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Results for #Covid19WL

76+ results

Puzzles: Logic Puzzles in Spanish, lleva, tiene, le gusta #COVID19WL

This logic puzzle exposes students to the core structures 'lleva', 'tiene', 'le gusta', and colors.

#COVID19WL ¡Gratis! El Jardín Tarjetas de Vocabulario Sustantivos Adjetivos...

#COVID19WL FREEBIE! ¡GRATIS! El JardínTarjetas de Vocabulario SUSTANTIVOS ADJETIVOS VERBOS con tema de PRIMAVERA ofrece 3 actividades para usar en centros de trabajo, individualmente, o clase entera. Encontrarán lo siguiente:12 tarjetas de vocabulario de El Jardín con imágenes (sustantivos, verbos, adjetivos) en colores y blanco y negroSugerencias para cómo usar la actividad ‘ESCRIBE el SALÓN’1 hoja de respuestas para ‘ESCRIBE el SALÓN’ (sustantivos, verbos, y adjetivos)1 hoja para escribir orac

#COVID19WL FREEBIE! ¡GRATIS! Creando Oraciones en OTOÑO en español

#COVID19WL FREEBIE! ¡GRATIS! Creando Oraciones TARJETAS DE TRABAJO (TASK CARDS) en otoño Grados 1-3 usa 12 tarjetas con imágenes de acciones que incluyen SUSTANTIVOS VERBOS (regulares) ADJETIVOS OTROS y actividades para usar en centros de trabajo, clase entera o individualmente. Tengo este recurso en INGLÉS, Making Sentences Autumn TASK CARDS Grades 1-3, en mi tienda, también!Encontrarán lo siguiente:12 tarjetas de acciones de vocabulario con imágenes (sustantivos, verbos, adjetivos) con tema de

Reading: Ratones en casa story for intermediate Spanish speakers #COVID19WL

This two-page story was written for Intermediate Spanish speakers. It is written from the first person perspective and contains concentrated repetitions of several past tense structures, such as "había", "puso", "vi", "corrí", and "me acerqué". It was designed to prepare students to successfully complete a film-based Spanish II midterm exam.Click here to view the Spanish II midterm exam based on Rodrigo Blaas' short film "Alma"

Reading in Spanish: El niño sastre, story about Campbell Remess #COVID19WL

This product is a two-page reading in Spanish about Campbell Remess, a young Tasmanian boy that sews stuffed animals for hospitalized children. The reading is comprehensible for first year Spanish students that have already acquired high frequency vocabulary. Suggestions for using the reading in class are included.

Buenas Noticias #COVID19WL #DistanceLearning

Created by
Clase de Profe
In times like these, we need all the good news we can get.Comprehensible articles about good news for novice learners.Each article is written with less than 100 words.5 comprehension questions based on each article are included.

Reading: Popocalipsis #COVID19WL

This reading is a true story that went viral on Facebook after its protagonist shared it with dramatic narration (in English). It is designed to be printed and added to a class library or used as a supplemental reading with a novel such Brandon Brown quiere un perro, in particular for multi-level classes that have students that can handle more challenging readings.

Actividades Día de San Patricio #COVID19WL

Aquí os dejo unas actividades (worksheets) generales de lectoescritura (lengua) y matemáticas con la temática de San Patricio ( St. Patrick's Day).Hay diferentes niveles de dificultad dentro del mismo documento. Espero que lo disfrutéis.PD: Recordad dejar un comentario o feedback si lo encontráis útil.

Reading: Justin Bieber visitó Tulum #COVID19WL

This reading is a summary of a news story from January 2016 about Justin Bieber's visit to Tulum, in which he and his friends were asked to leave the park after climbing some monuments.

La Casa Doodle Question Freebie #COVID19WL

Created by
Use these doodle questions to get students working with rooms in the house and chores! Students will love finding hidden messages. You may also like the full version of this product! La Casa, Los Muebles, & Los Quehaceres Doodle Questions You may also like:ROMPECABEZAS - La casa y los muebles¡SEIS! - La casa y los muebles¡SEIS! - La Casa y Los Muebles (IMAGES)La Casa de Mis Sueños Mini-Cuento¡A Dibujar! - Los muebles de la casaVOCABULARIO - Los muebles de la casaVOCABULARIO - Los cuartos de

#COVID19WL Muestra Gratis de Clasificación de Animales y Organización de Datos

#COVID19WL FREEBIE! Muestra Gratis del producto Mi Cuaderno Interactivo de Animales Vertebrados que está en venta ($) en mi tienda de TpT.Incluído aquí: Clasificación de Animales- corta y pega, yCaracterísticas de Animales- corta y pega. Estas actividades pueden ser para trabajo de centros de ciencias, o como diagnóstico después del estudio de los animales vertebrados.Favor de mirar el producto completo que tiene "Preview" del cuaderno interactivo. Me encantaría recibir sus comentarios posit

Reading: Pepinillos, el muchacho simpático #COVID19WL

This reading for Spanish 1 students is the result of a story asking session in Katie Sevilla's Spanish class using the TPRS® script "El amigo simpático". Use it as a supplemental reading after asking the same story in your class, or add it to your FVR library as reading materials for Novice learners.Click here to view the original TPRS® story scriptClick here to view the complete unit for teaching "El amigo simpático"

