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In this engaging activity, students make intricate and beautiful five-point and six-point snowflakes and stars as they learn about symmetry and geometry. Full written and pictorial instructions are included along with Common Core alignment. Ideas for extending the activity into visual arts are also
This great holiday activity shows students how to use a computer spreadsheet to calculate the cost of their true love's gifts in today's dollars.The simple step-by-step procedure will allow both beginning and computer-savvy students to experience success as they learn how to use spreadsheet software
What better way to welcome students back to school? The "Getting to Know You Project" integrates fractions, decimals, percents, and data in an engaging and exciting lesson. You'll be the envy of your department on Back to School Night when your walls are covered in beautiful and mathematically ric
4th - 10th
This engaging project develops students' understanding of crucial geometry concepts of volume, surface area, and spatial visualization. The comprehensive 21-page handout will provide everything you need to help your students foster these skills: isometric drawing paper, examples, full instructions,
6th - 9th
OVER 50 PAGES! These are the best strategies for teaching linear functions to all students. Tested in grades 4 through high school, this unit helps students develop competency with both the concepts and computations involved in functions. The multi-representational activities cover slope, y-intercep
4 out of 3 students struggle with fractions! The other 50% don't know their multiplication facts. Now you can solve both problems easily with the classroom-proven approach used by hundreds of teachers throughout the U.S.My own struggling 8th graders memorized their times tables and learned to do a
Over 30 worksheets! If you are searching for a source of linear equations for your students, this is the comprehensive source. Students will begin with one step equations and proceed through subsequent incremental levels until they are solving multi-step problems (involving distribution and combinin
Students will love designing, building, and battling these inexpensive robotic arms as they learn about the principles of hydraulics. The simple instructions make this an ideal S.T.E.M. maker lab for eager engineers in grades five through eight. Most of the simple and easily accessible materials can
Your students will love designing, building, and testing these inexpensive and creative robots that wiggle their way across their desks. They can compete with them in races and battles and even use them to draw artistic patterns. Using materials purchased from discount stores, each robot can be buil
6th - 9th
Do you want engaging ways to create cooperative teams for S.T.E.M. lessons, project-based learning, or just to make your classroom run more smoothly? Here are four fun and functional ways to create an environment of cooperation. In addition, your students will learn engineering skills, negotiating s
These pop-up cards vary from simple to more advanced and can be customized to suit the level of your students. Students can decorate their trees and add a message of their liking or use the preprinted samples.
My students love to play with the Newton’s cradle I have in my class. Five steel pendulums hang from nylon threads on a steel frame. By dropping one ball, the corresponding ball moves on the other side and then returns giving a visual demonstration of Newton’s three laws of motion. The problem is th
Based on the famous Fibonacci sequence, this activity helps students develop numbers sense as they work with addition and subtraction. Decimals and integers are easily incorporated, and estimation skills are honed. It is a nice activity for the teacher since much of the work is self-correcting. Pr
Students learn about non-Newtonian fluids in this slimy fun-filled activity. These fluids behave like both liquids and solids depending upon the forces applied to them. The comprehensive activity contains full instructions for three fluids, recipes, an informative article, vocabulary, student notes,
This is one of my students’ favorite activities. They love exploring the intriguing patterns and making discoveries, and they don’t even realize they are engaging in rigorous mathematics. Students encounter the 100’s chart in the primary grades, but did you know that there is a wealth of arithmetic
5th - 9th
This creative activity facilitates discovery of number patterns and develops number sense while providing critical skills practice. The activity works great with both positive and negative numbers and decimals, fractions, and even variable expressions in algebra. Because it can be designed to be s
This is an engaging and visual way to introduce multiplication and the concepts of factors, multiples, primes, composites and MORE! Students build arrays for the numbers 1–25 and look for patterns and characteristics that help them learn to recognize multiples. Directed questions also help them to l
Students love playing with these simple musical instruments that cost a penny or so to make. They will build and design two different horns; one that is similar to an oboe and one like a medieval bladder pipe. Then they can experiment to make them play different volumes and tones as their team works
Teaching exponents can be challenging, but with this creative and engaging collection of activities, your students will not only understand exponents, they will have fun learning about them!They will be able to explain:Why exponents represent multiplicative growthWhy the zero power of a number is on
This engaging activity leads students into the Wonderful World of Owls. Each team of students researches one aspect of these amazing birds online and prepares a slide presentation (PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, etc.).The activity can be a stand-alone science research project or can be used in
Students explore the science of "steganography" in this easy-to-implement yet highly engaging lab. No chemistry experience is required, yet it ties in well to any chemical unit on acids and indicators, oxidation, and fluorescing light. Both a student lab sheet is and a student notes sheet are includ
Students have found that quadratic and cubic functions can be conquered using this engaging multi-representational approach. They not only can work with non-linear functions, they understand them and enjoy them! Great for an upper middle school or gifted class or a high school algebra program. Inclu
7th - 12th
In this powerfully engaging activity students of all skill levels will study standard and nonstandard tangrams to determine the values of the pieces. Students will compare the pieces to see how they relate to one another as fractions, decimals, percent, and areas. They will also develop geometric v
This is a great way to introduce the process of engineering and S.T.E.M. curriculum in an engaging and affordable way. Students will enjoy the process of figuring out how the Mystery Tube works. Their eagerness will lead them to launch into the process before they have gathered all the necessary inf
5th - 10th

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