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The M&M Game
*NOW EDITABLE! This is a fun activity to do in the early days of school. My students love it and always want to play it more than once. Basically, each student has a mini-bag of M&M’s and, depending on which color they draw out, they tell different things about themselves. Students first play in

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Back to School Activity
Would You Rather Silly Question PowerPoint Game No prep! Whew! This 45 slide presentation is great as an icebreaker or a brief moment between activities during the first few weeks of school. You'll learn who would rather travel 2000 years into the past or the future, and give students a chance

Also included in: Back to School Bundle of Activities on PowerPoint


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First Day of School Stations - Back to School Activity
Using stations on the first day of school sets the tone for the year. Show students that they will be out of their seats, engaged in learning, and collaborating with classmates in your classroom. These six stations, some group tasks and some independent tasks, are intended for completion within a 45

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Discussion Question Cards {Deep Thinking for Little Minds}
These question cards will allow your students to work on higher order thinking skills as they use critical thinking and problem solving skills to discuss their answers. This packet includes 100 different questions that are perfect for classroom discussions. I use these every day during our Morning

Also included in: Discussion Question Cards (Deep Thinking for Little Minds) The Bundle


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Articulation Cans {a speech therapy DIY you'll use forever!}
This 15 page download will change your SLP life! Are you and your students tired of flipping cards?? Want to spice up your articulation drill? Then this is for you! These cans and sticks came about because using the same old articulation cards was getting a little old. I decided to create cans full

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Book Talk
With a book talk you can lose the traditional book report and still hold your students accountable for their independent reading. Having your students complete book talks helps them practice their oral speaking skills and allows other students in the class to hear about (and get excited about) oth

Also included in: 4th to 6th Grade Essential Bundle


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Yes/No Question Task Cards {Is this a...}
Are you looking to teach your students yes/no questions and extend their understanding of basic concepts and simple questions? This set is perfect for that! This set includes 54 yes/no question cards that all begin with "Is this a...." and uses real photos and basic daily vocabulary. Also included i

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End of the Day Closing Circle Reflection Cards - UPDATED 1/15/17!!
UPDATED 1/15/17: This product now includes 44 questions instead of 28. I have also added cut lines based on a buyer's suggestion!! You can simply re-download if you already own this product! NEW! Fall add-on pack can be found here:

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Turning the Question Around to Answer in Complete Sentences (Test Prep & More!)
Are you tired of your students giving one or two word answers? This product includes one interactive class activity and two worksheets for practice and assessment to help students lose the question word, move the verb, switch personal pronouns, and use the question to formulate their answers in comp

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Common Core Rules for Discussion {Speak Up!} Speaking & Listening 1.a
You'll need the latest version of Adobe to read this PDF file: Not only are speaking and listening skills one fifth of the Common Core standards for ELA, and not only cooperation and collaboration included in the line-up of skills for 21st century education...the t

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WH-Question Smash Mats!
This is a fun way to work on WH-questions while you get your students engaged and excited about it! To use, print and laminate the mats. Then, choose a mat for your student to use. (I always pre-roll 8 balls of PlayDoh to be smashed!) Ask your student(s) the questions on the side of the mat. As he/s

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First Day of School Activities - Back to School Ice Breaker and Writing Prompts
This low prep back to school resource is an easy way to help your students get to know each other so you can build a positive classroom environment the first day of school! There are 24 fun ice breaker questions that you can use with partners, small groups, or as a morning meeting activity. These

Also included in: Ice Breakers / Conversation Starters / Morning Meeting Questions for All Year


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Weekend Reports for Special Education Students - Differentiated
Included are 9 differentiated weekend journals for all special education students in your classroom, from symbol readers to advanced writers. This is the perfect life skill activity to get your students discussing their weekends and asking questions to each other. This activity works on social sk

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Accountable Talk with Questions & Conversation Stems - Commom Core SMPs
These stems are used in the math block when students are explaining, justifying, and critiquing other students' math problem solving work. Students use them to help formulate conversations about math concepts while looking at other students' strategies. These questioning stems are aligned with the

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Accountable Talk Bulletin Board and Student Notes
The ability for students to justify their thinking is an important skill that must begin in the early grades and be refined in later grades. Students need many opportunities to practice building on others’ thoughts, asking for clarification and showing evidence for their thinking. I have found that

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Articulation Cans EXPANSION PACK! {a speech therapy DIY you'll use forever!}
This 13 page download includes the decorative components and articulation targets you need to make EVEN MORE STICKS for my Articulation Cans with tongue depressors for therapy. I'm proud to say that both the original Articulation Cans and this expansion pack are 2 of the very best selling speech and

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WH-Question Scenes
I created this for my students that are working on answering WH-questions (who, what, where.) Included in this packet are 9 scenes and 90 WH-questions. There are multiple ways you can use these mats, but here is how I use them:Print and laminate the mats and question cards (there is a list of 10 que

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Sound Pop! Multisyllabic Gum Game: Speech Therapy
********PRODUCT UPDATED 3/14. Please re-download if you already own! Updated images and added two homework pages! Added labels to each card so that each image card has the word as well. As requested by product reviews ************ This is a new game for speech therapy targeting multisyllabic articu

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Kindergarten Screening Packet: Speech and Language Screener
This packet was developed to be used for Kindergarten screenings for speech and language skills. The packet is meant to be a quick screener of speech and language skills for incoming Kindergarten students for SLPs required to screen all incoming students. It can also be used a screening tool to det

Also included in: SLP Essentials Bundle


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Speech & Language Therapy Summer Homework Program
This is a comprehensive 10-week summer homework program for articulation, language, pragmatic language, and fluency students. It includes: 2 full-color and 2 black & white calendars, spanning 5-weeks each, with daily activities and tracking for articulation skills. 2 full-color and 2 black

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Where Does It Go? {Life Skills, matching, & classifying}
This is a set of classifying activities to help students classify items that belong in a specific household/outdoor setting. Settings included are bathroom, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, living room, bedroom, park, and playground. Students will determine where each item goes and Velcro the ite

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Superhero Sentence Formulation for Speech Therapy
This 17-page packet is a fun way to target sentence formulation with a motivating super hero theme. To Play: Mix and match to create silly sentences. Once a student has a complete sentence formed, experiment with word order. "Can you put the ‘when’ card first?" "What about the ‘what’ card?" Use th

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Fluency Tools Treatment Packet
This packet uses a "tool" theme to help students achieve fluency. They think of their strategies as speech tools to help facilitate smooth speech. This packet addresses many aspects of fluency including fluency enhancing behaviors, stuttering modification, types of disfluency, relaxation, pacing,

Also included in: Fluency Super BUNDLE!


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Show and Tell Ideas for the Entire Year {EDITABLE}!
This Show & Tell packet gives teachers a whole years worth of ideas for each month (September-August). It also includes: 1. Tips for a successful show and tell experience2. Parent letter- "Show and Tell Reminder"3. Parent letter- "Show and Tell Mystery Bag"4. Mystery Clues student printable 5. R

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