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Engaging pictures on this consonant blends and digraphs chart gives your students cue words and pictures to help them remember the most common consonant blends and digraphs. This chart along with 15 hands-on activities are contained in the Consonant Blends and Digraphs Activity Pack First Grade Co
These Daily Five posters use the word RIGHT as a way to help kids remember all the components for each activity. The Daily Five is a great way to promote literacy independence. The posters are meant to be used as an aid to keep little ones on task.There are 9 posters (8.5 X 11) one each for:Read t
Thank you for your interest in my product. I have found over my nearly ten years of teaching experience that this is the quickest and most learner-friendly way to teach the multiplication tables. This freebie offers students an entertaining way of bringing music into the classroom by way of teaching
These bookmarks are great to pass out to your students when teaching blends, short vowel sounds and diagraphs. Learning these sounds with a picture helps your students make real connections and is a super important learning tool that I am sure you will find helpful in your classroom. Enjoy this fr
Use these motions to teach your students sight words! Students will have higher engagement and remember the words quicker as they connect them with a physical movement! Say each word and do the motion three time! Remember it takes 18 times of staying something to learn it, so say them often!****R
Restating the Question is a difficult skill for many students. To help them learn and practice the skill, a variety of acronyms are used by teachers. This product includes posters for: PQA, TTQA, RACE, and RAPS. Choose which strategy works for you!I prefer PQA- Put the Question in the Answer as t
Teach your students to remember that 7 X 8 = 56 in less than ten minutes! Specific directions and six charts are included to help you teach this simple mnemonic. Be sure to follow my TpT store! I always have a 50% off sale for each new lesson during the first three days once I post it at TpT.Fee
Visual and tactile cues help students learn and remember the sounds to common consonant digraphs. Teach the four most common digraphs using the picture cues along with the motions. This cue card is ideal for introducing digraphs. This cue cards is contained in the Consonant Blends and Digraphs A
Teach your students to write like superheroes with these inspiring posters! Includes: - "Be a Writing Superhero" title page - "POW" writing poster for SRSD - "TIDE" writing poster for Narrative and Informative/Explanatory Mode - "TIRE" and "TREE" writing posters for Opinion Mode - "SWAG" poster - f
I taught middle school math and the concept of simplifying algebraic expressions seemed to be a hurdle my students just couldn't master. They seemed to think that x's could be added to x^2's or y's could be added to x's. They even added x's to numbers! What is a teacher to do? A fellow teacher g
This collection of 5 songs helps students remember key math concepts. The songs focus on the concepts order of operation, place value, long division, line geometry, and data (mode, median, and mean). All songs are sung to familiar tunes and are parodies of popular songs. Students love singing the so
Providing students with a visual reminder to space between words is often helpful. This freebie is used with a specific strategy shared by our Occupational Therapist which is describe on my blog. Please visit my blog as step-by-step directions are provided to implement this strategy.
Includes poster to display in classroom using a mnemonic device - Does McDonald's Sell Burgers Raw? to remember the steps for the division algorithm, formerly known as long division (Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring Down, and Repeat). Also includes a checklist that can be used as students complete
This unique kit requires zero correcting from the teacher, and parents and principals love it! Bar graphs provide students with immediate feedback on their progress. Testing only takes about ten minutes per week. Pretests get students in right mindset and post-tests help them apply their scores to t
Have you been wondering how to address the reading of complex informational texts? If so, then you must use the approach known as THIEVES! Use this mnemonic device before a close read of informational text. It will help activate your students background knowledge and help them to make in depth pre
If you didn't get the grade you wanted, it is likely I didn't get the work I wanted! This poster is print-ready in 8.5x11.
Integer operation rules can sometimes be confusing to some students. Having a creative and fun way to study the rules is good in ensuring that the students will master them. This download contains an original and fun poem created by me to help students memorize the addition rules of integers. There
Aunt Sally to the rescue. She's here to help your students remember the correct order of operations. She's fun and zany and created by me! Enjoy! Includes black and white copies for student notebooks!
My students were reading about the planets and wanted to be able to remember the planets in order. It is updated by not using the dwarf planet Pluto. I created this cutsified poster using DJ Inkers clip art & fonts. © www.djinkers.com My DJ Inkers license number is 0813188178.
This is a simple mapping activity for Colonial America. I've included instructions for finding the different colonies and how they are to color them. The instructions include using directions like north, south, east, and west. All you need to provide is your favorite map of the 13 colonies to use.
Click here to subscribe to our music video channel! This includes three worksheets, each front and back, leveled for difficulty, a sample lesson plan, and a lyrics sheet to go along with The Prefix Kix song by The Grammarheads. Many examples of prefixes are included to help struggling students, us
This a strategy to use when breaking words into syllables. Three simple steps and it works all the time.
Use this personal anchor chart in your Interactive Notebooks when teaching students about revising and editing! The printout is meant to mirror the anchor chart displayed in the classroom for use away from the classroom.
"When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. And it says its name." This is a sign to help students decode words with vowel teams. The sign shows 3 common sets of vowel teams walking down a side walk. The first vowel is saying its own name. This is a good reminder for students when

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