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This is a simple Exit Ticket form designed to accommodate 4 multiple choice/short answer questions. The questions are NOT included! The file contains three variations on the same form.#musiccrewassessment
Our district is focusing on learning targets for our lessons that we post and assess what was learned. These are the perfect way to quickly and inexpensively assess the knowledge for the day. #musiccrewassessment This includes: • A doubled sided card. One side has a treble clef and a staff. The other side has school paper on which to write your answer. Just cut out the card, fold it in half, laminate it and then use visa a vie markers for writing what they learned. You could just quickly
K - 12th
Do you wish you could track your students' singing voice development, but not sure where to start? Check out the Developmental Singing Voice Assessment! It tracks students' singing voice development from Kindergarten-Second Grade! The singing voice assessment is based on best practice and research on singing voice and audiation. Included are a student tracking form and the teacher scales for assessment.Related Products★ Curriculm Map Template for Music (Editable)★ Music Anchor Charts for the
PreK - 5th
Part of the Music Monster Match Series!*Help your students match their recorder fingerings with notes on the staff. Includes B, A, G, E, and D.*Students will enjoy this matching game with a monstrous twist!*Play as a whole class or split off into pairs to play at stations.*Perfect for a sub or guest teacher without losing out on music learning. *If you like this resource, also see:Music Monster Match: Notes and Rests Music Monster Match: Recorder (Fingerings and Notes)#musiccrewassessment
3rd - 6th
Be a Detective!Your students will just love this fun, exciting musical instrument game. It is perfect to use right before a test on musical instruments of the orchestra! It works great with small groups, centers, or as a whole-class review game. Students read one clue at a time, trying to discover the instrument. Four total clues are given for each instrument/case, including a picture of the musical instrument.#musiccrewassessment…………………………………………………………………………………..……………..Check out these other p
Instrument Families Worksheets is a set of worksheets to use while teaching the instrument families. Instrument families included are Woodwind, Brass, String, and Percussion. Worksheets are available for individual instrument families to use throughout your unit as well as a combined worksheet of all instrument families to use at the end of your unit. Worksheets are available for different levels of learning. Simply print enough for your class, and you are ready! #musiccrewinstruments #mus
This is a must-have resource for every teacher using Music Learning Theory! The Skills Tracker includes the progression of skills for students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. From echoing patterns to composing, this is a complete list of skills development for Major and Minor Tonality, Duple and Triple Meter, as well as a Movement Tracker! Chart which skills you've taught and get ideas about what skills to develop next.This product requires PowerPoint.This item is part of a larger bundle
*Treble clef bingo and bass clef bingo all in one! *Helps students to name the spaces and lines on the staff.*You can do treble OR bass clef lines or spaces--it's up to you!*Great introductory game for note naming.*Also available in a bundle:Music Line and Space Bingo TRIPLE BUNDLE {Treble or Bass Clef}*Interested in having students name just the lines or just the spaces first?Music LINE Bingo (E-G-B-D-F or G-B-D-F-A)Music SPACE Bingo (F-A-C-E or A-C-E-G)Music Line and Space Bingo DOUBLE BUNDLE
Do you need a set of flashcards to practice and perform melodic patterns? If so, this set is for you! This set includes 160 different patterns grouped in 4 beats using quarter and eighth notes. All patterns are notated in F and G Do using the Do Clef instead of key signature resulting in 320 cards total. Save almost 40% by purchasing the bundle! The patterns were created to print on 8.5x11 paper but you could easily scale it up to 11x17. Set 1 - M-S Set 2 - M-S-L Set 3 - D-M-S-L Set 4 - D
1st - 8th
Are you looking for a unique way to bring critical thinking into your music classes? Included in this set are a variety of comparison worksheets that allow students to show their understanding and share ideas. A blank worksheet is also included for you to create any comparisons you'd like. These are great for the end of a unit, centers or an assessment activity, too. Each worksheet contains four pictures that are related in different ways. Students must decide which of the four pictures doesn't
2nd - 5th
This is a great movement activity to use in the winter/Christmas season! My students love it! Students will move creatively and learn about rondo form through a familiar seasonal song, Leroy Anderson's "Sleigh Ride." An assessment game is included to evaluate students' understanding of rondo form.★Included:Movement ideas for Leroy Anderson's "Sleigh Ride"Slides students can follow as they listen and move to the music.Slides that give information about Sleigh Ride and show the rondo form of the p
*SAVE 25% WITH THIS FLASHCARD BUNDLE* Do you need a set of rhythm flashcards for practice, review or centers? This MEGA bundle of flashcards includes 524 different cards! Rhythm Flashcards Set 1 1. Ta/Rest - (Quarter Note / Quarter Rest) 2. Ti-ti (Paired Eighth Notes) 3. Half Note / Half Rest 4. Whole Note / Whole Rest Rhythm Flashcards Set 2 1. Tika-tika (4 Sixteenth Notes) Rhythm Flashcards Set 3 1, Syncopa (Eighth / Quarter / Eighth) 2. Tam-Ti - (Dotted Quarter / Eighth) 3. Ti-Tam (Eigh
K - 12th, Higher Education
This CONSTRUCTION themed tempo game is a perfect way for your students to review TEMPO in music class. They will love this fun theme - especially the boys!Students click on any construction picture which reveals a definition and 3 tempo terms. Students select the matching term. It is a self-correcting, interactive game, making it perfect for small groups, centers, and substitute teachers. It is also great for whole-class practice right before a test. Also, it comes in Google Slides, making
Now also an EASEL Activity! This set of 60 no-prep handouts assess time signatures/meter in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8+ time and are great for subs and centers. It features counting rhythms, composing, performing, and a fun spinner game. All of the pages contain elements of rhythmic addition. Works with any rhythmic terminology because the notes are only referred to by the number of beats.** UPDATE: You can now use this as an EASEL activity as well as a printable PDF! **All the answer boxes and instruct
Not Grade Specific
*Dice rolling music game perfect for distance learning or centers. Great for learning note names and music symbols. *This is a great game that has 4 sets of games: music notes 1 and 2 (quarter, half, whole, dotted half, eighth, sixteenth), music symbols (treble clef, repeat sign, double bar line, staff, time signatures), and dynamics (forte, mezzo forte, mezzo piano, piano, crescendo). *Each set comes with a labeled and unlabeled page so you can differentiate for your students or use it as a
2nd - 6th
Music Assessments for the Basics Bundle has everything you need to assess your students on all the elements of music. It includes links to digital assessments (via Google Forms) for easy online work, as well as printable assessments (PDF) that can be edited (via PPT) to fit your needs. Music elements assessed are steady beat, tempo, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, timbre, texture, harmony, and form. ⚠️This is a stand-alone product and can be used on its own. However, it was designed specifically to wor
Not Grade Specific
A great activity for a Kodaly Inspired Kindergarten Class Review the concepts Fast and Slow using this as a music center, or a worksheet. Save 20% by buying in a bundle. Includes a written assessment for the concept. Other Opposite Sorting Centers:Opposites BundleFast/SlowLoud/SoftHigh/LowLong/Short********************************************************************************Need more ideas for Young Musicians?Puppets and Paper Dolls for MusicShape ComposingDouble Duty Kodaly BundleMore resour
PreK - 1st
These digital assessments for elementary music will take the guesswork out of music assessment. Students watch music videos and answer questions to fill out the Google Form™, which is automatically graded based on your specifications. You can edit the questions, answers, point values, and more to make it fit your needs. Music concepts covered in the assessments are dynamics, form, harmony, pitch, rhythm, tempo, texture, and timbre.This resource is perfect for:✅ lower & upper elementary music
K - 6th
This is the perfect planning tool for teachers implementing the new National Core Arts Standards in PK-8 general music classes. Use it as a checklist to make sure you are covering each standard, or plan your teaching and assessment of each standard by marking the date for each directly on the form. The entire document comes in Powerpoint format so you can easily edit, add text, and print. This product is included in the Ultimate Music Teacher Organization Binder, which also includes concert pla
Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19! Here is a way to assess student knowledge of rhythm notation or student skills in reading that notation without them knowing that they are being assessed! The set contains 8 different pirate-themed cards, 4 quarter notes and 4 paired eighth notes. Both black & white and color versions are included. You supply the plank! Print, laminate and cut out the cards, then space them across the plank. Assess students as they walk individually across the
K - 2nd

