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Music Bingo Lines and Spaces {Treble or Bass Clef}
*Treble clef bingo and bass clef bingo all in one! *Helps students to name the spaces and lines on the staff. *You can do treble OR bass clef lines or spaces--it's up to you! *Great introductory game for note naming. *Also available in a bundle: Music Line and Space Bingo TRIPLE BUNDLE {Treble
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Music Undercover:  A Dice Rolling Game to Identify Notes and Music Symbols
*This is a great game that has 4 sets of games: music notes 1 and 2 (quarter, half, whole, dotted half, eighth, sixteenth), music symbols (treble clef, repeat sign, double bar line, staff, time signatures), and dynamics (forte, mezzo forte, mezzo piano, piano, crescendo). *Each set comes with a
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Music Mayhem: Treblemaker - A Treble Clef Note Name/Spelling Game
*Updated 2/1/2015 - Now includes 3 versions of student follow-along worksheet (one for each round) and a "No Answers" version in PDF form so students can use the file as an assessment at computer or iPad/tablet centers. There’s a new nuisance in town, and his name is Treblemaker. He’s stolen all t
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Mad Measures - Bundle
“Mad Measures” is an exciting sight-reading game for the recorder that your students will ask to play over and over. Inspired by the “poison” rhythm game, “Mad Measures” is designed to reinforce and increase your students’ ability to read notes on the treble clef staff. Each level includes 24 diff
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Swarming Symbols Swat: A Music Symbol and Note Review
Review music symbols by playing this fun game. It is an old classic with a fresh new look. Keep the symbols to a few for younger ages and use more symbols to challenge older ages. Watch students individual responses, or team competition or play the Bee Hive Game. As always there are 3 WAYS to Play!
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Symbol Station: Music Symbols
Students will discover music symbols by sight and what their names sound like by identifying the symbol on cards that they will draw. With a story and small toy cars you will lead student to load the music symbols on the train. However, there are also two other ways to use this activity. This Act
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showing 1-6 of 6 results

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