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Classroom Economy Pack offers classroom money patterns in a variety of denominations as well as directions for setting up a Classroom Economy system. You'll find ideas for staging class auctions and other reward programs. Perfect for fostering financial literacy and for teaching kids how to manage m
The Trial of SpongeBob SquarePants is a fun activity to help students practice using logical evidence and reason (logos) in persuasive writing and speech. The Common Core State Standards for seventh, eighth, and ninth grades mention the word "evidence" nearly twenty times! But one of the things my
This engaging group activity helps students to grasp the myriad of difficulties that the colonists of Roanoke, Jamestown and Plymouth had to face. I used this activity before teaching about the these three earliest English colonies as a sort of anticipatory set for the rest of the unit. As students
These stations will keep your students MOVING! Designed to fit in one class period, your students will build on what they have been taught in the classroom concerning weathering, erosion, and deposition. This is a great way to reinforce material in your Earth Science classroom, or a great way to rev
This is a quick, one page activity involving simple and compound interest. It presents a car and its price and offers four financing options. Students calculate the total to be repaid for each option. Great for comparing compound and simple interest or showing how length of a loan affects credit!Key
A great warm-up bellringer for use when teaching about the Great Depression. This fun and historically accurate quiz allows students to play the role of a hobo who is riding the rails. Students are shown various hobo markings and must correctly identify them in order to get food, work, etc.
Recently updated 6/15 I am so excited to share these 40 technology choice task cards with you! I've complied some amazing resources in this group of cards and not only included the website, but also the QR code for easy scanning. Thanks for downloading this product. I am so excited to use this in
Focus on differentiation while meeting several Common Core Reading standards! This reader’s theater set features the popular tall tale of Paul Bunyan written on 3 separate reading levels for a total of 3 scripts! Each script contains 6-7 parts, making it a perfect activity for centers or leveled g
The Checkbook Project pumps life into a classroom the way the stimulus package pumped bucks into GM. It improves test scores, inspires the entrepreneurial spirit, and even turns "thugs" into pussycats. Simply put, it's a more complex form of "class money" without the bother of handing out Monopoly b
Looking to incorporate real world examples of addition and subtraction of whole numbers and money in your classroom? Your students will LOVE this restaurant menu simulation! This activity can be used with any menu and across multiple grade levels. The titles are editable, so you can customize eac
En este archivo encontraréis una versión Role Play del típico juego "Find someone who" con 8 personajes y 8 acciones distintas. (Si tenéis clases de 24 alumnos podéis hacerlo en grupos de 3). La estructura gramatical trabajada es el PAST SIMPLE de verbos irregulares y el verbo "to be". La actividad
Sure there are lots of consumer math lessons out there, but this one is just like being in a reality game show. Each student draws a biographical sketch depicting their income, marital status, number of children and education level. Using the statistically accurate data, they plan a budget, purcha
This resource gives students an active way to engage in how perfect societies can go wrong. Excellent to introduce dystopian literature, propaganda, the psychology of power, development of socializations, supply and demand, and trade. Also excellent activity to teach about leadership and collaborati
Bring key characteristics of the 13 colonies to life with this FREEBIE Reader’s Theater script featuring the New England Colonies! This is part of a leveled set of 3 reader’s theater featuring the New England, Middle, and Southern colonial way of life plus additional comparison activities! This fr
Why not have even more fun with your Trip Around the World - Continents unit by giving your students the full airline treatment? After making your suitcases, distribute boarding passes and have them go through a mock security screening. Arrange their chairs as if on an airplane, and read the enclose
In this short play, students will learn about the history of the writing of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence Reader's Theater is a perfect addition to the Civics or U.S. History curriculum in middle school or high school. Included in this resource: 1. 3 page script f
Battles of World War One Lesson 1: Students will recreate the political and strategic realities of World War One Europe as they simulate the First World War through a board game. Lesson 2: Students will view a PowerPoint lesson including a fill in note to better understand the underlying causes of
Andy Thelwell created an amazing electrical circuits virtual lab complete with interactive sections and quizzes. I have created a student guide for exploring electrical circuits with his webpage. With this guide, you can be sure that your students get the most out of the time they spend investigatin
A great interactive simulation to demonstrate to government or US history students the failures of the Articles of Confederation. After the lesson students will have a clear understanding of why the US needed a stronger central government. Students will take on the role of one of the 13 original s
This lesson helps students break down the complicated meaning of the Declaration of Independence so that they can grasp the overall meaning of the document. Students are provided with three methods for decoding the text. They use cooperative learning for reading and analyzing the text, they use musi
*UPDATED to PowerPoint* Use this EDITABLE template to create money for your classroom economy system. You can add your initials or a picture to customize and give it a unique title to go with your classroom theme.
This is a list of different Social Studies sites that I have compiled and use on a regular basis in my classroom. The activities and games on these sites are geared toward 5th graders, but could be used for any group learning about US History. I have grouped the sites into the following categories
A visually appealing PowerPoint designed to introduce simple electrical circuits to your students. The PowerPoint covers simple circuit diagrams, circuit symbols, series and parallel circuits and specialist circuits such as domestic lighting, safety switches, two-way switches and Christmas tree ligh
This task asks students to pretend they have been hired by a home improvement company to solve two problems for them. The first job requires students to examine the relationship between perimeter and area to help "Mr. Baker" design his garden. The second job focuses students on applying their unde

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