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Fidget Spinner Activities and STEM Challenge
The ORIGINAL Fidget Spinner Stem Challenge & Lab! Fidget Spinners driving you crazy? Discover the science of fidget spinners with this engaging STEM Challenge. Practice scientific method with an exploration of variables, data collection, graphing, mean/average, and more...all while having fun!Th

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Newton's Laws of Motion Poster Project/Doodle Note Set
Newton's 3 Laws Doodle Poster: Review the laws of motion with this printable that gives examples to help students refine their understanding of Newton's 3 Laws of Motion. Four student pages can be copied side by side on 11 x 17 paper to make a newspaper-style poster. (Great for hallway displays!)

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Newton's Laws of Motion Stations {Interactive and Fun!}
These stations will keep your students MOVING! Designed to fit in one class period, your students will build on what they have been taught in the classroom concerning Newton's Laws of Motion. This is a great way to reinforce material in your Science classroom. You can opt to use these activities as

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"The Force is With Us!"- Force and  Motion Lapbook Unit
Are you looking for a way to make Informational Reading more fun and still aligned to the new Common Core Standards? Lapbooks and Fold-Its are a great way to do just that! With these fold-its, you can create a complete force and motion lapbook or add the fold-its to your student's science notebooks!

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Force and Motion STEM Carnival
With the force and motion STEM carnival, students will apply scientific principles of force and motion to engineer carnival games. Included: -26 engineering design task cards (examples include: catapult basketball, lid hockey, skee ball, magnet claw, car race, cotton ball launch, and more! -planni

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Force and Motion 1st and 2nd Grade
Force and motion book, exploration lab experiemnts, worksheets,, and a quiz. Table of Contents 1. My Force and Motion Book (17 pgs.) 2. Vocabulary Pictures (1 pg.) 3. Force and Motion Scavenger Hunt (2 pgs.) 4. Huff & Puff Big Bad Wolf Exploration Lab ( 3 pgs. ) 5. Match Box Car Exploratio

Also included in: Force & Motion Bundle with Bonus Pack- 1st & 2nd Grade


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Looking for gravity resources for the primary grades? You have come to the right place! I had a hard time finding age appropriate gravity resources on this tough concept for my little ones, so I made this packet with our littlest learners in mind. Included in this gravity packet are:-Gravity ancho

Also included in: Science Bundle for Primary Leaners - Growing Bundle


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Scientific Method Experiment Paper Airplanes
This set of scientific method unit is full of activities that will get your kids excited about following the steps of the scientific method! This resource includes experiment ideas, worksheets, printables, activities, lab note sheets, vocabulary and word wall cards. This interdisciplinary unit in

Also included in: Scientific Method Experiment and Activity Bundle


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Simple Machine Activity - Marshmallow Launch
Are you looking for a really fun, engaging way to reinforce the concepts students have learned about simple machines? This activity is a great way for students to put what they know into action. Given limited materials, students are challenged to create a marshmallow launcher. This packet include

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Sink or Float Activities - UPDATED!
***This packet has always been one of my most popular here on TPT, but since I posted it in 2012 (yikes, time flies!) it was in need of a facelift. As of May 2020 this packet has received a COMPLETE makeover and has more than quadrupled in size! The new version AND the old version are both include

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Video Guide, Quiz for Bill Nye – Energy * PRINTING Google Doc™/pdf
NO PREP, differentiated and interactive Google Doc™ for PRINTING for the Bill Nye - The Science Guy * - Energy episode. Keeps students on task while watching the video. Two differentiated student worksheets / video guides, four differentiated quizzes , and answer key for Bill Nye - The Science Guy

Also included in: Video Guide, Quiz for Bill Nye – Energy * Distance Learning BUNDLE


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Simple Machines Shutterfold for Interactive Science Notebooks
What do a skateboard ramp, bike wheel, flagpole, and a crowbar all have in common? They all have simple machines! Use this foldable in interactive science notebooks to teach the six simple machines. After creating the shutterfold students will describe each simple machine, write examples of each, an

