sel curriculum and character eduction curriculum like this,
Do you Dojo? I LOVE Class Dojo as both a teacher and a parent. If you aren't familiar with Class Dojo, visit and sign-up. Play around with it before deciding if it's something you are interested in. It's FREE and is accessible from a computer, an Android phone or tablet, or an Apple phone or tablet. Are you looking for a way to keep points without being tied to an electronic device? If the answer is yes, this may be for you! "Hire" or assign a student to be your Dojo Mojo K
This motivational poster pack features 12 different motivational posters. Most of the posters feature a gray chevron background, a black squiggle border/frame, and follow the black/green/blue/orange color scheme. Since the posters come in a pack, they're guaranteed to coordinate and make your classroom decor look more adhesive. The following posters are included in this pack: - GROUPS explanation - SCAMPER explanation (for STEM work) - ABCD drawings explanation (for science notebooks) - Today
The perfect activity to celebrate STAR WARS DAY with your students! Engage and delight students with this easy to use and customizable quiz that works perfectly as a review activity, a reward activity, a BACK TO SCHOOL (or end of term) treat or just an exciting way to practice questions on a topic / evaluate students' ability.Teams choose a planet, then a hero (or villain), answer the question provided and if they are correct, choose DARK SIDE or LIGHT SIDE to find out their point score, but wil
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
FREE - Writing for Special Education - Writing for Struggling Writers - Writing for Special Needs - 2 Dialogue Writing Prompts. In this freebees printables, two dialogue writing prompts: Vegetable People of Zeldar & Penny Farthings (PDF). + + + + + + + + +The larger Writing for Special Education Bundle includes the following... Click listings for full Previews. 223 Writing Prompts (meets 78% Common Core Writing standards for grades 3-7): A) Organized by school year progressio
FREE - Narrative Writing - Story Elements - Tools for Common Core - Writing Prompts (Gr. 3-7). In this free sample: 6 abstract & narrative writing prompts (pdf). • Use for morning work, homework, or language warm-up.+ + + + + + + + + + Narrative Writing is part of the larger Writing Bundle: 223 Year-Long Prompts, which includes the following: • 223 Prompts on 69 Worksheets. • Includes 9 editing prompts & 4 grammar worksheets.• Download zipped in PDF & editable Word.• Organized into
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