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States of matter Fold and Learn
This is a foldable that can be used in different grades. This craft has been adapted for two levels (one with some writing). It includes: Properties of Solids, Liquids and Gases. Examples of the particles. A classify worksheet. And cute characters craftivity. I have also included the Spanish versi

Also included in: Science Fold & Learn SUPER BUNDLE


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Learning How to Use Science Tools: Science Notebook Recording Sheets
This mini-unit is perfect for the first days of school when you are busy teaching routines and expectations. It includes 6 very simple, hands-on science activities that give children the opportunity to practice using science tools common in most primary classrooms. Activities include: *How Many Dro

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Mixtures and Solutions Sorting Activity
Students will cut and paste pictures of mixtures and solutions and glue them them in appropriate spots. The photos are provided in both color and black and white. A key is provided for each picture. Follow me on Instagram @teachingwithtiffany

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Periodic Table of Elements
Introducing the Periodic Table? This is one of my best sellers and my all time favorite lesson to teach. Introduce the Periodic Table with this puzzle, and have students telling YOU how the Periodic Table was organized!Students work together to discover the best way to organize colored/numbered shap

Also included in: Atomic Bundle: Atomic Theory, The Periodic Table, Bonding, & Chemical Reactions


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Little Scientists {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}
This pack of scientist clipart is packed with 33 images of science lab clips (this includes 18 color versions and 15 digital stamps for each corresponding image (black and white versions). All image files are in png format so they can be easily layered as you create your lessons or products. Due t

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Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt
A one page activity that asks students to use a copy of the Periodic Table (not provided) to find information in the form of a "scavenger hunt". This is a great introductory activity to get students familiar with the table. Would also work as an early finisher activity, homework assignment, or clas

Also included in: Middle School Chemistry PowerPoint Bundle


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Introduction to Physical and Chemical Changes Worksheet
This Introduction to Physical and Chemical Changes Worksheet was designed for middle school students just learning about chemical and physical changes. This double-sided worksheet features a helpful overview at the top, which students can refer back to while they’re working if they need help. Th

Also included in: Worksheet Bundle: Chemistry Set # 3 – Changes in Matter


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What's the Matter Root Beer Float Experiment Reader Kindergarten & First Grade
You are receiving an emergent reader to help facilitate talks and discussions about matter….specifically the forms of liquid, solid and gas. What better way to show your kiddos by using a sweet treat. Let's make a root beer float!! Simply bring in some ice cream (solid) and root beer (liquid) and wa

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Chemistry Review Coloring Pages - Editable!
Here is a great way to review some of the basics about atoms: element names and symbols, atomic numbers and masses, number of protons, neutrons and electrons and the number of atoms in a molecule. And your students get to color! They’ll love this! If you like this style of worksheet, you will lov

Also included in: Chemistry Bundle


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Introduction to Balancing Chemical Equations Worksheet
This Introduction to Balancing Chemical Equations worksheet was designed for middle and high school students just learning about balancing chemical equations and the Law of Conservation of Mass. This double-sided worksheet features a helpful overview at the top, which students can refer back to w

Also included in: Worksheet Bundle: Chemistry Set # 3 – Changes in Matter


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Photosynthesis cell respiration Skittles lab QR 7th 8th 9th Middle & High School
Teach cellular respiration, photosynthesis, the law of conservation of matter, reactants and products with this hands on and engaging lab! This lab has been a hit with my students for years and is a perfect way to make these complex science concepts lots more fun for students and easier for you!Chec

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States of Matter Cootie Catcher
This is a cootie catcher (or fortune teller) for states of matter vocabulary. This is a great way to have students review their vocabulary and not even realize that they are learning! They will be swept away this addictive activity. A second copy is included if you would like for students to fill

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Physical and Chemical Changes Card Sorting Activity
This activity has students sort examples into groups of physical and chemical changes. Kinesthetic learners, SPED students, and ELL students especially benefit from this sorting activity because they physically group the examples, which have both words and pictures. After students sort the pictures

Also included in: Physical Science Card Sorting Activity BUNDLED PACKAGE


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Chemical and Physical Change Task Cards, Quiz, Checklists and Project
This activity comes with... 21 illustrated task cards with answer recording sheet 1 15 question quiz with answer key Checklists for determining chemical or physical changes Movie poster activity instructions and photos of student examples This makes a great center activity or whole class activity

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Atomic Theory Timeline Project: A Visual History of the Atom
This resource is part of the Atoms and the Periodic Table Bundle!The Atomic Theory Timeline Project is everything you need to give your chemistry students a nice background on the history of the atom! Students use skills of synthesizing informational text, organizing pieces of information into group

Also included in: Atoms and the Periodic Table Bundle


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Atomic Structure Worksheet
In this Atomic Structure Worksheet, students are asked to recall all of the information found in an element square, sketch Bohr Diagrams of atoms, calculate the number of neutrons and valence electrons in an atom, and create Lewis/electron-dot diagrams. This worksheet is intended for upper middle s

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Physical & Chemical Changes Color-by-Number
Looking for a fun, engaging way to review physical & chemical changes with your students? Try my color-by-number activity! I teach 8th grade boys & even they LOVED this! There are 2 versions for this activity: -1 is "Advanced" and includes precipitate, endothermic & exothermic reaction

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Oobleck Lab (CER) - States of Matter Lab Activity
Students will create a strange substance called Oobleck and experiment with its properties. Through hands-on experimentation, watching a demo video, & reading an article on non-Newtonian Fluids, the students will discover that Oobleck has properties of both a liquid and a solid depending on the

Also included in: States of Matter Activity Bundle - Includes 9 Activities


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Physical and Chemical Changes Sort Cards * Matter Changes
Physical and Chemical Changes: Updated for the new school year! This now contains two complete sets of sort cards (both small and large). These sort cards are hands-on and keep your students engaged. Perfect for interactive notebooks, guided practice, or assessment! This unit contains: - Two sets

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Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter (cut & paste) Activity
This is a cut and paste activity.Students classify and define properties of matter (physical and chemical) on a graphic organizer then cut out boxes (physical and chemical properties) and sort them based on their definition.2 follow-up questions are included.I use this activity as part of an interac

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Modeling Chemical Equations
This product comes in 2 versions: PDF and PowerPoint for displaying. I have also included a booklet for the student's interactive notebooks and a page of printable SnapCubes in case you don't already have this manipulative in your classroom. Download the Preview above to get a closer look! First,

Also included in: Bundle #2 for Kimberly G.


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Video Guide, Quiz for Bill Nye – Magnetism * PRINTING Google Doc™/pdf
NO PREP, differentiated and interactive Google Doc™ for PRINTING for the Bill Nye - The Science Guy * - Magnetism episode. Keeps students on task while watching the video. Two differentiated student worksheets / video guides, four differentiated quizzes , and answer key for Bill Nye - The Science G

Also included in: A Video Guide, Quiz for Bill Nye – Physical Science Part 1 * PRINTING BUNDLE


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Organizing the Periodic Table Worksheet
Help your students understand how the Periodic Table of Elements is organized! Students will have to correctly label the different parts of the periodic table using the following words: actinides, alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, halogens, lanthanides, metalloids, metals, noble gases, nonmeta

Also included in: Worksheet Bundle: Chemistry Set #2 – Classifying Matter


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Atoms and the Periodic Table Task Cards
This PDF includes 36 task cards over atoms and the periodic table. Student answer sheets and teacher answer key are provided. Ideas on ways to use them in the science classroom are also included. For students to be successful with utilizing these cards, they should have prior knowledge of the fol

Also included in: Custom Bundle for Tawnta E.


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