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Perimeter and Area Project | Distance Learning | Google Classroom
Perimeter and Area Math Project Engage your students with this 12 page, real-world Perimeter and Area Math Project! Your class will be masters at perimeter and area after they complete this project, building and designing many buildings and aspects in their city. Students will practice perimeter

Also included in: Math Projects BUNDLE | Distance Learning | Google Classroom


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Perimeter and Area Task Cards | Distance Learning | Google Classroom
A set of 48 differentiated engaging area and perimeter task cards for your students to practice their skills of finding perimeter and area, then putting it all together to compare the two. Included are:20 Perimeter Task Cards20 Area Task Cards8 Challenge Area & Perimeter Task CardsAnswer Key &a

Also included in: Perimeter and Area BUNDLE


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Christmas Math Project
Your students will adore To Grandmother's House We Go: A Holiday Math Project for the Upper Grades! What better way to get into the spirit of Christmas than a "visit" to Grandmother's house? Your students will love walking through a trip to Grandmother's by way of math problems! This Christmas Ma

Also included in: Seasonal Math Projects BUNDLE | Distance Learning | Google Classroom


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Math Interactive Notebook 4th Grade Geometry
What are Interactive Math Notebooks?Interactive math notebooks are teaching pages used to introduce and teach new math concepts and skills. Each set of notebook pages includes definitions, explanations, rules, and/or algorithms that may be needed to address each standard. Sample and practice problem

Also included in: Math Interactive Notebook 4th Grade BUNDLE


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3D Shape Activity {My 3D Shapes Mini-Book} {Common Core Aligned 3D Shape Fun}
This Common Core aligned 3D Shape Mini Book will make a fabulous addition to your 3D shape activities! Students will love identifying and sorting the shapes. They will also use their descriptive writing skills to describe and identify each shapes attributes. In each individual mini-book you will fi

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Shape Pizza Craftivity & Practice Pack
Thank you so much for checking out this product. This pack includes all the templates needed to make a 2D Shape Pizza, a matching Shape Pizza center with recording sheets, and 3 additional practice worksheets. Great for review of 2D shapes, extension of any shape unit, and for a Common Core align

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GeoBoard It! A Fun Math and Geometry Station
Geoboards are a great way to explore geometric shapes, properties of plane shapes, and open/closed identification. This pack includes a wealth of resources for you to have a geoboard station in your classroom, allowing you to meet Common Core Geometry Standards. Look over the table of contents belo

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Monsters Lines of Symmetry Activity - Fun End of Year Math Art Worksheets
Practice symmetry with this engaging differentiated activity by drawing and coloring these silly monsters! Perfect for math centers, morning work, early finishers, substitutes and homework. This fun activity includes 6 monsters, each with three levels of difficulty. The difficulty level 1 worksheet

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Angles Task Cards | Distance Learning | Google Classroom
Angles Task Cards { Identify , Draw , Measure & More }A full set of 56 fun and engaging task cards for Common Core Angles Standards. Cards Include:Identifying AnglesMeasuring AnglesDrawing AnglesComparing AnglesAdditive Angle MeasuresDigital Access: This resource includes digital access via Goo

Also included in: Geometry and Measurement Task Card Bundle


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3D Shape Nets - Cute Buddies
CUTE, fun & engaging 3D shape nets! Perfect for junior years classrooms but could be used in upper grades as well. The finished product looks awesome displayed in your room after and provides a reminder of the key features. These have been designed for little hands with large fold flaps, fold

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Mother's Day Card
Mother's Day Craft: This best-selling printable card says MOM when it's closed, then WOW MOM when it's opened up with a little help from line symmetry. Kids will have a great time coloring and decorating this fun gift for Mother's Day. A capital letter cut-and-fold activity and a writing prompt are

Also included in: Symmetry Super Bundle!


