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This Lab Team Roles Freebie contains information about using lab group jobs, 5 posters, and student role cards. Check out the Mad Scientist Room Decor Set to see more fun, useful science classroom decorations!
This plug and play system is designed to use the same types of science lab stations for every concept that you teach. The information and tasks can be easily interchanged based on the material that is being taught. The teacher or lab assistant simply has to exchange one unit with the next, and the
Interested in finding a fun way to work some cooperative learning AND science and engineering into your day? This 30 minute lesson is a great way to do just that--and it's free! Everything you need to get started is included in this one page freebie--with the added bonus of a link to a blog post w
Phases of the Moon - Students use Oreo cookies (or a similar cookie) to represent the various phases of the moon. A really fun and interactive activity that can be done with a wide range of ages and abilities to help students understand the moon's phases. Included: - Student Activity Sheet - Stud
A FREE set of five student role sheets designed for use during the STEM Engineering Challenges that I have created! I post these STEM Challenge role sheets in the classroom. I copy each role sheet in a different color! I either assign roles or leave it up to a random draw using the small cards.
In this activity students compare the properties, mass and length of 2 rocks. There are 2 different versions of the worksheet included to reach different leveled students. Properties include; Mass, Length, Shiny or dull, smooth or rough, can scratch or not, can it float and other differences. In
Give your students an opportunity to put the Scientific Method to work for them! This download is a wonderful tool for teaching the Scientific Method! While following the process in this document, the students will view the Scientific Method in action by performing an engaging experiment with gummy
Water Drops on a Penny Introduction Science Process Experiment 2 levels of a worksheet are included: For younger grades: do just the 1st page. Older grades will be able to do the 1st and 2nd pages OR do the 1st and 4th and 5th pages. Several options for inquiry here! Check out these other SCIE
Scientific Method ~ Coin Lab How many drops of water can a coin hold? You are a Scientist! Apply the Scientific Method as you work through this lab. Purpose To show how changes in procedures can cause changes in results. Materials 2 different coins Paper towel Eyedropper Water Lab Sheet Proc
This science experiment is quick, easy and perfect for the Halloween season! With this simple lab booklet students will: → Follow simple procedures conducting an experiment. → Make a hypothesis. → Document results and observe changes. The premise is simple: What will happen to candy corn when the
These bright and cheerful posters are perfect for decorating your classroom and reinforcing the scientific method with early years students.Contains posters for: Investigate, Predict, Observe and Conclude.*********************************************************************ALIGNED TO THE LATEST VERS
TRY ME FOR FREE!!!! This NGSS aligned two-day lab activity is a FUN, EYE-OPENING, and mathematically accurate way to model planet size and orbits in our solar system and incorporate the Performance Expectations for MS-ESS1: MS-ESS1-2. Develop and use a model to describe the role of gravity in the mo
O2 is A-OK in our book... at least that's what you'll learn during our respiratory system presentation, notes and lab. WHAT'S INCLUDED in this 1-2 DAY LESSON:• EDITABLE Animated PowerPoint with daily objective, bellwork, student notes and lab instructions•​ NON-EDITABLE PDF notes pages and lab pages
Let me start by saying that we use the design cycle on a daily basis in all content areas. I make the graphic organizer poster-sized and it hangs up in our classroom all of the time. We use post-it notes to show our thinking and where we are in the cycle at any given moment! Students also have
These forms are used with experiments by the class "Scientist of the Week". This pack has been COMPLETELY updated and includes family letter, class journal cover, student journal cover, observation journal page (2 writing options), lab report, book recommendation, example of lab pictures.
These posters are the perfect addition to any STEM or STEAM classroom! Featuring Melonheadz clipart, each letter includes an appropriately themed kid and will serve as a great visual reminder of each STEM/STEAM strand for your littles.
Help students understand first hand the importance of not only brushing their teeth, but avoiding sugary drinks like soda and kool-aid, and the benefits of milk and water
This is a laboratory activity that covers the proper use of 5 basic pieces of lab equipment: The Celsius thermometer, the graduated cylinder, the quadruple (or triple) beam balance, the metric ruler, and the Bunsen burner. Set up in a lab station-style setting, this activity will teach, review, r
Use this data sheet for your next plants experiment with your students. Everything in Spanish. Use this worksheet to fill in when your students learn what plants need. English and Spanish (¿Que necesitan las plantas?) Your students will discover what plants need. Don't forget visiting my store to ge
Students will love seeing the water balloon get sucked into the jar! The FREE resource allows you to see a sample of my work. This resource is a science experiment on air pressure. It comes with directions, discussion questions, a lab sheet, a lab followup sheet, a short nonfiction article on air
A FREE Valentine's Day Treat!A literacy and science investigation on the nutritional benefits of milk and dark chocolate. Flesch-Kincaid Score is 7.1, which converts to a CC Reading Band of 4th to 8th grade. Happy Valentine's Day!
Do your students love a good competition? You might want to try this lesson titled “Marshmallow Flight.” I have used this lab with junior and high school students, but have also done a simpler version of this lab with my kindergartner. The file contains two versions of the same lab. The first is
Grab your students attention with these FREE snarky LAB SAFETY POSTERS meant for secondary science classrooms. What's the point of being a secondary science teacher if you can't give students a taste of their own medicine, right? This poster download includes two Lab Safety sets: a pc set and a sn
Teaching about rock types or the rock cycle? This printable lab activity can help! Objective: Students will be able to describe, compare, and model various rock cycle processes and components. Common Core Standard(s) Alignment: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RST.6-8.3 Follow precisely a multistep procedure whe

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