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Native Americans Printables {Perfect for Interactive Notebooks}
This download is perfect for your Native Americans unit! These graphic organizers are great for interactive notebooks. After students have read about a tribe, they can organize their new knowledge on these graphic organizers. We paste one in our Social Studies notebook for each tribe we study! This

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Native American Unit
****I updated this item and added a lot more to this packet!**** Don't forget to LOOK AT THE PREVIEW! You will find this packet of templates/organizers useful when you teach your students about Native American regions or tribes. I made templates for both! I included recommendations of books to use

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French and Indian War: Analyze Scenarios for Causes, Guided Notes for Impact!
French and Indian War: Analyze Scenarios to Learn Causes, Guided Notes for Impact! Google 1:1 Compatible!The French and Indian War lesson is included in the larger Causes of the American Revolution Unit, located here:Causes of the American Revolution Unit!Buy the bundle and save over 25%!----------

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Native Americans-Plains Indians Clip Art Bundle {Educlips Clipart}
This is a collection of images connected to the Plains Indians. Images included in this set are: girl, boy, horses, buffalo, head dress, tipi, travois, horse pulling travois, parfleche, cooking over fire, spear. 28 images (15 in color and 13 in B&W) CLICK HERE for TERMS OF USE Images saved at

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Build Your Own Totem Pole Craft / Printable (Pacific Northwest)
Have fun putting together your own totem pole with this beautifully detailed totem pole printable! Simply print, cut out and assemble! Great addition to lessons about the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and British Columbia. Prints on regular letter-sized paper (8.5" x 11"). I

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Maya, Inca & Aztec Interactive Notebook Pages
Included are 25 different Interactive Notebook activities (Over 40 total pages) that cover various topics related to the Maya, Inca, and Aztecs. You can use these pages as interactive notes for notebooks or as a stand alone lapbook. Lapbook covers and directions are included. Please note: These ac

Also included in: American Indians Lapbook & Interactive Bundle


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Native Americans-Eastern Woodlands Clip Art Bundle {Educlips Clipart}
This is a set of images connected to the Eastern Woodlands region. Images included in this set are: Boy, girl, turkey, wampum belt, wampum bead, canoe, necklace, wigwam, deer, longhouse and Eastern Woodlands sign. 22 images (11 in color and the same 11 in B&W) Images saved at 300dpi. For perso

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Creek and Cherokee Indians for Kids
This packet contains printables designed to be used with the mini-reader included in the pack, but can be used with most informational texts about Creek and Cherokee Indians. 1. Anchor charts 2. Informational mini-reader 3. Pre-reading anticipation guide 4. Story graphic organizer 5. Story compreh

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Living in the Past and Present Reader/Then and Now
12 page early reader that review the sight words this, my and is. This is a fun book about living in the past and present.

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Native American Report for 3rd - 6th Grade | Native American Research Project
This Native American Report allows students to use higher level thinking skills to locate important information and create a research report highlighting their new knowledge. This unit includes everything you need to organize the project, including a sample report. All of the directions and the rubr

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Native Americans Activity Posters
Native American: Studying Native American tribes? Your students will have fun with these Native American research posters..... Kwakiutl, Nez Perce, Hopi, Pawnee, Seminole, and Inuit. In order to fill in the information, you can have kids fill it in while you write the information on the board, so

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Southwest Native Americans Clip Art Bundle {Educlips Clipart}
This is a collection of images connected with the Southwest Native Americans.Images included in this set are: Adobe house, A Hogan house, pottery, kachina mask, kachina doll, kiva, metate, cotton, Southwestern girl and boy, corn, beans, squash and word art sign.32 images (16 in color and the same 16

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Indian Removal Act & Trail of Tears MAP activity: engaging step-by-step lesson
This download comes with a blank map of the Southern United States in both PDF and MS WORD format, AND a 25-slide PowerPoint that guides students in adding relevant information to their maps. By the end of the lesson, students will have a color-coded map of former territories, trail locations, and

Also included in: Trail of Tears & Indian Removal Bundle (Comic & Map Activity, Primary Source)