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Volume Task Cards | Distance Learning | Google Classroom
Volume Task Cards { Rectangular Prisms Including Additive Volume }This set includes 36 Volume Task Cards for reinforcing, teaching, and enriching your math unit on volume. The cards feature a variety of tasks for students to complete, including labeling rectangular prisms dimensions, computing volu

Also included in: The ULTIMATE Math Task Card Bundle


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Math Task Cards for Early Finishers
**FULL UPDATE JULY 2015** Engage and Challenge your early finishers with 24 detailed, multi-problem Early Finisher task cards! Your students will love completing these cards when they have finished their work or as extra enrichment. You can also use them task cards in math centers. The possibilit

Also included in: Early Finisher Task Cards Bundle


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Geometry Task Cards
A set of 48 Geometry Task Cards! These task cards are perfect for reviewing geometry skills in whole group or small group, pre or post assessments, math workshop centers, etc. Your students will love these tasks! The following skills are reviewed in these task cards: Types of lines, Angles, Class

Also included in: Geometry and Measurement Task Card Bundle


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2D Shapes - Geometry and 2 Dimensional Shapes Foldables Polygons Quadrilaterals
Looking for a great hands-on way to explore and learn more about the categories and characteristics of two-dimensional figures? This best-selling set of foldables is perfect for you and your class! Your students will master 2-D shape classification in no time!Click here and SAVE 20% by buying ALL 5

Also included in: 2D Shapes and 3D Shapes Activities Bundle


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My Kindergarten Shapes
This is a shape unit for Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten. The unit contains activities for flat shapes and geometric solids. Shapes in this unit include: Flat: circle triangle square

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Equal Parts of a Whole Fractions Worksheets
Equal parts of a whole fractions worksheets to practice equal parts and unequal parts - 3 cut and paste worksheets to practice whether fractions are equal or not equal. The three worksheets include three types: all circles, all squares, and a mix of circles/squares/triangles. For A LOT of awesome

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Area and Perimeter Task Cards Deep Thinking Real Life
Want a convenient way to encourage deep thinking as per Common Core as well as some engaging math activities? The 20 area and perimeter task cards use real life problems about rectangles. How can I use this product?The cards can be used as a math center. I have used these as prompts for their math j

Also included in: Geometry Task Card Bundle: 76 Real Life on Circumference, Area, and Perimeter


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Quadrilateral Robots - Great Project Based Learning Math Activity (PBL)
Quadrilateral Robots: Project-based Learning Math Activity, worksheets & game. My "Quadrilateral Robots" lesson is a great hands on way for students to have fun learning about quadrilaterals. There is a quadrilateral robot art project, a "robot road" game and high level thinking worksheets. The

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My 3-D Shapes Book!
This file includes an 7 page book for your students to create about 3-D shapes. Shapes included are a cone, cube, sphere, rectangular prism, pyramid, and cylinder. They will cut and glue each shape on the correct page, a real world example of the shape, and write a sentence about it.I like to copy

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STEM Challenge: Craft Stick Puzzles (Distance Learning)
Build problem solving, logic, reasoning and STEM skills with this set of 15 craft stick puzzles! The challenge cards and easy to follow directions are great to use as STEM centers, brain breaks, makerspaces or science centers. ----------> Grab ALL of our STEM challenges (including this one!) HE

Also included in: Endless STEM Challenges Bundle (Distance Learning)


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Quadrilateral City - Third Grade Geometry Project Based Learning (PBL)
Bring your geometry unit to life with this project based learning (PBL) experience. This project is designed to help your third grade students apply their knowledge about the properties of quadrilaterals through a simulation project. ******************************************************************

Also included in: Math Project Based Learning (PBL) Bundle for 2nd & 3rd Grade


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Area and Circumference of Circles Pi Day Coloring Activity
Area and Circumference of Circles Pi Day Coloring ActivityThis is a fun way for students to practice finding both area and circumference of circles. There are 12 problems total, 6 area and 6 circumference. Some problems give the radius and some give the diameter. Students match their answers at t

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Volume and Surface Area Doodle Notes
Surface Area and Volume: "doodle notes" - When students color or doodle in math class, it activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. There are proven benefits of this cross-lateral brain activity: - new learning - relaxation (less math anxiety) - visual connections - better memory

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