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Water Cycle Activities (Water Cycle Flip Book)
You might be interested in the BUNDLE!The Water Cycle is a 22-page resource that consists of foldables/templates that can be used to create a flipbook. It can be used to summarize your students' key learnings or understanding.Pages 3 -8 show the different parts of the water cycle flipbook:*Cover*Pa

Also included in: Distance Learning Science Flipbooks BUNDLE for Elementary


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STEM Challenge: Build with Straws (Distance Learning)
Who knew that a bag of straws could be perfect for five must-try STEM projects?! --> Build straw towers, --> Design weight bearing bridges, --> Make a raft, --> Create straw mazes, --> And build straw rockets that really fly! The center cards, posters, record sheets and easy to foll

Also included in: Endless STEM Challenges Bundle (Distance Learning)


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Speed, Velocity, & Acceleration Task Cards
This PDF includes 36 task cards to help students demonstrate mastery on differentiating between speed, velocity and acceleration. Student answer sheets and teacher answer key are provided. Ideas on ways to use them in the science classroom are also included. For students to be successful with util

Also included in: Custom Bundle for Tawnta E.


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Kinetic and Potential Energy Lab
★ ★ Kinetic and Potential Energy Lab ★ ★ The purpose of this "lab" activity is to evaluate kinetic and potential changes in a bouncing tennis ball, golf ball, and ping-pong ball. About This Activity: The three page lab prompts students to create a hypothesis, follow procedures, record data, answer

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Force and Motion
Force and Motion: Teach and Learn about Force and Motion using this Force and Motion FLIP FLAP BOOK® Get ready to have your students demonstrate their knowledge about Force and Motion using this fresh and funky flip flap book®! Included in this unit is: * 1 Force and M-O-T-I-O-N Flip-Flap Book® -

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End of the Year STEM Summer STEM
End of the Year STEM Challenges for Students!This resource has science, technology, engineering, and measurement activities to do with your upper elementary kids that will really get their brains going during the end of the school year!This resource is part of the STEM / STEAM All Year Long Curricul

Also included in: STEM Challenges - STEM Activities All Year Long! | Distance Learning


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Static Electricity Science Stations
A great collection of 4 stations to use in your science curriculum. These stations have some WOW results and use readily available materials! The pack comes with directions, materials sheet, recording sheet, 4 complete stations, and questions for each station. This item is a MUST for science teac

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Force and Motion Activities (Force and Motion Flipbook)
This resource works well with my Force and Motion PowerPoint. Grab my FORCE AND MOTION ACTIVITIES BUNDLE to SAVE!UPDATE: The flipbook now comes with new fonts and graphics, and also has magnetism! 27/05/2017All About Force is a 24-page resource that consists of templates that can be used to create a

Also included in: Distance Learning Science Flipbooks BUNDLE for Elementary


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States of Matter Unit - Matter Task Cards
Engage your students with a fun matter activity! This States of Matter Scoot includes 20 different task cards with a variety of multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions related to the study of the three states of matter (solids, liquids, and gases) and how matter can change states. Al

Also included in: Second Grade Science BUNDLE


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Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration Task Cards
Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration - Students will be able to differentiate between speed, velocity, and acceleration using real scenarios with these 40 task cards. Task cards are so versatile and can be used for station labs, small groups, or whole class activities.Included in this product:- 40 task

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Motion Review Worksheet:  Distance Time Graphs
A nice, simple review of motion and interpreting distance-time graphs. I put together various different distance-time graphs to allow students practice in interpreting them. Great for middle school or introductory high school courses. I have included a key. Main topics: motion, speed, reference

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Force and Motion Task Cards
This PDF includes 36 task cards to help students demonstrate mastery on various force and motion concepts. Student answer sheets and teacher answer key are provided. Ideas on ways to use them in the science classroom are also included. For students to be successful with utilizing these cards, they

Also included in: Custom Bundle for E. Yargo


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