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This freebie features information pages about these penguin species: Emperor, King, Gentoo, Adelie, Macaroni and Little. The pages are written in an easy-to-read format making it easier for young students to study these birds and write reports. They can read the information page, record key facts
Your journey through learning state facts has never been so easy! I created this freebie for my postcard exchange. The file includes several picture tutorials on creating different notebook artifacts.
FREE St. Patrick's Day Book - customs, traditions, origins and symbols PDF file A 5 page, free St. Patrick's day book. You may also like our: St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary Bundle Worksheets Cards and Games - 80 pages This booklet could be a shared book for younger children or an independent book
This free download includes facts about the planets of our solar system along with questionnaires for the students. The students will surely learn the order of the planets from the sun with these fun worksheets. Included is also a mini book that will help the kiddos memorize the order of the planets
This editable freebie was created to assist students writing expository papers. Provided are four animal groups with 12 animals in each group. Aquatic: crab, crocodile, dolphin, penguin, fish, octopus, sea horse, shark, frog, toad, turtle, and whaleFarm: billy goat, chicken, cow, cat, dog, duck, ho
This biography report template helps students organize their learning about important historical figures. The easy-to-use format can be paired with any biographical passage or text and allows you to easily differentiate based on individual student needs. The foldable flip book is engaging without
In this research assignment students research different gods, goddesses, creatures and humans from Greek Mythology. I had my students work individually at home and I had them pick names from a hat. You can have them work in groups and do it in class using laptops if you wish. Some of my students pre
Share these informational paired passages with your students when teaching about germs or infectious diseases. These passages meet the demand for more rigorous, complex texts with Common Core- especially paired texts that students can use to compare and build knowledge to integrate information and d
Short butterfly book for my students to make their observations as we watch our caterpillars turn to butterflies! *Life cycle page *Important words page *Observation writing and picture page *Diagram page *Title page Put your pages in whichever order you like, make many copies of the observation p
Five Themes of Geography - Having learned about the five themes of Geography, students apply their knowledge to their own town. Students must research the Location, Place, Region, Human-Environment Interactions and the Movement of their own community. Includes the assignment sheet and research re
This document contains everything you need for a research report in the classroom. It hits many of the Common Core Standards. All your students need to add is their research~Includes...~A Parent Letter describing the project and asking for assistance in gathering research.~A Project Timeline to help
This is a template designed to help your students complete research on any animal. I hope you enjoy!
This free STATE REPORT resource provides materials for students to create a State Report Lapbook. Designed with third and fourth graders in mind, this resource includes materials for students to use while conducting research about any state, as well as materials for the presentation of their final
Help students understand the proper way to format the first page of their essays according to the Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines with this attractive reference sheet/handout that includes a detailed model and helpful tips.Want more materials to help your students become skilled writers
Students (individuals or groups) can research any country and answer the questions related to the five themes of geography. The assignment comes in 3 different formats so you can choose the one that best fits your classroom environment. It can be used as a stand-alone assignment or as the basis for
Have you every used the site Wonderopolis with your students? This fantastic site posts a "Wonder of the Day" and answers some of the most intriguing questions from a variety of subjects. I created a fun activity trifold to be used with the Wonderopolis website. Students can choose a wonder that t
This project is both a writing and science project geared for 3rd and 4th graders. It can be used as a final assessment after an ecosystem, habitat, animal adaptation, or life science unit. Is nice to have the support of your school librarian for research time slots, but can easily be done in the cl
This file contains a two-page, user-friendly template for recording key information while reading a biography. biography template is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Your students will have fun researching and learning all about penguins while compiling their very own penguin book with nonfiction text features (table of contents, headings, captions, diagrams and labels, photograph, map, and a glossary). Page Content(s) 1 cover page 1 table of contents page 4 fa
We use this biography outline in my second grade classroom as a resource to help students organize their research for a biography report. The simple outline and clear questions help students focus and organize their expository writing. I hope this resource helps you in your classroom! Check out my
These forms are used with experiments by the class "Scientist of the Week". This pack has been COMPLETELY updated and includes family letter, class journal cover, student journal cover, observation journal page (2 writing options), lab report, book recommendation, example of lab pictures.
ONE DOLLAR WORDS Critical Thinking Challenge: FREEBIEONE DOLLAR WORDS are any words that have a value of exactly $1 when the letters are added together using these values: a = 1¢, b = 2¢, ... z = 26¢. The true value is in all the skills your kiddos will practice while engaged with this unit. ONE D
Use the labels from this freebie to have students fill in their science research information and decorate their science project boards! Includes labels for: 1. Project Title2. Testable Question3. Hypothesis4. Materials5. Procedure6. Results7. Results Graph8. Conclusion Perfect for:~ Science Fairs~ O
Welcome to my store! Please enjoy this free sampler version of my Revolutionary War Heroes Biography Unit and Lap book product. If you are studying the American Revolution, this is for you! Reading and research using QR codes, note-taking and writing...this unit packs

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