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This packet contains 180 questions and prompts. This collection includes wh- questions (who, what, where, when, and why), categorization, and labeling. These prompts work on function, attributes, categories, rhyming, features, emotions, and more! I use these daily with my students with autism! I po
This freebie is a quick cheat-sheet for students to remind themselves of the text-based language called for by students in the Common Core for ELA, in particular, during and while participating in teacher-directed close readings of text. These sentence starters give students a head start on how to
I thought of this idea during Tuesday's (7/24/12) Whole Brain Teaching webcast (Program 532) about the First Hour of the First Day! So many people kept saying they were afraid they would forget something. So here is my solution. These cards a script based off the webcast. WBT - First Hour Cue Car
Carrier phrases are phrases in which the first few words are constant and only the last word changes. These phrases help to encourage longer utterances, offer repetition and provide multiple opportunities to practice targets without an additional cognitive task of having to generate ideas, which may
A 3 page, 7 part readers' theater script for the folk tale The Gingerbread Man. The script is written with primary students in mind and contains parts for Emergent to Transitional readers as follows:o High Emergent (roughly DRA 4-10): old woman, cow, dog, foxo Transitional (roughly DRA 12-18): hor
Zebra on the Loose! FUN Informative Writing Activity for Common Core Grades 4-8 Spice up informative writing with this FUN and different lesson! A zebra on the loose in the city? That's not something you see everyday! Read a reporter's interviews (primary sources!) of four people involved in this
4 animal friends just want to get out of the rain and play in a nice, warm spot. 1 cranky bear just wants to take a nap in his nice, dry cave. Everything ends up working out, but not before the bear ends up looking ridiculous! This play is based on the book by Nick Bland. It is 4 pages long and
Veterans Day Readers Theater script will encourage your students to become better readers and strengthen their fluency skills. This Reader's Theater and More packet is based Veterans Day.This experience will improve students' reading comprehension, fluency, and writing skills. Students love to perf
This FREEBIE is a sampler of the phonological awareness curriculum we have created. It is a complete week of curriculum. If you follow our phonological awareness curriculum in your classroom, which requires 15 minutes on Mondays and 10 minutes Tuesday through Friday, you will see amazingly ridicul
The Harvest Moon is a concept your students may have heard of, but have no idea what it is all about. In this 2-page realistic fiction, 6-character script, your students will learn a bit of information about this autumnal event. Included in this fall common core aligned toolkit: • 2-page, 6-charac
Enjoy practicing reading with expression with this Reader's Theater script based on the classic tale of the Three Little Pigs. Reader's Theater provides an authentic reason for students to reread text in order to improve fluency. This script is written for 6 characters, but really is just 5 parts
A 4 page, 7 part readers' theater script of the Gingerbread Man with a Santa theme. Mrs. Claus makes a gingerbread man but he runs away. He is chased by Santa, a reindeer, and an elf. Finally a polar bear eats him up.The script is written with primary students in mind and has parts suitable for E
Three brothers go looking for delicious grass but come across a big ugly troll with huge eyes and a long nose. They manage to get past him, the last one knocking him off his own bridge. This classic tale is fun to perform!This play is 2.5 pages long and has 5 characters: Narrator, Big Billy Goat,
Thank you for downloading this free resource!!! Please provide feedback in the Comments & Ratings. Even if it's only a few words. This will help me in creating new and better products. Your help is much appreciated! Rapunzel Readers Theater Script adapted from the original Grimm Brothers Fai
"The Chocolate Touch" by Patrick Skene Catling is a beloved favorite of elementary students. This Reader's Theater script gives students the chance to portray the characters and events in the story. It includes parts for up to eleven students, an explanation of Reader's Theater, and a performance ch
If you know and love the classic tale of the Gingerbread Man, then you'll laugh yourself silly reading this fractured fairy tale play, which is based on the book "The Stinky Cheese Man" by Jon Scieszka. -The script is 5 pages long -There are 8 characters (Narrator, Stinky Cheese Man, old man, ol
This reader’s theater script will have your students learning all about President George Washington and they will be working on their reading fluency at the same time. This reader's theater script is free and is one of 6 scripts of different Presidents in my Meet the Presidents pack. The Meet the
Reader's Theater for BIG KIDS!St. Nicholas Night! I find reader's theaters to be a really fun way to focus on various skills in my upper elementary classroom. My students love to perform and may still need some work in the area of fluency, comprehension, word work, and writing. If your crew has t
Do you have budding actors in your classroom? Are your kids tired of the routine reading schedule from an intense year? Then this is for you... Readers' Theater for Big Kids - the Ant and the Grasshopper!Hope you love what you see and that you are interested in the completed Close Reading plan.
Use TeachToTell STYLISH, LOOP DE LOOP, and DIVERSITY for personal and commercial use. INSTALLATION: Unzip file, double-click on the font files and click ‘instal’ FEATURES: All fonts have ‘TeachToTell’ in the title to facilitate ease of differentiation. This font features 98 glyphs and includes t
During the winter holidays, we need to be aware of the multi-culturalness of our classrooms. We need to make all students feel welcome and appreciated. To do this, I try to focus on the similarities between celebrations and holidays that bring us all together: family, food, songs and light. Thi
A reader's theater created for first and second grade from the poem Five Plump Turkeys. Students will enjoy reading from this one page script and acting out the roles. This skit is perfect for most almost mid year readers. Parts could be doubled by pairing a low reader with a higher reader. My fir
Do you teach Calendar Math for grades 1, 2 or 3? This pack includes a variety of questions/prompts for your whole group during Calendar Math for the first few months of school. Feedback isn't required, but it's very much appreciated!Click here to see more Math resources!© Teaching in the Tongass
This free sample pack from the bundle of easy step-by-step guided art lessons:Art History For Elementary 1 - With Teacher ScriptsThis lesson explores the artist Ted Harrison's use of warm and cool colors as he paints in the arctic of Canada. The simple art project will create a stunning bulletin boa

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