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Special Education - Accommodation and Modification Tracker - EDITABLE
Special Education teachers have so much data to keep track of! I wanted a simple way to track the use of accommodations and modifications by my students leading up to their annual reviews. This tracker is an easy way to collect meaningful data to assist in the decision making process. NOW EDIT

Also included in: Special Education BUNDLE


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Are You a Left- or Right-Brain Thinker Growth Mindset Survey
This packet includes: ~21 paired statements from which to choose. The first statement of the set (labeled with A) indicates a tendency toward right-brain thinking. The second statement of the set (labeled with B) indicate a tendency toward left-brain thinking. ~A "Brain Worksheet" for students t

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Expected And Unexpected Behavior Activities For Social Skills Lessons
Do your students not seem to understand (or care) how their behaviors affect others around them? Help them consider how their actions make others feel by talking about expected and unexpected behaviors. With these activities, students will learn which behaviors are expected and unexpected, and the e

Also included in: Expected And Unexpected Behaviors Activities Bundle (Save 20%!)


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Any Game Counseling Prompts for 26 Different Topics
These low-prep counseling prompts will work with almost any game you already have – I use them almost daily at my school! Each set of prompts is coded by number and color. Roll a 5? Respond to prompt #5! Drew a yellow card? Respond to the yellow prompt! Questions/prompts are worded so that they can

Also included in: School Counselor Starter Bundle


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Size of the Problem, Big Deal vs Little Deal
Teach your students the difference between big, medium and little deals (problems) and to think of reasonable solutions. This resource will help students learn decision making and problem solving skills. Inlcuded:1 Set of DirectionsBIG, Medium and Little Deal Posters1 BIG, Medium and Little Deal E

Also included in: Distance Learning School Counseling Bundle


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Keeping My Hands and Feet to Myself- Social Narrative for Student's with Autism
Here is a social narrative that can be printed, laminated and binded for durable re-use. Social narratives are a great way to teach children with special needs and Autism various life skills and routines within their day.This 12 page social narrative walks through the behaviors expected in the class

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Taking Perspective: A social-cognition activity to work on empathy training
BINGO- you found my best-seller. This product includes 32 powerful situation cards in which the student is asked to take identified viewpoints and determine how he/she would feel in the presented situations. Appropriate for students in grades 3-8 and high school students with social-cognitive defi

Also included in: Social Pragmatic Language Group Bundle 4 large products


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Solution Focused Individual Counseling
Solution Focused on a Clipboard A simple guide to support your individual counseling session with students. Great for beginners to support the implementation of solution focused counseling or for the veteran counselor to take notes. Includes “mood meter” to help solution focused scaling. Everything

Also included in: Individual Counseling Growing Bundle


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Praise Phrases™
Praise is a research based way to increase motivation, effort and achievement in the classroom. I created this simple and effective tool to give students some quick positive feedback because we all know that "Good Job" and "Nice Work" are overused and tired. These fresh and abundant PRAISE PHRASES

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Flipping a Lid: Parts of the Brain and Our Emotions Distance Learning Friendly
Empower students by teaching them about their brain and their feelings using the hand model of the brain! This resource is a kid-friendly way of explaining what "flipping a lid" means through illustrating the roles of the wise owl pre-frontal cortex, guard dog amygdala, and memory saver hippocampus.

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Self Control Activities: Clark the Shark
Use these no-prep activities to help your students learn about self control! These activities are the perfect complement to the book "Clark the Shark" by Bruce Hale, however the activities can also be done without the use of the book! Students will learn about what self control is, how they can use

Also included in: Self Control Activities Bundle (Save 20%!)


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Positive Thinking Cards
This deck was designed to help students learn how to change negative thoughts into positive ones. It’s helpful for students who struggle with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or other mental health issues. The download includes 2 separate decks – a version for older students and a version for

Also included in: Self-Esteem Complete Bundle


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How to Make and Keep a Friend - For Elementary-Aged Students
This product contains activities for teaching elementary-aged students what a friend is, how to make a friend, and how to keep a friend! The activities are perfect for individual student counseling or small groups. In this pack you'll get: Section 1: -Hypothesize: What is a friend like? handout (co

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Prompting Hierarchy- Flip book Manual Special Ed Professionals
This prompt hierarchy flip book manual was created to help support professionals that work with students with autism and special needs. When we are working with students and are expected to "act on our feet" to best meet our students needs it is common to over prompt a child and help them with thei

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Self Control Activities with the Circle of Control
Students will enjoy this calming zen activity that helps them distinguish between things that they can control and those that they cannot control. This will help them with relieving worry and anxiety as well as managing anger. They will learn to "color outside of the line of control" while practicin

Also included in: Coping Skills Craft Bundle


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Feelings and Emotions Cards
These printable cards help children identify their feelings and emotions! Adorable and diverse characters depict twelve emotions on bright colored cards. Black and white versions of these cards are also included. The emotions on the cards include:→ Angry→ Happy→ Excited→ Sleepy→ Proud→ Shy→ Scar

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Empathy Activities For Social Skills Lessons
These empathy puzzles are an engaging and hands on way to help your students understand the feelings of others and learn to respond empathetically! Students will look at each of the 12 feelings covered and match it to the correct situation and response. This activity is perfect for your small group

Also included in: Empathy Activities Bundle (Save 20%!)


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Data Collection Sheets for Special Education Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Etc.
In today's Data-Driven classrooms, it's important to have the right forms to take accurate and meaningful data. If you're a special education or even a general education teacher, this is the pack that will help you do that! Data Collection will be quick and easy with this 23-page pack- enjoy!Here'

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Sometimes I Get Angry- Social Narrative for Student's with Special Needs
Here is a social narrative that can be printed, laminated and binded for durable re-use. Social narratives are a great way to teach children with special needs and Autism various life skills and routines within their day.This 12 page social narrative walks through the emotions of getting angry. Each

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Divorce Workbook: Dealing with Family Changes and Family Separation
This 28-page divorce workbook gives early elementary aged students the opportunity to explore feelings relating to divorce and brainstorm strategies for stating feelings and reaching out to people in and outside of the home. Includes one-sided print option for flat book and two-sided print option

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Anger Thermometer: Identifying Triggers at School
This worksheet allows students to identify how different triggers at school effect their emotions.

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School Counselor-Test Anxiety Self-Assessment & Coping Skills Handout
This self-assessment helps students to understand test anxiety, it's purpose, and how to manage it. It allows adults to see how anxiety impacts student(s) and gives insight on how to assist. Survey also includes a "Coping Skills Guide" with lots of tips for test taking and ways to manage anxiety.

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Conversation Starter Cards Group Counseling Lunch Bunch Icebreakers Activities
This resource includes 72 conversation-starting alternative option cards that are perfect icebreaker activities for lunch bunch activities, individual student counseling, or small group counseling icebreakers. The questions include embarrassing scenarios, academic preferences, learning style choices

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I Can Be Flexible! || Boys & Girls 3rd-5th || SOCIAL STORY SKILL BUILDER
Is your school moving to Distance Learning/Remote Teaching? If so, this resource may be helpful to you. And to help you teach remotely, you may use this resource by sharing it digitally with your students via a screen share or by sending the resource directly to your students through email. This is

Also included in: SOCIAL STORY SKILL BUILDERS Bundle 1 || Coping Strategies For 3rd-5th Grade


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