Also included in: Pirates Music Bundle

These rhythmic identification task cards are great for rhythm assessments and centers. Boom Cards are perfect for centers and distance learning because they can be played on any device.Students listen to an audio clip and choose the rhythm that they hear out of 3 answer choices. The game flips over to the next virtual card after they choose the correct answer.This game is self-checking so students receive immediate feedback when choosing a response.PREVIEW the games here!Also available in STICK
Not Grade Specific
Your primary students will love this Boom Deck as they identify fast and slow sounds from instruments and the environment! Boom Cards are perfect for centers and distance learning because they can be played on any device (smartboards, computers, tablets, smartphones...) Boom even keeps track of student answers. See Boom Info below.Check out a PREVIEW of the game here - select "Full-sized Preview!"Click here if you prefer the PowerPoint version.Students receive immediate feedback when choosing a
Build-a-Song Rhythm Edition is an independent digital activity to review quarter note and paired eighth notes. This Boom deck includes 3 options to practice the rhythmic notation of "Rain, Rain Go Away" - iconic, stick, and standard notations. Each notation has its own deck linked from the first page. Audio is included for directions and song phrases.Students move pieces to create each phrase of the song. Once the correct answer is given, that phrase is added to the song score. At the end of th
1st - 3rd
Looking for a way to assess your kids for your Peter and the Wolf unit? Look no further! I have made 73 questions for you to build your own assessment. In addition, you will receive an answer document in 5, 10, and 20 question options. The multitude of questions will allow you to differentiate your questions based on your students skill and age levels. This is part of the money saving Peter and the Wolf {MEGA BUNDLE}To ready your assessment, simply drag the PowerPoint slides in the order you

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