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Force and Motion Pushes and Pulls (Books, Experiments, Activities, & Printables)
I created this set of resources and activities to use while I teach the Next Generation Science Standard Pushes & Pulls. This set was created with my kindergarten students in mind, but would definitely work for grades 1, 2, & 3 also. Here is what is included in the set.What Can I Push Activ

Also included in: HUGE Science Bundle (Ocean, Plants, Animals, Insects, & MORE) 785 Pages


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Animal Needs and Winter Adaptations (Hibernate, Migrate, Adapt) Unit
One of the Next Generation Science Standards states that students should be able to describe what animals need to survive, and how animals adapt to their environment in Winter. I have created this unit to help cover those standards. Here is a list of what you get in this pack: Hibernate/Migrate/Ad

Also included in: HUGE Science Bundle (Ocean, Plants, Animals, Insects, & MORE) 785 Pages


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Scientific Method Gummy Bear {Hands-on Lab}
This is a fun hands-on lab that incorporates all the steps of the scientific method. The students use a gummy bear in an experiment and follow the steps of the scientific method and analyze the results. (Includes pdf and doc formats)

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Properties of Matter
Properties of Matter – Hi teachers! Are you teaching your students about properties of matter – shape, color, texture, size, weight, temperature, and buoyancy? If you need materials to supplement your teaching then this unit might be just what you need. Included are 120 real life full color pict

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Compare and Contrast Passages
Build comprehension using these 6 nonfiction short passages that compare and contrast similar animals, each featuring informational text and 4 multiple-choice questions on one page. Animals include apes and monkeys, hares and rabbits, hedgehogs and porcupines, moths and butterflies, porpoises and do

Also included in: Text Structure Passages Bundle Distance Learning


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Layers of the Rainforest
Layers of the Rainforest Have students learn, practice, or reinforce their knowledge of the rainforest with this great interactive book. Each door is labeled with the layer of the rainforest. The door opens to reveal two animals that live in that layer. Perfect for an interactive notebook OR as a p

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Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Interactive Notebook Printables
I love foldables, but sometimes I don’t have the time for the maintenance part of them. These interactive notebook sheets are minimal cutting and gluing for your students. Just print and go! Be sure to reduce the image down to 85% if you are using composition notebooks. **INCLUDES ANSWER KEYS!!**CLI

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Conductors and Insulators Sort for Electrical Energy (Notebook Activities)
Electrical conductors and insulators sort for science notebooks or science stations plus two other activities! DESCRIPTION This product is great for 4th or 5th grade science notebooks or science stations while studying electrical energy, conductors and insulators. Three activities are included—

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Looking for gravity resources for the primary grades? You have come to the right place! I had a hard time finding age appropriate gravity resources on this tough concept for my little ones, so I made this packet with our littlest learners in mind. Included in this gravity packet are:-Gravity ancho

Also included in: Science Bundle for Primary Leaners - Growing Bundle


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Map Skills Package
This package contains a variety of handouts, worksheets, a lesson idea, and an activity to help teach students map skills such as scale, cardinal and intermediate directions, types of maps (planimetric, thematic, topographic), and basic map elements (legend, title etc.) Contents Welcome Teaching Gu

Also included in: Map Skills Bundle: activities, worksheets, crafts, posters + more


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All About Fossils Printables
This All About Fossils download will be a great addition to your study of fossils and dinosaurs. This 28 page download includes: *fossils vocabulary chart (student and teacher version) *blank vocabulary chart to add your own words *fossils vocabulary flashcards *fossils vocabulary quiz with teach

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Kindergarten Sun, Moon, Stars, Space Book Activity
Kindergarten Sun, Moon, Stars, Space Book activity is a interactive booklet that focuses on nonfiction facts about the earth, moon, stars, sun, and astronauts. Students will be highly engaged completing these activities. I complete this activity every year with my kiddos during my Sun, Moon, and St

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Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors Sort
Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors Sorting • There are 4 sets of inherited traits cards, 4 sets of learned behaviors cards, and the headers for sorting. • For Centers: Make a folder or put materials in a gallon size plastic baggie. Change out the cards weekly or daily. Either way, there are 4

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Solar System and Planets Project : Fun and Creative Science Project
Are you studying the SOLAR SYSTEM and the PLANETS and are looking for a fun and creative way to engage your students? If so then this craft-ivity might be exactly what you need. With this SCIENCE ART PROJECT your kiddos will be embossing, feather painting, marble painting, painting with plastic wrap

Also included in: All About Space BUNDLE: Space Unit, Solar System Craftivity, All About the Stars


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A Scientist Can Anchor Chart
This unit contains the words and clipart pictures for making an anchor chart showing what a scientist can do.

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All About Animals NGSS mini-book
This 33-page science mini-book was created to help teach the Next Generation Science Standards for 2nd grade in interdependent relationships in ecosystems.It covers the following principles: the different classes of animals, what is a habitat, what are adaptations, and the following habitats: forest

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A Meteorologist's Helpful Tools - Weather Instrument Cut & Paste
This is an activity to accompany your study of weather. Choose the format that works best for you classroom. Students must use their knowledge of weather instruments to match the name of the instrument to its picture and match the brief description of what that instrument measures. Includes three

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Weathering, Erosion & Deposition Flipbook  (Interactive Notebooks)
Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Flipbook (Interactive Notebook) The flipbook includes a cover page, 3 pages of information, a page of questions, and an answer key! Products You Might Also Like: Changes to Earth's Land & Soil Test Pack Rocks & Minerals Flipbooks Habitats Flipbooks

Also included in: Georgia Science 3rd Grade Flipbooks BUNDLE (Interactive Notebooks)


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Science Equipment All About Me- First Day of School activity-NOW DIGITAL
Need something fun to do on the first few days of school? Need a way to get to know your students and have them get to know each other? Try this Science Equipment ALL ABOUT ME! Hand out the flask, have students answer the questions, cut it out then HANG all around the room! Easy decorating for the

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Fossils Flipbook  (Interactive Notebooks)
Fossils Flipbook (Interactive Notebook) The flipbook includes a cover page, 3 pages of information, a page of questions, and an answer key! Products You Might Also Like: Soil Flipbook Rocks & Minerals Flipbooks Also, follow me on TpT, Facebook, and Pinterest and check out my BLOG. This is

Also included in: Georgia Science 3rd Grade Flipbooks BUNDLE (Interactive Notebooks)


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Scientific Method Interactive Notebook Printable Science Distance Learning
You will download a foldable scientific method interactive notebook independent notebook craft activity.For distance learning, you may email it to parents for them to print. Otherwise, you may have your school print it as a pick-up packet.These activities work well for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade studen

Also included in: Printable Scientific Method Distance Learning Science Activities BUNDLE


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States of Matter SCOOT or Write the Room - Labeling Solid, Liquid and Gas
States of Matter SCOOT or write the room is a great activity for your students to review their understanding of the differences between solids, liquids and gases. Students will have a blast scooting around the room looking at the pictures and recording the states of matter on their sheets. Included:

Also included in: SCOOT Games Growing Bundle


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Animal Needs Flip Book Craftivity
I created this craft for my kinders to create while we are studying animal needs. This craft gives you everything that you need to create this bear themed animal needs flipbook craft.

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All About Chickens and The Life Cycle of a Chicken
I created this unit to use while I teach my kindergarten students about chickens and the lifecycle of a chicken. This unit gives you 50 pages of chicken information and activities. You get several pages of chicken information that includes real images to help your kiddos develop a real understanding

Also included in: Spring, Easter, April SUPER BUNDLE (Easter, Plants, Crafts, Centers, Printables)


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