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This complete recorder pack has everything your students need to learn to play the recorder at a high level and to love every minute! This mega pack (315 pages) is the result of 4 years of work to make a highly motivating program for students.#musiccrewbacktoschoolEvery 5th-grade student (85-90) in my low-income school earns a black belt each year (9 belts along the way, a total of 24 songs) and many go way beyond. Get the black belt system for free on TPT HERE. Follow how I do my program and yo
3rd - 6th
If you are over constant assessments but little retention, squeaking on the low end, overblowing, and kids saying they "don't know how it goes", then this is for you! This recorder method will not only eliminate some of the biggest issues in recorder teaching, but it will incorporate the knowledge your kids already have. Don't start at the beginning. Start with what they KNOW. Using solfege and rhythm syllables, your kids will apply their knowledge to reading music faster. Teaching letters fir
You are totally a stickler for not making copies of books, but you like a sequential recorder system. And those kids are just memorizing really aren't sure they REALLY remembering the fingerings. So make them work for it! This set includes all you need to give a little more oomph to your recorder program! A method book you can COPY. 3 times, or 300. Practice sheets to help your kids keep track of how often they practice.Flash cards for fingeringsPosters to hangThey won't have to tr
3rd - 5th
Display recorder fingering charts in a colorful way! See preview for formatting example. Please note that these do not feature any popsicle clipart though they do coordinate with my Butterfly (and Shiplap) Decor Theme Set. Find the entire Butterfly Decor Theme Bundle here! #musiccrewrecorder ------------------------- Follow me on Facebook!
2nd - 6th
Pair up these pears by matching the staff notation to the recorder fingering! Color and a printer-friendly black and white version included.Notes included:Middle CDEFF (alternative fingering)GABCD#musiccrewrecorderFind more Pear Pair activities here!Find more recorder resources here!**************************************************How to earn free credits towards future TPT purchases by giving feedbackLog in with your username and password and go to My Purchases. Besides each purchase you’ll se
This bundle contains color by music mystery pictures to help students differentiate between the first notes commonly used by beginner recorder players. Great for notation awareness lessons and perfect for your sub tub! Choose BAG, BAGCD, BAGED, or BAGCDED for an additional challenge for your students.Includes five seasonal themed sets:#musiccrewrecorder#musiccrewpitchHow to get TPT credit to use on future purchases:• Please go to your My Purchases page (you may need to login). Beside each purcha
3rd - 5th
Colorful Recorder Fingering Charts are the perfect addition for any music classroom! This Chevron set includes six different colors that can be mixed or matched in any combination that suits you!Recorder fingerings included are: C, D, E, F, F#, G, A,A#/Bb, B, high C, D, and E.You might also be interested in SingToKids Recorder ItemsMatching Anchor Charts for the MLT Inspired Classroom#musiccrewrecorder***************************************************************************Customer Tips:Did y
Part of the Music Monster Match Series!*Help your students match their recorder fingerings with note names. Includes B, A, G, E, and D.*Students will enjoy this matching game with a monstrous twist!*Play as a whole class or split off into pairs to play at stations.*Perfect for a sub or guest teacher without losing out on music learning. *If you like this resource, also see:Music Monster Match: Notes and RestsMusic Monster Match: Recorder and Notes on the Staff BAGED#musiccrewrecorder#musiccr
3rd - 6th
These colorful recorder fingering charts are designed to catch your students' attention, reinforce correct fingering, and provide a great reference for daily recorder practice. These charts are also a great match to the Music Anchor Charts & Travel Size Word Wall.These charts include:-notes from low C to high F-accidentals with enharmonic (C#, F#, G#, Bb)-alternates for Bb and F-chart with technique tips-chart with labeled recorder parts-notes color-coded to match colored percussion tubesYou
This file includes Recorder Reminders and fingering posters to help your students succeed on the recorder! These Pastel Rainbow-themed visuals feature child-friendly, readable fonts and calming colors!★Recorder posters included in this file:Recorder Reminders:Sit up straight and tallLeft hand on topBlow feather airCover the holes. Leaks make squeaks!Play when asked.Chin positionRest positionPlaying positionRecorder fingerings:C (low C)D (low D)E FF#GABbBC’ (high C)D’ (high D)E’ F’★This product i
This file includes Recorder Reminders and fingering posters to help your students succeed on the recorder!★Recorder posters included in this file:Recorder Reminders:Sit up straight and tallLeft hand on topStart the sound with “doo”Blow warm, slow airCover the holes. Leaks make squeaks!Start and finish with the groupRecorder fingerings:C (low C)D (low D)E FF#GABbBC’ (high C)D’ (high D)E’ F’These Farmhouse-themed visuals feature child-friendly, readable fonts and multi-colored shiplap.★★★This prod
These 7 Recorder Rules posters will add color to your room and remind your students about the basic rules they need to remember while playing. *8.5x11 posters, music note backgrounds.*Numbered and unnumbered versions included.Rules include:Play only when asked.Sit up straight, elbows off knees.Left hand on top.Cover the holes completely.Use warm, gentle air.Start your sound with "doo."Do your best!*These posters are great to hang up anywhere in your room, or make a bulletin board out of them by
3rd - 7th
