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Music History Quick Guide Bundle
The Music History Quick Guide Bundle is a complete set of music samples, videos, fun facts, vocabulary, and major composers from each period in western art music history. The interactive slideshows allow you to introduce middle school or junior high students to music from each period in western musi


Pasta Or Composer {Music or Not} Game #musicathome
This is THE activity to leave for a sub! - educational- FUN- will keep all your kids engaged! - easy to run with as little or as much tech as you need.- multiple ways to play - individuals and teams both work!This huge list of Italian composers and pastas (52 in all) will keep even you guessing! Th

Also included in: Music or Not Games Bundle


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Composer of the Month Bulletin Board Bundle 1 {Youtube Links}
Check out the music and lives of 9 composers including Frederic Chopin, Aaron Copland, Claude Debussy, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, George Frideric Handel, Scott Joplin, Camille Saent-Sains, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Perfect to present to elementary and middle school students. Great for a b


MUSIC COMPOSERS Research Activity Set 1 for Middle School Music
This product is in the same format as Composer Research Activities Set 2 but with different composers to research.You will find this a great resource to have because it can be used in so many ways: .♫ a class research task♫ set as an assignment♫ homework or ♫ left as a sub lesson when you are away.

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Composer Social Media Profiles
Composer Social Media Profiles provide a new and creative way of learning information about composers! Students can fill out basic information, likes, status updates, and pictures. They are a great addition to Composer of the Month activities! 45 Composers are included plus one blank to create your

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Musician of the Month: ELLA FITZGERALD - Lesson Plans & Bulletin Board
Musician of the Month is a great way to bring some music history to your students! Ready to start a Composer/Musician of the Month but don't have a plan ready? Look no further! This is the perfect resource for your lessons on Ella Fitzgerald, a famous jazz musician from the 1900s. This set inclu

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Early Jazz & Blues PowerPoint Bundle
This bundle of PowerPoints will take you and your students through music and music history activities that cover early jazz and blues from the 1910's through the 1920's. It includes all of the individual products listed below:Louis Armstrong New Orleans Jazz PowerPointBessie Smith & the Classic


Music Chef
A Composition Game. This card game can be played like Music Chef or like spoons. Students will learn the five things they need to compose not just a song but how those things are different for different styles of music.3 WAYS to PLAY!!!!!!!!!Use this game to teach about different styles of music. Th

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Composer of the Month GUSTAV HOLST - Detailed Lesson Plans and Bulletin Board
Ready to start a Composer/Musician of the Month but don't have a plan ready? Look no further! This set on Gustav Holst is perfect for your composer of the month unit. It provides lesson plans to teach music history and music listening for the composer of orchestra song, "The Planets."This set inc

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Baroque Period in Music History Quick Guide
The Baroque Period Quick Guide in Music History is a quick guide to music samples, videos, fun facts, and major composers of the Baroque Period of western art music history. This interactive slideshow allows you to introduce middle school or junior high students to music in the Baroque Period while

Also included in: Music History Quick Guide Bundle


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Music Listening: In the Hall of the Mountain King
In the Hall of the Mountain King is an elementary music favorite! This listening resource includes:Information about the composerInformation about themeInformation about dynamicsInformation about tempoIt also includes opportunities for:Focused listeningRhythmic readingMelodic directionThis file is

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Distance Learning Music-Vivaldi's The Four Seasons Listening Glyphs & Activities
UPDATE: I've separated each page into its own PDF file to make things easier for Distance Learning during school shutdowns. Students will enjoy listening glyphs of Antonio Vivaldi's The 4 Seasons because it's a calm activity where students got to spread out throughout your classroom and color or dra

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Louis Armstrong & New Orleans Jazz PowerPoint
This PowerPoint Show can be the basis for a unit on the Louis Armstrong and New Orleans Jazz. Slides contain facts and links to YouTube videos about Louis Armstrong, characteristics of New Orleans Jazz, sing a jazz standard, try to scat, and 7 quick quiz questions useful for exit tickets. Included

Also included in: Early Jazz & Blues PowerPoint Bundle


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All About Vince Guaraldi {Editable}
Teach your kids about Vince Guaraldi, Jazz, and Rondo form while you talk about one of their favorite cartoons, Peanuts! A perfect composer of the month for December!Offers two themes so you can teacher during the holiday season, or if you need a non-seasonal version. You will get: ♦Pages about the

Also included in: Christmas Bundle for Music Class


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Musical Moments Music Listening Pack For in Class or Distance Learning
This has been an amazing way to help your students in all grades quickly learn to listen to and identify great music, as well as a fantastic way to help your students to come quietly into class, ready to learn. I have worked on this for a long, long time and love using it with my students. My studen

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Music Composers: Interactive Notebook Foldables BUNDLE
MEET the COMPOSER and HIS MUSIC Interactive Notebook Foldables This bundle contains THIRTY (the entire set) different COMPOSER FOLDABLES in BOTH COLOR AND B/W ♫ Excellent addition to your Composer of the Month or listening lessons! ♫ Completed foldables can be pasted into student workbooks/lis

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Composer Who Is It?- File Folder Game
Become a detective with Composer Who Is It? to sharpen skills of deduction and reinforce facts about important composers. Using yes/no questions and the facts on the composer cards, players will eliminate composers to determine their opponent's mystery composer. Each composer card features 4 facts

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Joseph Haydn Activities: Listening Maps, Glyphs, & Writing Prompts
This set of Franz Joseph Haydn printables are useful for Composer of the Month activities, sub plans, and for incorporating writing. Almost all pages contain a coloring or drawing element and there are listening maps, glyphs, and a writing prompt for the "Surprise Symphony," "The Clock," and "The Jo

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Music History for Elementary:  Classical Music Bulletin Board and Video Links
*Discover the Who, What, When, Where, and Cool of Classical music history for elementary students! *Great for music distance learning!*Check out the money-saving bundle!Music Time Travel: The Bundle {Bulletin Boards with Video Links}*This resource can be used to help your students explore the music

Also included in: Music History for Elementary Music Bundle Bulletin Boards and Video Links


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Musical Composer Word Search Distance Learning
This word search includes 18 well-known composers. I have divided the word bank into historical periods to promote students’ understanding of composers and their place in history. Each of the composers listed here can be researched further at Classics for Kids, making this activity a great option fo

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Composer Christmas: Teaching Time Periods in Music
This is a great resource that crosses curricula between Music and Math. This resource has four different large Christmas trees. There are lots of ornaments that have music and history facts on them. Students must decide which ornaments go on which tree. Trees are differentiated between Baroque, Cla

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Musical Moments Listening Sampler
This is an amazing way to help your students in all grades quickly learn to listen to and identify great music, as well as a fantastic way to help your students to come quietly into class, ready to learn. I have wanted to do this for a long time and finally started implementing it. I love using it

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