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PLEASE SEE MY PREVIEW FOR A CLOSER LOOK AT THIS PRODUCT! THANK YOU! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ As a teacher, it is my firm belief that writing is a HUGE part in student success across the curriculum. I am always trying to think of ways to approach this topic without it intimidating or overwhelming my s
100 Days Smarter Hat These 100 Days Smarter Hats are in landscape format and measure 8.5 x 11. They are available in black and white. Students will color, cut and glue/staple the hat together. Celebrate the 100th day with fun and creativity! *** If you plan on sharing this resource, please purchas
This Jeopardy board and questions review multiplying fractions, whole numbers and mixed numbers for students. There is a final Jeopardy question that is a word problem to challenge students to apply the process.
Jeopardy board programmed with various skills for pronouns: subject/object pronouns,possessive pronouns, antecedents, reflexive and intensive pronouns, first/second/third person pronouns and using pronouns correctly in a sentence. The students love to work together as a team to identify the correct
These Margin Feedback Slips are designed to fit into the margin of a student workbook. They are best suited to an A4 workbook, or when printed on a smaller scale, appropriate for an A5 workbook. These feedback slips can be given to students prior to commencing a lesson to set them up for success. Th
This Order of Operations BUNDLE includes a variety of resources to help students understand how to manipulate numbers in line with the order of operations. Each individual acronym set includes the following resources:Acronym Poster 96 task cards4 differentiated mathematics maze activities 2 open-end
Actividades de matemáticas y lenguaje para a acompañar el libro " Si le das una galletita a un raton. Incluyo juegos para centros/ talleres y material interactivo.Pared de palabras Contar las sílabas / poner un sujetapapeles en el número de sílabas Elementos del cuento Orden de secuencias Sumas Pa
Every Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher knows that Daily Calendar Math is an essential part of math instruction for young learners. This Calendar Math Product allows your students to continue learning days of the week, calendar essentials, shapes, numbers, and colors through distance learning. I hope y
This presentation uses information and pictures to set the scene for the novel Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. Easy to edit and use in your classroom!*PowerPoint
Plate Tectonics Trivia Board GameThis board game focuses on the science surrounding Plate Tectonics * convergent* divergent* transform boundaries* compression* tension* folding* faults* uplift* Continental Drift* lithosphere * asthenosphere* mesosphere* crust mantle* core* Wegener* Hess* Pangaea* mo
Description Reading and interpreting non verbal clues is part of everyday life. We as humans use Social thinking every day in order to analyze reactions, plan conversation, and respond to others. When our interpretation is off we may do things that embarrass us and others. In order to make our stude
Save time! Ready to use Bitmoji Virtual Classroom BUNDLE Templates | Distance Learning | All subjects-Over 150 items to customize your own virtual class-Instructions in how to edit your classrooms, rotate items, Bitimojis and more-Over 25 backgrounds and different resources. Follow me on TPT Store h
Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Template with questions concerning prepositions (identify the prepositions, object of prepositions, adverb and adjective phrases). I have the students play on teams and each team answers each question- we don't use lifelines, but you could work them into it orally. Th
“Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving,” by Dav Pilkey, is one of my favorite books to read during the weeks before Thanksgiving. Pilkey’s book is a wonderful adaptation from the holiday classic, “The Night Before Christmas,” by Clement Moore. I just love to listen to both books’ rhythm and rhyme durin
This Jeopardy powerpoint game reviews adding and subtracting decimals and using rounding and front-end estimation to estimate answers. The "mixed bag" catagory is a review of skills learned, including ordering and comparing decimals and decimal place value. There is a final Jeopardy question as we
Description: The why: Students often struggle with problem solving. I have found that a lot of times students see the numbers, pick an operation and run with it before truly understanding what they are doing. By using numberless problems you slow the student's brain down by gradually analyzing info
An interactive presentation to introduce elementary students to Australian Aboriginal Art. Presented is an animated gif of contemporary samples of the art with a video of art movement. This is perfect for kinesthetic learners and provides a new way for students to look at fine art as entertaining b
This Daily Spiral Review can save you on time and paper! Keep old standards fresh in your students minds by using this daily spiral review. This review features questions aligned to 7th Grade Number Systems, Expressions and Equations, and Ratios and Proportional Relationships Units. Included in th
My Little Pony Token Board (4 Tokens) and visuals (Skittles, Goldfish, Bubbles, ipad) included for reinforcement!
This Jeopardy board and questions reviews dividing fractions by fractions, whole numbers and mixed numbers. The last column is a review of division with one and two digit divisors. The final Jeopardy question is a word problem and the process and answer are displayed on the final slide. Kids have
Photosynthesis Flash/Study Cards have made a tremendous difference in my classroom. These color-coded cards will make a huge difference in your classroom also! There are so many details to remember, and students have a hard time connecting with all of the facts and details of photosynthesis. The ca
HERE IS THE LINK TO THE COMPLETED BUNDLE FOR ALL 12 DOMAINS: Completed BundleThis 2ND GRADE DOMAIN 2 BUNDLE is everything you never knew you needed to teach Listening & Learning!! I began creating these PowerPoints to make my read-aloud lessons flow a little smoother without constantly finding m
This Daily Spiral Review can save you on time and paper! Keep old standards fresh in your students minds by using this daily spiral review. This review features questions aligned to 7th Grade Number Systems, Expressions and Equations, Ratios and Proportional Relationships, and Geometry Units! Inclu
Description This SEL task card bundle is a great product to practice how students should respond to different scenarios. There are 94 cards total to use to strengthen your students Social and Emotional skills. These can be used in many different ways including, but not limited to, Whole group lesso

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