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STEM Challenge Boat Building
The Build a Boat STEM Challenge is a runaway hit with my students. They cheer when they see Boats on our agenda and your students will too! There is just something about building that boat and holding your breath to see if it will float (it will) and then counting weights into it to see how long it

Also included in: STEM Challenges Building Cars, Mazes, and Boats Bundle


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Paper Chair: Engineering Challenge Project ~ Great STEM Activity!
Engineering Challenge: Can you create a chair that can hold a stuffed animal using only paper and tape? Materials: (per pair or group) Copy paper One roll of masking tape Stuffed animal (small to medium sized) This packet contains all the information you need to make this a great engineering act

Also included in: Personalized STEM Pack #19 - 10 Engineering Challenges


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STEM Challenge Index Card Tower
This STEM Challenge is surprisingly challenging! It will give your students such a fantastic opportunity to think through the problems and solve them. The best part is that your prep includes one basic material and the kids take over from there. Just stand back and watch them brainstorm and build in

Also included in: STEM Challenges Tower Bundle Set 1


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STEM Challenge Bucket Tower
A STEM Challenge featuring a bucket has turned out to be one of our favorites and your students will love it, too! This challenge is to build a tower (although not a very tall one) that will hold weight. Students have the goal of suspending a “bucket” within the tower and that bucket must hold weigh

Also included in: STEM Challenges Straws 1 Bundle


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Halloween STEM Challenge: Bone Bridge
Looking for a fun Halloween activity that incorporates science, technology, engineering, and/or math? Halloween STEM / STEAM Challenges are collaborative, brain-busting work disguised as fun!The basic premise: Students work in partners or groups against a list of criteria and constraints to build th

Also included in: Halloween STEM Challenge Activities Bundle


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Goldilocks and the Three Bears STEM engineering design challenge - STEM Tale
Golidlocks and the Three Bears with a slightly different twist: a hands-on STEM story where your students will have to design and create a new bed for Goldilocks. The STEM ActivityYour students will help Baby Bear build Goldilocks a new bed of her own!What are STEM Tales?STEM tales are a series of S

Also included in: Fairy Tales STEM Challenges Goldilocks, Rapunzel, and Robin Hood Activity Bundle


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Back to School STEM Activities
Looking to start the school year off with fun STEM Activities? Back to School STEM Challenges Bundle is a packet of activities your students will love as they problem solve and think critically! These activities will engage your students as they unleash their imagination. Connecting important skill

Also included in: Back to School Bundle


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STEM Center for ANY Challenge
Short on time for whole class STEM? Try incorporating it into an engaging, hands-on center! The following STEM Center materials can be applied within any elementary classroom. You may choose to have students work in the STEM Center independently, with partners, or in small groups. You simply need

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Gingerbread Man STEM Challenges
These gingerbread STEM activities are perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade engineers working together or alone in centers this Christmas. A great addition to your unit on gingerbread this December. This resource uses the engineering design process to solve problems all winter. You

Also included in: STEM BUNDLE - Winter


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Balloons Over Broadway: Book Companion & STEM Challenge
Balloons Over Broadway is the charming story of Tony Sarg and his upside-down puppets that have become Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade icons! Your students will fall in love with Melissa Sweet’s incredible picture book and you will love the lesson it provides your students. Tony’s inventions were alw

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STEM Challenge St. Patrick's Day STEM: Coin Bridge
This is a STEM building and engineering projects with a St. Patrick's Day Theme. Students will construct a bridge using only pennies. This activity is designed to encourage critical thinking and scientific reasoning skills, as well as, problem solving and teamwork. Want STEM for more holidays and

Also included in: Seasonal STEM Megabundle!


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The Dot by Peter Reynolds Tower Builder Growth Mindset READ ALOUD STEM™ Activity
Students learn and develop a Growth Mindset through this STEM Challenge! The Dot STEM activity works as a great companion to The Dot by Peter Reynolds. This is an excellent International Dot Day Activity.Students plan, design, and execute their own ideas. After they have completed their activity, th

Also included in: Growth Mindset READ ALOUD STEM™ Activities and Challenges Bundle


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STEM Challenge Volume with Popcorn
It’s the Popcorn STEM Challenge! This is one of my absolute favorites to use as an exploration into volume. Second and third graders, especially, will enjoy this as they design those containers to hold the popcorn. Inevitably, there will be gigantic containers. When I pull the quantity of popcorn fr

Also included in: STEM Challenges Volume Bundle


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Force and Motion STEM Carnival
With the force and motion STEM carnival, students will apply scientific principles of force and motion to engineer carnival games. Included: -26 engineering design task cards (examples include: catapult basketball, lid hockey, skee ball, magnet claw, car race, cotton ball launch, and more! -planni

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Basic Engineering Skills Posters
The included posters are also found in my Outdoor Discovery STEM Bins, found at the following link: ★OUTDOOR DISCOVERY STEM BINS The included posters contain photos of basic construction and engineering terminology. Designed to promote higher level, specific vocabulary in students’ creations, they

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Build a Snowman Winter STEM Activity
Do you want to build a Snowman? In this Winter STEM Challenge, students receive a letter from the STEM snowman stating that there is a snowman building contest. In order to win, students must build the tallest snowman using only the materials provided. This is an excellent engaging activity for stud

Also included in: Winter STEM Activities and Challenges BUNDLE


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Earthquake STEM Challenge
This amazing challenge has turned out to be one of our favorites! It’s an earthquake simulation activity that has students building and shaking! Students must build a homelike structure following strict rules and then test the stability of it by using a shake tray. Your kids will love building the s

Also included in: Earth STEM Challenge Bundle


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Maker Space Task Cards (Christmas Edition)
Maker Space Task Cards: Bits & Pieces. This is a great pack for teachers just starting out with hands-on STEM, STEAM or Maker Space. These task cards are perfect for a mobile makerspace or media center. Place the cards in a tub with the materials and let students create! All of these task cards

Also included in: Maker Space Task Card Bundle Holiday Edition


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Rosie Revere, Engineer Activities
The following activities and organizers are designed to be used as supplements to the popular children’s book, Rosie Revere, Engineer, written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts. This read aloud is the perfect companion to a study of inventors and engineers. The organizers provided al

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Boston Tea Party ~ Engineering Historical Events ~ STEM Challenge
Can you design and create a crate that will keep your tea bag dry for the longest period of time in a tub of cold water? We are all about integration in my STEM building and blending historical events with STEM challenges is a great way to make the topics we study in social studies more engaging an

Also included in: American History PERSONALIZED STEM Bundle


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Paper Chain Challenge - STEM Activity
Your challenge is to work with your group to build the longest paper chain using ONLY 1 piece of construction paper.

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How to Catch an Elf: Book Companion and STEM Challenge
How to Catch an Elf by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton is the whimsical tale of Santa and one of his elves skillfully eluding the many traps that different children set for them! The special holiday STEM challenge will engage your students in the engineering process, encouraging them to think outside

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STEM Challenge Bridges with Marshmallows
Our STEM Challenge about Building a Bridge (with marshmallows) has been a kid-favorite for several years. Kids love the simple materials and the task of making this one work. The bridges are not very long but will test the patience and diligence of students as they work to finish this successfully.

Also included in: STEM Challenge Bridges Bundle


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STEM Challenges for School and Home - Monthly!
Start thinking S.T.E.M. ! Send these sheets home with your students once every month so that parents can also get involved in STEM learning! These have been created with easy to find and inexpensive items to encourage participation. We display the projects that students bring in the school. Stud

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