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Media Literacy 10-Lesson Unit
BEST SELLER!! In this 10-lesson unit, students will learn about advertising and the media to become more Media Literate. The unit includes 10 ready-to-use lessons, including an advertising techniques vocabulary quiz (with an answer key). It is designed for students in grades 5-8 Lessons includ
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Teaching Media Literacy using Toy Story 2
This unit was designed to cover the media literacy standards for an intermediate grade classroom. The activities should be used for discussion and follow up after watching each section of the movie to which the activity refers. The 10 activity unit includes: • A poster defining media literacy • A
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Media Literacy Filler Lesson: Why is news "sensational?"
This is an optional lesson that can be used at any point in my Media Literacy curriculum or even on its own. Students will work in groups, pretending to be a team working for the NBC Nightly News. Their task is decide which stories they should feature in their 30-minute broadcast, and then reflect o
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Media Literacy Day 3 - We Interpret Media Differently
Students continue their exploration of the five concepts of Media Literacy: (1) Everyone Interprets Differently, and (2) All Forms of Media are Different. First, students look at various advertisements and give their reactions and consider why others might react differently based on race, culture, a
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Media Literacy Day 4 - Media Bias
This lesson is the final day in the exploration of the 5 Concepts of Media Literacy. Today explores media for profit (product placement) and media to persuade (media bias). This is a trickier lesson, so if you are working with younger students, you may need to supplement with additional vocabulary,
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Media Literacy Day 2 - What Tricks do the Media Use?
This lesson introduces students to how the media constructs messages using camera angles, sound effects, music, lighting, etc. Students contrast different images and videos and discuss the messages they gain from each. Students also talk about the values presented in movies and TV and how they do no
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Media Literacy Day 5 - Reading Advertisements
This lesson is an extension of the introductory unit for "What is Media Literacy?" Students apply everything they have learned in the previous lessons about the 5 Concepts of Media Literacy to analyze and "read" advertisements. Analysis centers around the key terms "misleading" and "deception." Stud
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Unit 1: Introduction to the Media
This bundle of lesson materials contains the first unit to my Media Literacy curriculum. It contains five days of lessons meant to introduce students to the ideas of Media Literacy, including the messages, values, biases, and tricks. Students will gain familiarity with the media by analyzing short v
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Science - Rocks and Minerals - grade 4
This is a resource to support grade 4 teachers, specifically in Ontario. It can be used as a supplementary package for the teacher, for its individual activities, or an easy to follow student booklet that follows the Ontario curriculum. It is very comprehensive regarding this specific expectation
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showing 1-9 of 9 results

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