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Native American Studies Craft: Plains Indian Teepee UPDATED!!
Updated on 7/4/15 to include Pictograph Clip Art!! Great way to support your Native American Studies! This craft produces a small 3-dimensional teepee complete with Native American pictographs. It includes 3 different teepee templates so as to allow you to adjust the difficulty level of the craft to

Also included in: Native American Studies Craft: Dwellings 3-Pack (Pack #1) BUNDLE


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French and Indian War PowerPoint Lesson and Printables
French and Indian War PowerPoint Lesson and Printables ✎ Slides 2 – 3 Overview of The French and Indian War and the causes. ✎ Slides 4 – 6 French and British Allies during the war. ✎ Slide 7 Benjamin Franklin and The Albany Plan ✎ Slide 8 George Washington and Fort Necessity ✎ Slide 9 The Tre

Also included in: French and Indian War BUNDLE


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Native American Project-Create-A-Tribe: Social Studies
Hi Fellow Teachers! Thank you for viewing this product. This in-class project is a perfect way to wrap up a Native American Unit. Students are placed into groups made up of 3-4 students. Using what they know from the Native American study done in class, students are asked to create a NEW Native A

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Native American Regions Informational Text and Activities
Integrate Social Studies into your ELA block with these nonfiction texts about Native American cultures. Students will read about the location, food, homes, roles of men and women, and cultural traditions of the following Native American cultural regions: Eastern Woodlands, Southeast, Great Plains,

Also included in: United States Social Studies Bundle


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Native American Art Activity Create A 7 Ft Totem Pole! Thunderbird Printable
This is a terrific project to decorate your school during Native American Heritage Month. The Pack contains 8 different Totem coloring sheets and a Thunderbird to go on top! Without repeating totems the pole is over 7 feet tall but you can mix and match to create as tall a totem pole as you would l

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Roanoke : Cold Case Investigation
Your students will become Cold Case detectives as they analyze evidence cards to determine what happened to the Roanoke colonists. Students will analyze each "evidence card" throughout the investigation. Afterwards, they will write about what they think happened to the colonists. As a culminating ac

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The Real First Thanksgiving Booklet and PowerPoint Activity
Do your kiddos still think that turkey was served at the First Thanksgiving? Do they know why the Pilgrims celebrated with a meal? Do they know the Native Americans were from the Wampanoag Tribe? This product is included in the Thanksgiving Games and Activities Mega BundleThis interactive PowerPo

Also included in: Thanksgiving Activities and Games Mega Bundle


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Native Americans: Students Jigsaw the Four Tribal Regions of North America!
Native Americans: Students Jigsaw the Four Tribal Regions of North America! In this highly-engaging lesson, students analyze the four major regions of Native Americans in North America. Students learn about the American Indians living in the Eastern Woodlands, the Plains, the Pacific Northwest,

Also included in: Native Americans Bundle! 5 Lessons for Native American Tribes, Regions, Culture!


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Thanksgiving Activities: The Wampanoag Activity packet
Please note: I wanted to create a product inspired by the Wampanoag, in an attempt to highlight a living nation, commonly stereotyped and ethnically misunderstood. In this book, "If You Give a Wampanoag a Wetu, " is my own attempt at honoring their tradition and celebration of "giving thanks." A tr

Also included in: Literacy and Math Bundle for the Year! Set #2


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Northwest Coast Native Americans Clip Art Bundle {Educlips Clipart}
This is a collection of images connected with the Northwest Coast native Americans. The images included in this set are: North West plank house, raven, eagle, salmon, whale, totem pole, boy girl, word art sign and birds & fish in North West style.28 images (14 in color and the same 14 in B&W

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Maya, Aztec, Inca, and Mesoamerican Civilizations PowerPoint
This is a fantastic, visually-engaging PowerPoint on Aztec, Inca, Maya, and other Mesoamerican civilizations! It also includes a fully-narrated "flipped classroom" video version of the entire presentation! Each pre-Columbian civilization is covered in detail, including where they were located, when

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