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Volcanoes clip art features 84 items: ►42 graphics in color►42graphics in black&white 1. Agate.2. Andesite.3. Basalt.4. Black smokers background.5. Cut diamond.6. Devils Tower (Wyoming)7. Different types of lava- Aa lava.8. Different types of lava- Pahoehoe lava.9. Different types of lava- Pillow lava.10. Geyser.11. Hawaiian eruption.12. Lahar background.13. Layers of the earth.14. Olivine.15. Parts of a volcano (with labels) (in Spanish).16. Parts of a volcano (with labels).17. Parts of a v
Not Grade Specific
Snails clip art features 104 items: ►52 graphics in color►52 graphics in black&white 1. Snails mating.2. Some snails live in ponds.3. Some snails live in the sea.4. the underside of a snail.5. Tree snail-Liguus fasciatus.6. Violet sea snail-Janthina janthina.7. Assassin Snail-Clea helena.8. Boy pointing at a snail.9. Boy with snail 1.10. Boy with snail 2.11. Candy cane snail-Liguus virgineus.12. Colombian ramshorn apple snail-Marisa cornuarietis.13. Common periwinkle snail-Littorina littore
Not Grade Specific
This ENDLESS BUNDLE contains differentiated Color by Code resources that are a fun and engaging coloring activity that will have your kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade students asking to practice their skills more! The graphics appeal to the imagination and are an excellent way for students to practice number sense, subitizing, counting, letter sounds, and create an outstanding end product that they can be proud of. This resource is also a great activity to have students complete while
* * * SAVE BIG, BIG, BIG WITH THE GUIDED PHONICS + BEYOND ENDLESS GROWING MEGA! VIEW A DETAILED OVERVIEW VIDEO OF THE BUNDLE HERE!This ENDLESS mega is 100% aligned to the Guided Phonics program. However, you do NOT have to use that program to implement these packets. Additional packets will be added over time! View the scope and sequence of my Guided Phonics + Beyond HERE!Check out what packets are included NOW and what packets are UPCOMING!* * * Questions? Click HERE to Instant Message me! * *
Teach coping skills and self-regulation strategies with this social-emotional learning activity covering 50 emotions. Identify feelings and body language cues from multicultural emotions posters including Anger, Worried, Sad, Scared, Calm, and more. Includes a digital version for use with Google Slides.✨Includes:►Activity description including instructions/walk-through of activity, objectives, materials, guiding questions, SEL competencies, and ASCA standards.►6 different formats of Emotions pos
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ FLASH DEAL ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Get 900 Google™ Ready Slides your students at a special price! Your students will love to practice clocks and time using these telling time digital activities.Lock in this great price while you still can!These Digital Alphabet Slides and common core aligned ( CCSS 3.MD.A.1 CCSS 2.MD.C.7) and can be assigned to your students and used for centers, review, morning work, and homework. These fun and colorful games will keep your students engaged and the repetition will make lea
1st - 3rd
This product is also found in this "Math Doodle 5th Grade Math Interactive Notebook Bundle ALL YEAR SET Notes"the ALL YEAR SET is $99 and includes this product, plus task cards, weekly warmups, all the foldables, and vocabulary sheets that cover the entire year. This product is the same content as the foldables, just in flat sheet form.INCLUDED in this download:Math Doodle SheetGuided Practice Sheet PowerPoint – to show students the KEY– two versions of both sheets included: INB and large 8.5 x
2022 Update: Surprise! I decided to add editable full color awards with brand new diverse clip art! Every student will see themselves in these unique awards. I added 100+ brand new updated awards. This file is massive! These new awards are a bonus file. I cannot provide a black and white version due to the cost of all the clip art. All the original awards are still in the file. Here is a new award tracker in Google Sheets for your convenience. If you want to check out a list of all the awards, j
