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Book vs. Movie Printables: FREE Use these two printables after you have read the book and then seen the movie version. Great for comparing and contrasting and thinking critically about how the movie was made. Thanks for looking and have a great day! Rachel Lynette
This is a PDF file of three pages of Fantasia 2000 questions from all musical selections. Not all questions necessarily reflect on the music itself, but the story line. Would probably be best suited for grades 5 and up. Answers not included. Some questions are meant to spark conversation and do
This is a movie guide for El Libro de Vida (The Book of Life) in Spanish class. This guide includes space for character descriptions, listening comprehension in English, and "who said it" questions. It would make a great addition to a Day of the Dead unit, or as a sub plan for Spanish 1, Spanish 2
With the 2013 film version of The Great Gatsby being just around the corner, I wanted to create an engaging activity for students to enjoy as the watch the movie. As we all know, sometimes watching a movie allows students to see it as a free day, but with this interactive folder, students will be f
This set of 20 questions will help your students take notes on the significant historical, scientific, and mathematical events in the movie Hidden Figures. There are easily 20 more questions that can be asked, I just happened to focus on these. You might give your students the assignment to come up
This worksheet goes along with the A&E Biography over Edgar Allan Poe. It includes fill in the blank and True/False questions. It follows the video and allows students to get an overview of who Poe was and the type of life he lived when he was alive. It is comprehensive of the video.
This is a great lesson to use as an introduction to a new science concept, a closure to a science unit, or as sub plans! There is a teacher guide that walks you through what to do before and after the video and includes some discussion questions. This episode of the Magic School Bus Returns is all a
This free mini movie guide is a supplemental resource that I use after reading the book Charlotte's Web to my students. These forms help to guide student writing while comparing and contrasting the book and the movie. These are basic printables that can be modified to fit your instructional needs.
Mi Vida Loca is a free interactive online video series that takes beginner Spanish learners on an adventure in Spain. Along the way, students get exposed to culture, authentic language, and beginning Spanish structures. This FREE packet of activity sheets accompany Episodes 1-5. With this freebie,
This is a great way to break up the monotony with a little bit of humor while still teaching crucial analysis skills! My high school students love the remixes - which are professionally done - and engagement during this lesson is always high. Students analyze three sets of movie trailers. Each set c
This thorough document with recommended movies for Spanish classes is organized by topics and themes. This free Spanish cultural movies resource includes movie descriptions, movie ratings, movie summaries, as well as information for where to find movie packets & cultural units that pertain to t
This is a 2 page worksheet to be used when viewing Bill Nye "Chemical Reactions." The episode guide questions are in order and an answer key is provided. Other products you may be interested in: Bazinga! Chemical Reactions Edition Physical & Chemical Changes Bundle Physical & Chemical Cha
This a worksheet created to go along with the movie WALL-E. It reviews the carbon dioxide/oxygen cycle, natural resources, recycling, forms of energy, and living and nonliving organisms. I used this as a lead into my recycling unit, and ended with The Lorax.. A more extensive worksheet for the Lorax
This is a Liberty's Kids Viewing Guide for Episode 5 - Midnight Ride. This format is based loosely on Sumer Ramsey's initial viewing guides for Episode 1 and 2. This includes an answer key. I am not affiliated with anyoneor any company connected with Liberty's Kids in any way.
This movie guide is for lower level Spanish students (Spanish 1, Spanish 2) to follow along with the movie "Canela," which can be found on Youtube. It includes interpretive listening questions, character identification and cultural expansion. It is adapted from a great upper level guide in Spanish
This is a 2 page worksheet to be used when viewing Bill Nye "Atoms." The episode guide questions are in order and an answer key is provided. Please stop back by my store after you download this free item & let me know how it went. I would truly appreciate hearing your positive feedback! Other
This worksheet accompanies a viewing of 'STOMP Out Loud'. It encourages students to think critically about the performances and the work that goes into them. Teachers can choose to have students complete the worksheet while watching, or stop periodically to discuss and write together.
In this lesson, students will participate in an active viewing or reading of The Magic School Bus In The Arctic. The plot centers around the theme of animal adaptations and habitats. Students will fill in this companion guide consisting of both pictorial and written answers as they watch the film or
EDITABLE in Microsoft Word format. A worksheet I created for my students to complete while viewing the film "The Sound of Music". Students are asked to identify the order of the songs performed in the movie, and which characters are singing in each number, also there are a series of short answer a
Do you frequently show your students episodes of the Magic School Bus to introduce, reinforce, or review science concepts? If so, this pack will help your students hone in on those important skills these videos teach in a fun way! Episodes are available on Netflix and Discovery Education Streaming.
This is a 14 question video quiz consisting of Short Answer questions that follow (in order) information presented in the 43 minute National Geographic video entitled, "LEWIS & CLARK: GREAT JOURNEY WEST". The video quiz consists of a cover page, summary, student quiz, and teacher key and video l
A mysterious band of pirates plunders the Mediterranean coast–leaving destruction in its wake. Empires fall, but out of the chaos, we discover iron. Armed with this wonder metal, ordinary folk can overthrow tyrants and build a new world order. From the birth of democracy in Athens, to the creation o
Crash Course World History Video Questions: Luther and the Reformation, Video #218. This video is produced by John Greene and provides a student friendly history of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. Included in this resource are 20 reflective and analytical questions of the video as wel
These questions go along with the movie Osmosis Jones. There are 25 questions total. This is a fairly simple worksheet. It could be used for middle or high school.

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