This is the freebie version of my Recorder Cat PPT lesson for elementary general music class and it's a great starting point for students learning how to read music. It takes the guesswork out of teaching recorder and breaks down the songs through easily digestible chunks and repetition. This free version does not include the mp3s or worksheets/trackers.Find the full version here where you will find a preview of the resource!Save $ with the RECORDER CAT BUNDLE!Click here if you prefer a narrate
Recrder Fingerings Floor Dominos is a great reinforcement activity for reading the staff and hand placement for soprano recorder. The object is to match the treble clef note with the corresponding fingering. This game includes 1/2 page fingering charts to use as a reference. Separate dominos and fingering charts are included for Baroque and German model soprano recorders. Dominos are 1/2 page in size, which is perfect for a large scale floor center or substitute game.This download includes 72 do
These alto recorder fingering charts are a colorful way to keep your alto recorder students using the correct fingerings for each note. Notes included are middle F, G, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C, D along with the enharmonics and fingerings for F#, G#, A#, C#, and D#. Also included is a recorder parts diagram and reminders of proper technique.This resource is perfect for:★elementary music teachers★middle school music teachers★general musicWHAT YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR POSTERS:-Display them as poste
Not Grade Specific
♫Help your students practice their B-A-G note reading & writing with this recorder practice booklet. This is considered an entry level music reading guide, and students will find all of the answers in the booklet. Their job is to make their own fingering chart, decode and label notes on the staff, find a melodic pattern in the song notation, practice writing and naming B-A-G notes, and review recorder "how-to's." ♫Contains 4 pages to print double sided and fold to make an 8-page booklet. Ans
2nd - 5th
Decorate your music classroom with useful and appealing visuals! The fun patterns in rainbow colors are designed to appeal to a wide range of ages and fit in with a variety of other posters, themes, and other visual elements you may already be using in your classroom. These soprano recorder fingering charts are an excellent tool for any recorder music teacher. The set includes all chromatic notes from middle C to high C above the treble clef staff, including Baroque, German, and alternate finger
K - 12th, Staff
Get your students playing the recorder quickly and learning tricky recorder fingerings with this Recorder Go Fish Bundle! Your students will have so much fun collecting matches, they won't realize they are getting extra practice playing the recorder!By purchasing this bundle, you are saving 20% off the individual list prices of these games.These games are designed to build proficiency on the soprano recorder. On their turn, players will read and perform a melodic pattern on the recorder. Two not
Do you love teaching recorder, but struggle finding the right resource to teach all of your students? The Differentiated Recorder has something for every learner in your classroom. Whether you have a child who struggles or excels, there are songs, activities, and supplements to keep every child in your room engaged, challenged, and supported!Included in this resource are:Practice tips for studentsFingering chartsFingering chart worksheets47 folk songs commonly used in elementary musicSongs ra
This bundle provides a great way for you to work with students of different ability levels on the music reading skills required for playing recorder. Whether you have students of different skill levels in the same class, or in different grade levels across your classes, you can use the items in this bundle to differentiate with ease!Each set includes 8 cards that should be printed on a unique color of paper. Each card shows an identification symbol and a 4 quarter note pattern using only the not
This lesson set is a wonderful resource to add to your world music collection. Use it to teach students about pentatonic and/or minor music with slides showing the solfege, create an Orff ensemble piece with barred percussion borduns, teach low C, E, and F on recorder, identify same and different musical phrases, and learn the Japanese language and culture. This lesson set is included in the Japanese Music Lesson Set BundleYou can get a free sample of some of the resources included in the lesson
This is a super fun (yet truly educational!) game based on the popular game, "Don't Break the Ice!" Students must identify recorder fingerings and tap their ice piece out. Great for reinforcement and music stations! It also works great for sub plans!Note: This purchase does not include the actual game "Don't Break the Ice" and requires that this game is purchased separately.*******This game is included in the Don't Break the Music BUNDLE found here!*******Your students will LOVE playing this
Recorder Exit Tickets/Exit Slips provide a quick assessment at the end of a lesson. In less than fives minutes of class time, these slips can give you a student grade, learning artifacts/proof of student learning, and/or a way to determine student mastery. They are a great supplement to the Recorder Karate program.Exit slips include:Write the name for the fingering shown:GABGABEGAEDC'D'DEC'D'EF#Match the note on the staff to the fingering shown on the recorder:GABGAEAEDC'D'DDC'F#Shade in the cor
Here's a great bundle to get you started with your beginning recorder players, including handouts, a bulletin board of recorder rules, sticker charts, and an easy BAG recorder and Orff song for winter. Each item in this bundle is also available separately, but purchasing as a bundle will save you money!1. Treble Clef Note Reference CardsThese come in 3 different sizes, and give the option of focusing only on the lines and spaces, or adding in ledger lines. A great help for young musicians to hav
3rd - 6th

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