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Rhythm Manipulatives #musiccrewrhythm
A classic music room activity made simple. When you are crazy busy, you need a workhorse that you can use with ALL your classes. Five minutes passing time (or less!) between classes can be pretty rough on your setup, especially if you need to make a trip down the hall! This set makes it super e

Also included in: Music Manipulatives Bundle

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RHYTHM ACTIVITY Sheets: Match the Notation to the Words
This file of 12 RHYTHM worksheets now contains 13 RHYTHM worksheets!! ♪♪ BONUS ♪♪ Rhythm of 21 U.S. States has been added to the original 12 worksheets!Students are to match the name of the given words to the correct rhythm. The worksheets are for beginners, with the beats of each rhythm adding up t

Also included in: RHYTHM: Bundle of FOUR sets of Rhythm Worksheets

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Rhythm Basketball Set Vol 1 - 4th and 5th Grade Lesson Plan Rhythm Practice
Looking for a differentiated and exciting way to practice reading rhythms? Use Rhythm Basketball to bounce to the beat! Obtain enough basketballs, tennis balls, non-pitched instruments, or other bouncing balls and use the provided slides to perform rhythms with some of your favorite songs! I use
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Music Centers: Rhythm Race Counting Edition {BUNDLE} Levels B + 1-9
This is a super fun (yet truly educational!) game where students race to the finish line by counting the number of beats on a card! Use in your daily lessons, as part of music center or music workstation activities, or as a great sub plan! This is a bundle of all the following levels: • Level Begin
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Music Composition Worksheet Set
Use these worksheets to get your students composing their own melodies, accompaniments, and rhythm patterns! These worksheets are designed to help guide students, from lower elementary through middle and even high school, through the process of composing. Rhythm and pitch banks, clear, big staves an
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Rhythm Battle Bundle: projectable rhythm flash cards
These rhythm flash card slides are a great way to help students practice and review rhythm notation reading in a fun way! These slides are designed to gradually increase in difficulty as students go through each 4-beat pattern. This bundled set includes sets 1-5, each set adding new rhythms up to an
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Rhythm Chairs Level One: quarter and eighth notes
The Rhythm Chairs Game is a physically active and engaging way to teach students beat versus rhythm in elementary or middle school music. Students sit in the chairs to show how many sounds are on each beat, with each chair representing one beat. Level one rhythms include quarter notes and barred eig

Also included in: Rhythm Chairs Bundle

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Rhythm Exit Tickets/Slips
Rhythm Exit Tickets/Exit Slips provide a quick assessment of student learning. In less than fives minutes of class time, these slips can give you a student grade, learning artifacts/proof of student learning, and/or a way to determine student mastery.This set features 23 exit slips with notes and r

Also included in: Music Exit Ticket Giant Bundle

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The Pie Game: Rhythm Reading Made Fun
Music students have constant struggles when it comes to reading music notation, and with good reason! It's a completely foreign language with a whole set of symbols all its own. Reading rhythms can be particularly challenging- and that's where The Pie Game can help!Long used by band directors and mu
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Musical Boggle Bundle- Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Save when you buy Levels 1-9 all together! A musical variation on the classic board game - instead of forming words, students form 4-beat rhythm patterns. Three boards for each of the three difficulty levels. Now updated with one set of stem notation and one set with noteheads. Please be aware th
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Music Rhythms: It's Not Delivery, It's Da Rhythms
A fun step by step way to introduce rhythms to early elementary students. Visually beats are represented by pizza pieces. Toppings teach many other musical concepts that can be applied to the beats. Treat your students to this awesome game. It is such a fun way to practice Music Notes & Symbol
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Rhythm Poke Cards
***This set along with a bundle of other files is INCLUDED in the course, Activate Your Brain! Engaged Learning Strategies That Work!***Rhythm Poke Cards are a great way for students to assess themselves and encourage independent earning when reviewing note names and values. Have a big group of stud

Also included in: Music Poke Cards Bundle Set 1

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Favorite Games Bundle {Music Class Edition}  Kodaly Method Folk Song Files
Looking for great games to play in the music room for all ages? This awesome bundle will provide you with a set of kid-favorite games! 

 Song games and dances are my favorites to use in the classroom. I think it helps the kids connect with what they are learning. That little ditty they sang but
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Rhythm Clap Backs BUNDLE
Perfect for back to school time or anytime during the year! If your students love to do body beats, they will have fun with Rhythm Clap Backs! This bundle includes the complete pack (20 clap backs, 4 rhythm notation worksheets (including answer keys) and a memory game) plus the I Have Who Has clap
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We SPY - Bundle
A form of transportation.... A consonant.... Read the clue and look closely…the answers are right in front of you! Uncover the hidden rhythms by solving the clues and earn points for your team. Directions: Print, laminate and cut the clues. Project the game onto the board. Take turns choosing clue
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