#COVID19WL Muestra Gratis de Nombrando las Partes de Animales Vertebrados

#COVID19WL Editado 4/2016 Esto es una muestra de mi colección de animales vertebrados con actividades de corta/pega y llenar con escritura para nombrar sus partes del cuerpo. Este producto incluye: 8 mamíferos, 4 pájaros, 4 peces, 4 reptiles, y 2 anfibios, por total 20 páginas de actividades en blanco y negro. También, hay 20 páginas de respuestas. Estas actividades son adecuadas para tiempo de clase entera, grupos pequeños, centros, trabajo individual, y para cuadernos interactivos. Éstos

Listen, Write, Draw - Descriptions #1 - SER + ADJECTIVES #COVID19WL

Created by
Holy Frijoles
Practice novice level ser + descriptions with this listen, write, draw activity. Students will listen to 12 descriptions of people through the Adobe Spark Video provided. Then, they will write what they hear on their graphic organizer (and repeat as many times as they need to in order to get it all down). Step 3: students go back and create drawings based on the descriptions they listened to and wrote down to demonstrate comprehension in a creative way. We've included 3 extension activities

#COVID19WL Trabajo de palabras ¿Cuántas oraciones puedes hacer con ... ? 1-3

#COVID19WL Trabajo de palabras ¿Cuántas oraciones puedes hacer con estas 9 palabras? Grados 1-3 ¡Es un regalo para dar gracias a todos los que me siguen en TpT, y para los que espero que pronto me seguirán! Con este recurso tendrán 10 grupos de 9 palabras para usar en centros, grupos pequeños, individualmente, con compañeros, o clase entera, todo depende en cómo el maestro lo quiera usar. Los estudiantes usarán solo las 9 palabras de cada grupo para formar oraciones completas. Hay muchas posibi

Spanish Short Story 2 NOVICE HIGH Reading Assessment #COVID19WL

Created by
Profe Pinguino
This Comprehensible Input based fictional short story was developed to include the following high-frequency structures:agarra la manono conocenadiesale dequieres salir conmigoel hombrepiensa queuna mujer bonitael niño escucharlo que hacedebe haceruna mujer viejano puedeencontrarsus hijosFAST FACTS (Novice High version):Total word count = 597Unique word count = 209# of assessment questions = 22This version of the story is recommended for learners who have a NOVICE HIGH reading ability. I use this

SLA Word Work FREEBIE #covid19wl

These are great for Kinder and First Grade classrooms for Spanish Language Arts. You get 5 fun, educational, and hands on activities for word work in your centers, small group, or for early intervention. You can also send these for homework!If you liked these worksheets, please check out my Spanish Worksheets in my store for SLA, Math in Spanish, and Science in Spanish.I make worksheets in both English and Spanish.Dual Language Teachers, check out my activities, word walls, and centers that fo


ABOUT:EL MUNDO EN TUS MANOS is a bi-weekly news publication that provides comprehensible news summaries from Spanish speaking countries to students. It is a collaboration between The Comprehensible Classroom, Maris Hawkins and Nelly Andrade-Hughes. The target reader for this publication is a student in his or her first to third year of Spanish.Suscribe now and save $30 on the subscription cover price!REGULAR ISSUE FEATURESEach regular issue includes the following resources:5 news stories from th

Puzzles: Logic puzzles in French (porte, a, aime) #COVID19WL

This free logic puzzle gives students repetitions of the target structures 'porte', 'a', 'aime', and colors. Thank you to Karima Mann for translating this puzzle into French from Spanish!

Los gatos de Gregson #COVID19WL

News stories of the 83 year old Columbus woman trained her 65 cats to steal small valuables from her neighbors. Police opened an investigation in October of 2017. This story has also been published on REVISTA LITERAL, so if your students are subscribers, they may have read it already!You could use this as a companion story to Dusty el gato cleptómano from The Comprehensible Classrom's Direct Object Pronouns reading.

Character Dialogue Text Messages #COVID19WL

Created by
Profe Amigo
GOOGLE SLIDES EDITABLE TEMPLATEWHAT? Students create a text message conversation between two characters for a post-reading or post-viewing activity! WHY? QUICK and EFFECTIVE Presentational Writing Assessment! (I used this activity following an episode of Gran Hotel -- students were able to choose their own characters.)WHAT'S NEXT? From here, you COULD have students share their finished conversations as an INTERPRETIVE READING ASSESSMENT for the rest of the class!**Copy and paste as many pages as

Reading: La Leyenda by Robert Harrell #COVID19WL

This product contains the translation of a gripping excerpt from the novel "North Sea Pirate" by Robert Harrell and complete lesson plans to explore it in Spanish classes using literature circles. An editable file in English is also included so that teachers can adapt it to other languages of instruction.The text from "The Legend" is used with express and written consent from Robert Harrell, and instructions for purchasing the complete novel "North Sea Pirate" are included in the plans.

Long Break Activities for Learning Languages. Project Ideas and More. #COVID19WL

Spanish activities and lesson plan ideas for long breaks and home assignments. These fifteen no-stress activities, projects and language suggestions will give students plenty of ways to stay involved with language over break. Use as an extra credit project, poster fair project for when they return, or just show as a suggestion to practice Spanish. Makes for a great first day back from break when students can share what they did while on vacation.Long Break Activities for Learning Languages!In


ABOUT:EL MUNDO EN TUS MANOS is a bi-weekly news publication that provides comprehensible news summaries from Spanish speaking countries to students. It is a collaboration between The Comprehensible Classroom, Maris Hawkins and Nelly Andrade-Hughes. The target reader for this publication is a student in his or her first to third year of Spanish.Suscribe now and save $30 on the subscription cover price!NOVEMBER 11 2019 SPECIAL EDITION ARTICLEMORALES RENUNCIÓ A LA PRESIDENCIAMÉXICO CONCEDE ASILO PO
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