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Sun, Stars, and Moon : Day and Night
Sun, Stars, and Moon: Day and Night: Hi Teachers! Are you going to be teaching your students about the sun, stars, and the moon? Will you also be teaching them about day and night? Well this unit might be just for you. Included are 24 real life, full color pictures of objects, animals, and acti

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Solar System Fact Mobile for Space Unit
This mobile craft can be used so many different ways: classroom display, informal assessment, introductory project, use the pieces individually as you intro each planet, etc. It has now been updated (2018) and is so much easier to cut and string together. Check out the preview video. Solar Syste

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Solar Eclipse
Will you and your students be watching an upcoming solar eclipse? If so, this set will be perfect to add to your studies as it introduces young students to the solar eclipse in a fun and meaningful way. Here's what is included:• 6 page interactive booklet (includes boy & girl cover options)•

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Moon Phases worksheet & mini book
Good for science regarding the solar system, Earth, sun, moon, or a space theme. This includes a coloring worksheet with the accurate names for the phases of the moon. The 16 page mini book easily explains how the moon phases work. Sight word rich. Includes: 1 worksheet 2 pages of mini book 1 page

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Solar System {Science Weekly Five Stations}
Solar System {Science Weekly Five™ Stations} This Science Weekly Five™ supplemental stations unit is all about the sun, earth, and moon system. Be sure to download your free Science Weekly Five Start-Up Kit. You need the posters and recording sheets when setting up stations. ....................

Also included in: Science Weekly Five Stations Bundle {Science Centers}


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Graph the Constellations (coordinate graphing, ordered pairs)
Seamlessly integrate math and science in this lesson. Put your students' knowledge of coordinate systems and ordered pairs to work to graph the relative locations and shapes of some of the major North Polar Constellations. Location of Polaris (the North Star) is also part of the lesson. This is fair

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Create an Alien - A Space and Planet Project
This learning activity was used as a culminating project for our outer space and planet unit. It is cross-curricular encompassing both science and language arts (and a little bit of math!) Students research a planet and create a passport full of information. The students then apply their knowledg

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Solar Eclipse 2017 Mini-Unit
This product provides a perfect introduction to the 2017 Solar Eclipse! Your students will love learning about The Great American Eclipse. This purchase includes: Informational Text with Color-Coded Text Dependent Questions Interactive Notebook Activity 3 Activity Pages Writing Prompt Reflection

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Moon {Science Weekly Five Stations}
Our Moon {Science Weekly Five™ Stations} This Science Weekly Five™ supplemental stations unit is all about our moon and the lunar cycle. Be sure to download your free Science Weekly Five Start-Up Kit. You need the posters and recording sheets when setting up stations. ...........................

Also included in: Science Weekly Five Stations Bundle {Science Centers}


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Solar System Create, Facts, and Fill Ins on a String Interactive Science Fun!
Solar System: On A String Interactive {Create, Facts, and Fill Ins}The entire solar system is included in this pack.Once assembled your students will love that it will actually look like the solar system in the order in which the planets appear. There are dashed guidelines for cutting and on the bac

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Space Clip Art
Have fun exploring in space with this fun set, which includes astronauts and planets! This set contains 49 image files, which includes 25 color images and 24 black & white images in png. All clipart images are 300dpi for better scaling and printing.This set includes:* Boy astronaut* Girl astron

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Kindergarten Sun, Moon, Stars, Space Book Activity
Kindergarten Sun, Moon, Stars, Space Book activity is a interactive booklet that focuses on nonfiction facts about the earth, moon, stars, sun, and astronauts. Students will be highly engaged completing these activities. I complete this activity every year with my kiddos during my Sun, Moon, and St

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Planet Research Pack
UPDATED with a new look! This fun research packet gives students a place to take notes on a planet. Here is what you get in this packet: - a fun research page with guiding questions - writing paper for a report - a planet scrapbook page - a travel brochure for visitors to your planet - cool websi

Also included in: Research All Year Bundle


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Earth and Space: Earth's Rotation and Revolution (Seasons) Foldables
Use Interactive Notebooks in your math class? These EASY PREP foldables provide key concepts and information to your use in a clean presentation. How can Foldables be used?➥ Interactive Notebooks➥ Creating lapbooks➥ Whole group instruction – let foldables drive your instruction and modeling ➥ Refere

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Phases of the Moon Science
Learn about moon phases using the short, informational text. Make the craft activity to illustrate what you've read. Perfect for first and second grade. After studying about the phases of the moon, the students can make this clock to show the cycles of the moon and the order in which they occur.

Also included in: First Grade Science Bundle


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Planets of the Solar System- Nonfiction Leveled Reader- Kindergarten 1st Grade
Finding nonfiction texts at an appropriate level for kindergarten guided reading groups is a difficult (and often expensive!!) task. With the increased expectation of kindergarteners reading nonfiction texts based on the Common Core Standards, it is crucial that teachers have access to leveled nonfi

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Oreo Moon Phases Activity
Moon Phases: This Oreo moon phases activity has students learn and have fun using Oreo Cookies! Oreo Moon Phases Activity Contents: 1. Moon Phase identification: Followed by Oreo shaping & placement 2. Oreo's around the Earth: 2 different Sun, Earth, Moon Formats:          A. One showing

Also included in: Moon Phases Activities Bundle


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Stars {Differentiated Close Reading Passages & Questions}
Going deeper into nonfiction texts is essential to student mastery of common core standards. Want ways to integrate social studies and science content into your nonfiction instruction, while differentiating for the needs of all learners? Look no further than these STARS differentiated reading passag

Also included in: Science Leveled Texts BUNDLE Nonfiction Differentiated Passages


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Moon Phases Wheel for Interactive Science Notebooks
This interactive notebook wheel makes learning the phases of the moon more engaging and meaningful. Students draw and label each phase and then create a wheel cover to see the moon wax and wane. A great way for students to test themselves on each phase because the next stage is covered and can then

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Solar Eclipse 2017 - Lapbook Learning & Keepsake and PowerPoint
Our school is celebrating the Solar Eclipse Together in Nebraska. We are doing several activities including putting together this lapbook that not only teaches about solar eclipses but will also be a keepsake the kids can take home and save. The PowerPoint goes through and explains an eclipse in s

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Phases of the Moon Cut and Paste
Help your students practice the order of the phases of the moon. Students will cut and paste the photos of the moon in the correct order. They will then label the phases with their names. This is an excellent activity for practice or a quick assessment! *Note this document needs to be printed on

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Day and Night Earth's Rotation Activity
Rotation, Day and Night and Time Zones become clear with this spinning paper model perfect for Interactive Notebooks (INBs). This lesson plan and hands-on simulation involves students spinning a mini-model of the Earth as it experiences daylight and darkness. It gives kids a visual representation of

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Solar Eclipse Sequencing Craft and Solar Eclipse Posters
Solar Eclipse* Meet your science standards with this solar eclipse sequencing craft and solar eclipse posters. This set will help you teach your students and children about solar eclipses. This solar eclipse resource contains 5 printable solar eclipse posters that illustrate First Contact, Second Co

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Astronaut, Astronaut, What Do You See Emergent Reader for Kindergarten- Space
This emergent reader little book will help young students practice early reading skills, while reading about space!! This story uses a predictable pattern, "Astronaut, astronaut, what do you see?" to support emerging readers. The following vocabulary words are included: astronaut, rocket, stars, mo

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