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A perfect way for middle and high school students to reflect on their journey thus far in life.
Have your students write a letter to themselves in 10 years. They can place the letters inside of a time capsule, or you can mail it to them in 10 years!Students will reflect of their goals and dreams for the future. What will they be doing? What will they have accomplished? This freebie can be used as a:-First day of school activity-Last day of school activity-New Year activity-Writing CenterEnjoy! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:
In this activity, students write to their future self at the end of the school year. This activity is aimed at giving students an opportunity to create a time capsule and within that, their own goals that they can work toward. When students do this, they are more likely to take control and be invested in their learning. Additionally, it gives the teacher an opportunity to know each student personally as well as their writing strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the year, students can open and
In this lesson plan, students engage in a quick activity to help them remember the format and structure of writing a letter to someone. This lesson plan was actually done with 6th graders. Surprisingly, the students really enjoyed getting the chance to take ownership of their learning (in the mini activity done in the beginning of the lesson plan), and the letter writing to their future selves (5 years from now) went really smoothly. The students had so much fun writing!Created by: Courtney Yama
5th - 7th
"Dear Future Self" is a letter-writing activity that asks students to imagine what their year will be like. They write to themselves in the future and describe how they want their year to be, what goals they hope to accomplish, and how they want to be remembered.This set includes a Google Forms version for virtual learners.This reflective activity can be used at the beginning of the school or new year and then revisited at the end of the school year. It's the perfect way to set the tone for the
In this writing assignment, students (of any age, or grade) will have the opportunity to write themselves a letter ten years in the future. They can outline what they hope they're doing, what new technologies might be invented etc. They should also remind their future selves what their current self is like - interests, hobbies, etc. Format, length and other expectations will vary depending on the grade level. If you like this concept, please give it a rating :-) (if you didn't like this concep
This is a great way to set your personal and professional goals. Write a letter to yourself. Ideas to include (both professionally and personally): What are your future goals? Where would you like to be in six months? What inspires you? How are you going to make a change? Keep the letter in a safe spot. In six months, go back and read it to yourself. Did you accomplish these goals? You can also send the letter to a friend to keep for you and then mail it to you in six months. H
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
Assignment overview with rubric for a formal letter written to the student to open "after graduation." Teaches formal letter writing, pre-writing, perspective, and editing. Recommended to use with writing portfolios that follow the student through a school career - the letter is sealed and kept in the portfolio to be opened when the student is a senior and graduates. Could be modified to be opened at the end of the school year. Great for a beginning or end of the year activity. PowerPoint f
6th - 11th
Letter to my future! Use this document as a model for students to write a letter to themselves using proper business letter format. Related Product:Letter to Your Past Self | Last Week of School Activity FREE!
This is a great, low-prep back to school activity! We know it's a hectic time of the year so this activity will give students an opportunity to write and will give teachers an opportunity to learn about their new students! This is a great way to begin or end the school year for almost any grade level! Please tag me on Instagram @missmonicakeating if you use this resource in your classroom!***************************************************************************What is the product?This writing
Provide your upper high school students the opportunity to communicate with their future selves with this quick, easy, and fun letter writing activity. Perfect for the first week of school or the days before summer, this reflective writing exercise will engage your students now and delight them two years down the road when they receive a letter from their past...PROVIDED ASSIGNMENT DIRECTIONS: Outline and write a letter to yourself two years from now. You can write about whatever you wish, but t
11th - 12th
Use this worksheet to help students write a letter to themselves from the past to highlight their growth and residency. Example letter starters could include:Dear future me:-you will not believe how many new friends we made this year-you will learn new things this year and get a B in math!-you tried out for the basketball team and made it!
Not Grade Specific
Students can use this graphic organizer to help them map out their ideas for a letter to themselves. I have my students answer the questions on the graphic organizer and then use it to write themselves a letter.I collect the letters to gage where their writing skills are (to see what strategies I need to focus on) and then pass them back out at the end of the year so that they can read them.
Need an all-in-one end of the year activity? Here is the perfect resource for you! The first and second page should be printed as a double-sided worksheet. Fold along the dotted lines and have yourself a booklet. The third page is an envelope that students can cut, fold and glue together. This activity is a fun way for students to practice letter writing and reflect on this school year! Specifications: PDF File (3 pages)Page 1 (front of booklet) Page 2 (back of booklet)Page 3 (envelope)Check out
Not Grade Specific
A fun writing assignment that has students think about their future
This is a one day assignment that I typically do at the beginning or end of the year. Students will write a letter to themselves that I give back to them at a later time in their high school careers. This is a great assignment for students to use as a reflective tool. It also allows you to teach them the lost art of writing a letter!
9th - 12th
Students will be able to use the guiding questions to write a letter to themselves in the future. I recommend having students find you at the end of the next year and returning the letters.
6th - 12th
Use this checklist to help your scholar write a letter to herself/himself in the future. Students will write a letter addressed to themselves when they are 20. All aspects of a friendly letter are included as well as a detailed checklist for punctuation and grammar. This is a great independent activity and perfect during this COVID-19/coronavirus situation!
2nd - 9th
End of the Year activity for Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing! Help students explain in their own words their hearing loss, equipment, and what they need to learn in the classroom. Review self-advocacy topics from the year, practice writing, and give students a chance to truly advocate for themselves. Once finished, hold onto the letter and give it to their new teacher at the beginning of the year inservice. This free download includes a graphic organizer and writing paper. Di
As the school year comes to a close, this is a short, simple page that students can fill out and decorate. I recommend printing it on colorful card stock then putting it inside an envelop entitled "Do not open until X date, making it like a mini time capsule. The I am block is for a personal I am poem. This is a fabulous self-esteem building activity. Example: I am sweet I am generous I am athletic.
In this assignment, students are asked to write letters to their future selves which you keep to send at the end of their senior year or pass out at graduation. Included is a template to give students ideas about what to write, but it is also an editable doc so you can put your own spin on it. In the past, I have typically done this with my freshmen students, but really you can do it with any age group. Students will love, love, love getting their letters! If you don't want to add the extra
These are designed to be used for Mindfulness or Mental Health units in PDHPE for any age & stage.There are 4 simple pages:1. Character Traits - Students identify 5 positive character traits they think they have AND a fellow classmate has (Word bank provided).2. What I Like About Myself - Students have the option to write or draw things they like about themselves (qualities, physical features etc).3. Blank Page - This is for the students to write their name in the centre of the page, they th
Not Grade Specific
A fun and creative end of the year activity for older students. I, traditionally, do this with my freshmen students and then give them their letters back at the start of their senior year. They love getting the letters back and many of them begin bugging me when they're Juniors! So fun! This is best used at the end of the school year, but can also be used at the beginning, too. Completely open to possibilities!
Using, this writing assignment challenges students to reflect on the lessons they've gained, and shed habits that no longer serve them. As proof of completion, students may paste or summarize their letter in a separate accompanying Google Doc. They are then able to email the letter to themselves on a selected date.This activity is perfect for beginnings, middles, and endings of the school years & seasons.
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
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