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Reading Comprehension Question Cards for Any Book  Task Cards for Close Reading
These 65 question cards for literature will help your students engage in meaningful and insightful discussions about the books they are reading. The cards address setting, characters, plot, theme, author's purpose, mood, tone and more. Students will need to use reading strategies such as inference,

Also included in: Writing Prompts Task Card Bundle: 764 Cards in Five Sets!


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R.E.A.D. Strategy Posters - Thoughtful Reading Strategy
Using mnemonics can help students recall important strategies that they will eventually use independently. Provide reference support to remind students of thoughtful reading strategies using the acronym R.E.A.D. Each letter will help students sequence helpful thinking strategies before, during, and

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Book Clubs
Book club activities for first and second grade classrooms!★Can you run successful book clubs in the primary grades?★It may seem like a stretch, but the spring is such a great time to get your students ready and used to reading, thinking about, and discussing books with their peers instead of me, th

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Context Clues Project | Distance Learning | Google Classroom
Engage your students in this detailed 7-page context clues project! Students will love practicing their context clues skills while going on a transcontinental trek! As students travel from country to country, they must complete a wide variety of context clues tasks and earn "travel tokens" to fill

Also included in: Reading Projects Bundle | Distance Learning Google Classroom


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Reading Response Choice Sheets writing activities for any book Independent Work
Here are 45 literature response activities arranged in five grids of nine activities each to make a Tic-Tac-Toe format. There is also a list of all 45 activities at the end of the document. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Distance LearningThis packet will work well for at-home

Also included in: Reading Mega Bundle - 600+ Pages for Comprehension, Guided & Independent Reading


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2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions
Reading COMPREHENSION and FLUENCY Passages for 2nd Grade :This resource contains 10 reading passages (6 fiction and 4 nonfiction) that target both COMPREHENSION and FLUENCY. Each passage is presented twice, in 2 versions, and it's followed by a True/ False sort.The students will have to: *read each

Also included in: First Grade Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions MEGA BUNDLE


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First Grade Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions
First Grade Reading Comprehension and Fluency Passages:This product contains 21 reading passages that target fluency and comprehension. The 21 reading passages are presented twice, in 2 versions.Version 1 asks the kids to answer each question in a complete sentence and color the evidence in the text

Also included in: First Grade Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions MEGA BUNDLE


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Informational Text Response (Non-Fiction Text Features Main Idea) Any Text
FREE GIFT with purchase! To show my appreciation this Informational Text Response sheet now includes a fun Dice Response game that can be used in conjunction with this sheet after your students complete the non-fiction reading!Both of these tools are intended to be used again, and again, and again!

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First Grade Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions
This reading comprehension passages pack contains 20 FICTIONAL passages that target both reading FLUENCY and COMPREHENSION.These passages are offered in 2 versions. VERSION 1:The students will have to:* read the text 3 times and color a star after each reading (for fluency)* answer at least 2 multip

Also included in: First Grade Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions MEGA BUNDLE


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Landforms Close Reading
Close reading: Landforms- This 58 page product contains 10 landform-themed non-fiction close reading passages with evidence-based questioning sheets to go with each. Each landform has a cover page with a definition, close reading article, and comprehension sheet. Great to use as a whole group lesson

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Comprehension Questions with Sentence Starters
48 comprehension questions are included for students to use during reading and writing activities. These questions guide student thinking about various texts. Sentence starters are also included on each card to help students build academic language. These cards can be used during reading groups, ind

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Main Idea and Details Passages and Activities
Your students will get plenty of practice identifying main idea and supporting details with this set of no-prep activities! There are 3 different types of worksheets included:SET A:Each page features a short informational passage. Students will read the text and then answer two text-based questions

Also included in: Reading Comprehension Skills Bundle 3rd Grade 4th Grade


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Point of View Activities
These point of view activities are the perfect informational text passages that clearly state the author's point of view. This resource will help students identify an author's point of view, find evidence to support the point of view, and share their own point of view in relation to the author.What

Also included in: Point of View BUNDLE


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Gingerbread Book Comparison, Retelling, and Writing Study
Gingerbread book study using the books The Gingerbread Man (by: Karen Schmidt), The Gingerbread Baby, The Gingerbread Girl & The Gingerbread Cowboy. Compare the books and create a Gingerbread Book comparison chart comparing the characters, and repeated phrase, ending. Use the character cards

Also included in: Gingerbread Bundle: Book Comparison Pack and Centers Pack


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35 Comprehension Builders - Skill Builder Series
The 35 comprehension builders start with simple sentence reading and grow gradually over a 2 month period of time. Each activity asks students to add details to a picture. Thus, they are "creating" and building mental images and deepening their comprehension skills. The unit ends with an assessment

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Fortnite Article & Comprehension Questions with Digital Version
Has Fortnite taken over your classroom as it has mine? This is all my students talk about, and if there is a second of downtime, they are talking about their levels, successes, Snapchat photos, and everything that comes with this game! I thought I would turn this crazy fad that is taking over our c

Also included in: Fortnite, Bundle, Argument Article, Task Cards, Escape Room


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Real vs. Fake Christmas Trees {Paired Passages, Writing Prompt, and Craftivity}
This Christmas tree activity is the perfect way to incorporate reading and writing into your instruction with a fun, holiday theme. Your students will read two paired passages, the first about real Christmas Trees and the second about artificial Christmas trees. From there, they can demonstrate the

Also included in: Paired Passages and Writing Prompt BUNDLE {Perfect for Test Prep!}


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Understanding September 11  Reading Comprehension Passage and Questions
Help students to understand the significance of September 11 with this informative close reading passage. The two page passage describes the events leading up to the September 11 attacks, describes the day of the events, the aftermath of the attacks on Americans, and the memorials of the heroes lost

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Persuasive Text Study: Close Reading Passage, Notebook Activity, Test Prep
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Persuasive techniques can be a challenge to teach, but with this product it will be a breeze! Students will read a passage and find simple examples of comparison, causality, parallelism, exaggerated statements, contradictory statements, and misleading statements. Included in th

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A Student's Guide to Non-Fiction
I created this resource to help introduce my students to the genre of Non-Fiction. It is a Reference Guide for students to refer to when learning about, exploring, and responding to non-fiction texts. It is perfect for students in upper elementary!!This flip book is divided into 4 parts:➀ Non-Fictio

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Text Structure-Anchor Chart Reading Informational Text
**This resource is now part of Text Structure Anchor Charts for your classroom! Click HERE to check it out! About this product This resource is a tool that you can use to help your students identify the different structures of informational text. I used this chart in my 4th grade classroom while p

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Reading Skill Surgery-Doctor Transformation
Students will practice many reading skills in a doctor transformation challenge. Transform your room as much as you want into a hospital then give your kid rigorous reading challenges in order to fix their patients! These challenges will have passages that they will use their close reading skills to

Also included in: Reading Skill Challenges Full Year Bundle


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Reading: Editable Bulletin Board Kit
I am so excited about this editable reading themed bulletin board! I plan to hang various pieces in my room (or on an anchor chart) for my students to reference all year long! Download includes: *Title words: "#BookTalk" and "Reading" *Mini Title: Reading Strategies/Skills (also includes 10 pages o

Also included in: School Subjects: Bulletin Board Bundle


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The Three Little Pigs Emergent Reader
The Three Little Pigs Emergent Reader This is a half-page cut-and-staple emergent reader about traditional folk tale of The Three Little Pigs. *** Please NOTE: This reader has been extracted from my The Three Little Pigs worksheets and activities packet. Please do not purchase this reader if you

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