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Learn and have fun with rhythm by getting out your bucket drums, rhythm instruments, or body percussion to use with this 195-page bundle. It is perfect for rhythm fun, as well as performing and composing! It is full of fun and learning! See the preview to see the list of contents and a sample of a couple of pages. Also includes an extra PowerPoint of all items.#musiccrewrhythm************************************************This Includes:File #1 Pirate Drumming Read Me- Tells how it all worksFi
The Drum Beats is an exciting PowerPoint music game for reviewing rhythms! Each game includes embedded mp3 files on 40 slides. This game requires listening and matching rhythmic patterns and changing seats with classmates. My students absolutely love this game and there is no "winner" so it can be played for any length of time. Includes the following versions in Standard & Stick Notation:Ta, Ti-TiTa, Ti-Ti, RestHalf Notes4 Beamed 16th Notes8th Note & 16th Notes CombinationsSyncopaThan
*A great way to practice ta, ti ti, and rest while still getting your students up and moving!*How it works:There are 14 rhythms to clap. After your students clap the rhythm correct, you advance to the next slide where they will either find a compliment or a movement activity for them to do! The pattern varies so it keeps them guessing.Buy ALL of the Rhythm & Shake sets in one bundle and save over 25%:Rhythm & Shake {Rhythm Clapping with Brain Breaks}: The BundleOr, buy just the levels
This set contains 10 fun, interactive PowerPoint games for teaching elementary rhythmic patterns. A note and rest version is also included for a total of 11 games. This bundle is perfect for music teachers who are interested in the rhythm bundle but do not need all the versions in the BIG BUNDLE!Each game has LOTS of slides so your music class can play for 5 minutes, or 20.The students walk to a corner before the clip is played. Then they listen to the audio file, and if it matches the example
Not Grade Specific
Get your students moving and working together with this fun review of music symbols, markings and rhythms. Choose to create one as a whole group, use at centers or create a competition. This is a wonderful kinesthetic way to help students recognize and define different aspects of music. What's included:*31 color & BW posters with symbols and terms only*31 color & BW posters with symbols, terms AND hints*2 sets of color flashcards (with & without hints)*2 sets of BW flashcards (with &
2nd - 8th
Write the Room: Back to School is a fabulous way to get kids reading, writing, and moving around the room. Post the rhythms you want students to practice thinking, reading, and writing.Included in this set are:Level 1 - quarter notes & eight notesLevel 2 - quarter notes, eight notes, and quarter note restsLevel 3 - quarter notes, eight notes, quarter note rests, and sixteenth notesEach level contains small cards - perfect for centers, medium and large cards.Each level is color coordinated t
Students can play along with this song using cool percussion sounds on their desktop. Great for social distance music learning in classrooms. All students need is 2 pencils, a book, a desk, and themselves!**Due to copyright, this file does not contain the audio file for "You and Me" from Descendants 2, that must be purchased separately by the teacher doing the activity.**Included:Demonstration video.Teacher directions.Teacher cheat sheet with all rhythms/instruments.Projectable images for stud
3rd - 6th
This Pastel Rainbow Music file includes color-coordinated notes and rests posters. These files are fully editable in Google slides so you can add your own rhythmic syllables or personalize to your own counting system you use in your classroom!★Notes included:Quarter noteQuarter restEighth notesEighth noteEighth restHalf noteHalf restDotted half noteWhole noteWhole restSixteenth notesSixteenth noteSixteenth restEighth/two sixteenthsTwo sixteenths/EighthEighth-quarter-eighthDotted eighth sixteenth
Rhythm Capture is a fun head-to-head favorite for music centers and sub activities. It is a great reinforcement activity for rhythm notation and duration relationships. This game can be played with only the note tiles or with a combination of notes and rests. Players will need to use coordinate grids to plot their rhythm tiles and guess the location of their opponent's tiles, which will reinforce coordinate plane math standards. Included rhythm tiles: whole note, whole rest, dotted half note, h
Perfect for Fall Fun - Apple of My Eye!This apple-themed “Write-the-Room” scavenger hunt BUNDLE is sure to be a favorite in your classroom. Just print, cut, (and laminate, if possible) each of the flashcards. Also copy the student pages - one for each student. Scatter and hide the rhythm flashcards around the room. Students then search for the clues and record the rhythms that match each of the "appeeling" apple pictures. You will receive a set in both stick notation and staff notation for y
A form of transportation....A consonant....Read the clue and look closely…the answers are right in front of you! Uncover the hidden rhythms by solving the clues and earn points for your team.Directions: Print, laminate and cut the clues. Project the game onto the board. Take turns choosing clues and finding the objects in the pictures. Be warned, the clues may have more than one answer! Let your kids get clever too…for example, “Things that fly” could be a bird or the watch (time)!!! See the pre
K - 6th
Do your students need to move and get the wiggles out from time to time? Are they too old for Dance & Freeze activities? Rhythm Dance & Freeze was designed for older students with a TWIST!!! Each student receives a rhythm card. As the music plays, students read, then trade their card with another student. Students can read rhythms and trade cards for as long as the music plays. When the music stops, the teacher chooses a card from their pile. The student holding the same card is
Get your students reading and performing rhythms with Rhythm Centers Bundle! Beginning with quarter notes, half notes, & paired eighth notes and expanding into rests, syncopation, & sixteenth notes, this bundle of games addresses a wide range of rhythmic literacy. Start building rhythm fluency while having fun!By purchasing this bundle, you are saving 20% off the individual list prices of these games.These games are designed to build rhythm literacy. Each game in this bundle provides the
3rd - 6th
Use this activity to allow your students to move around the classroom while practicing reading and writing notes, rests, and rhythm patterns. Print out the Back to School themed worksheet and the 10 clue cards for each rhythm combination. Post the clue cards around the room, let your students match the picture, and then write the rhythm they find on the clue card. Students will enjoy getting to walk around the room, and you will be able to assess their abilities to write the included rhythms.
This Farmhouse Music file includes color-coordinated notes and rests posters. Rhythmic syllables from various counting systems are included.Updated June 2022- fully editable versions in PowerPoint to add your own rhythm syllables or counting system!★Notes included:Quarter note/taQuarter rest/restEighth notes/ti-ti/ta-diEighth note/tiEighth restHalf note/ta-a/ta-o/to-oHalf restDotted half note/ta-a-a/ta-o-a/to-o-o-/t-o-oeWhole note/ta-a-a-a/ta-o-a-o/whole note hold itWhole restSixteenth notes/tik
The Rhythm Chairs Game is a physically active and engaging way to teach students beat versus rhythm in elementary or middle school music. Students sit in the chairs to show how many sounds are on each beat, with each chair representing one beat. Level one rhythms include quarter notes and barred eighth notes. You will need at least 8 classroom chairs to play this game collaboratively. You will need 16 chairs to play this game in teams.This resource is perfect for:★elementary music teachers★middl
K - 1st

Also included in: Rhythm Chairs Bundle

Looking for a simple and creative way to teach your Kindergarten and Preschool students rhythm reading throughout the year? Check out this bundle!This GROWING BUNDLE includes 9 different themed pre-reading rhythm activities for preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students. It is a perfect way to teach using the Kodaly method: prepare, present, and practice rhythm reading for ta ti-ti, and ta rest (quarter note, eighth notes, and quarter rest). Your students will find this so exciting and
Use these worksheets to get your students composing their own melodies, accompaniments, and rhythm patterns! These worksheets are designed to help guide students, from lower elementary through middle and even high school, through the process of composing. Rhythm and pitch banks, clear, big staves and notation, simple directions, and clearly defined parameters make composition more accessible for students of all ages. The set includes blank templates in PDF and PowerPoint format to customize for
Use back-to-school phrases to get your students reading rhythms and creating rhythm compositions on the first day of school! This resource has many uses for creative music teachers! Here are some suggestions to get you started:1. Display the SHOW PowerPoint as rhythm reading practice. Chant the back-to-school phrase, then chant the rhythm pattern using neutral syllables or the rhythm syllables of your choice.2. Print slides in the CARDS PowerPoint (these slides have no color-more printer fri
The air is crisp, and the leaves are starting to change- the perfect to et into the autumn mood with this falling leaves rhythm activity. This resource gives you the perfect opportunity to engage the entire student while still practicing important rhythmic skills. Lesson plans are included for four different variations of the activity in order to meet the needs of the following learning objectives:Students will be able to read out loud rhythms including half note, quarter note, quarter rest, an
2nd - 5th
Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day, so why not have a little leprechaun fun in music class? This product gives you the perfect opportunity to engage the entire student while still practicing important rhythmic skills. Lesson plans are included for four different variations of the activity in order to meet the needs of the following learning objectives:Students will be able to read out loud rhythms including half note, quarter note, quarter rest, and paired eighth notesStudents will be able to
2nd - 5th
Learn rhythm in a fun way when students roll dice to make rhythm compositions. They will write it down on the rhythm worksheets, read it, and clap it.Send this home for distance learning or play while kids are on zoom. This could also work great as an assessment and the parents will love seeing what they have learned. It includes:• Directions• 3 levels of dice to print onto colored card stock• 3 levels of colored dice to print onto white card stock• 3 roll a rhythm pages for writing the rhyt
1st - 6th
This is a super fun (yet truly educational!) game where students race to the finish line by counting the number of beats on a card! Use in your daily lessons, as part of music center or music workstation activities, or as a great sub plan!This is a bundle of all the following levels:Level Beginner - Quarter Notes and Beamed Eighth NotesLevel 1 - Quarter Note, Quarter Rest, Beamed Eighth Notes {FREEBIE!}Level 2 - PLUS Half NoteLevel 3 - PLUS Whole NoteLevel 4 - PLUS Beamed Sixteenth NotesLevel 5
K - 5th
Basics of Rhythm is an all-in-one interactive music lesson which guides students through the sights, sounds, and feel of rhythm basics in music. This PowerPoint Presentation uses real-life images, audio, playalong recordings, and video links to keep students meaningfully engaged in the concept of rhythm. This is the perfect introduction or review of rhythm for your music students!This resource is perfect for:✅ elementary music teachers✅ middle school music teachers✅ substitute teachers✅ student

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