Counting up to 20 Cut and Paste!This packet includes 50 pages of NO PREP Practice for counting up to 20. Students work on counting groups and ten frames while cutting and pasting the matching number. Included in this packet:Page 1: Counting 0-5 Pumpkin SeedsPage 2: Counting 0-5 ApplesPage 3: Counting 0-5 BalloonsPage 4: Counting 0-5 BeadsPage 5: Counting 0-5 BubblesPage 6: Counting 6-10 ButtonsPage 7: Counting 6-10 BackpackPage 8: Counting 6-10 CrayonsPage 9: Counting 6-10 CubesPage 10: Countin
K - 1st
To sample this product: try this FREEBIE: Doodle Sheet - Prime FactorizationIncluded in this download:68 Math Doodle Sheets - explains each math concept68 Guided Practice Sheets to check for understanding of each concept68 PowerPoints to show the key to the doodle notes and the guided practice!* Two versions of each sheet included - Full sheet and INB Size* TEKS AND CC Aligned! Full Year Alignment page included.NEW Table of Contents page added for the INB or binder.These 6th grade math doodle sh
Weekly Spelling Packets! Get ready to transform your weekly spelling routines! No more random list of words! This fun, hands-on and engaging 38 Week Spelling Program focuses on phonics and sight words! ***DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW TO SEE THIS CURRICULUM UP CLOSE!2nd Grade Spelling Curriculum HERE3rd Grade Spelling Curriculum HEREWhat is Included?38 Weeks of Spelling packets Monday - Thursday practice/ Friday TestHome Connection Parent and Friends Letter11 Spelling Menus - one for each new Phonics Ski
Read and Sequence for Beginners! Thank you so much for viewing my Read and Sequence for Beginners! This resource is filled with 50 simple stories that is Science of Reading Aligned! Each simple story has only 3 lines of text. The text includes CVC decodable words and sight words/heart words. What resources are included?Word Mapping Page for Decodable Text50 3 Lined Stories Listed BelowList of Heart Words Included for each storyBlack and White VersionColor VersionFile Folder Print and Prep Versi
PreK - 1st
This a Bundle of 50 Middle School Math Anchor Charts! This bundle will contain charts useful for grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8! This bundle is a completed set, however: if you have an suggestions for additional charts, please feel free to "Ask the Seller a Question." I may use those suggestions for a part #2 anchor chart set. This resource was put together using high quality scans of the hand-drawn anchor charts that I use in my classroom. You will get the individual anchor charts (both the
Cozy, neutral colors + aesthetic designs = the classroom of your DREAMS! This boho classroom decor includes over 1,400 pages, nearly all of which are text-editable to customize for your class! Not only is this boho dreams decor beautiful, but the pieces are functional which will create your ideal atmosphere for learning, growing, and building community. Click the View Preview button to see more! ⭐The Boho Dreams Classroom Decor is a GROWING BUNDLE!Many more resources will be added to this classr
KinderSocialSkills Easy Readers- a set of 300 books covering 75 social skills topics! What are KinderSocialSkills Easy Readers?KinderSocialSkills easy readers take 75 common social skills and teaches them in a kid-friendly way for students. The students are able to grow and develop by reading the social stories. The social stories contain two main characters, Tom Cat and Tabby Cat. The two cats will take the students on adventures as they are introduced to the broad social skills context thro
Weekly Spelling Packets! Get ready to transform your weekly spelling routines! No more random list of words! This fun, hands-on and engaging 38 Week Spelling Program focuses on phonics and sight words! ⭐️ FIRST GRADE SPELLING CURRICULUM HERE⭐️ 3rd GRADE SPELLING CURRICULUM HERE⭐️ DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW TO SEE THIS CURRICULUM UP CLOSE!What is Included?38 Weeks of Spelling packets Monday - Thursday practice/ Friday TestHome Connection Parent and Friends Letter14 Spelling Menus - one for each new Pho
INCLUDED in this download: 47 Science Doodle Sheets Two versions of all 47 sheets included: 
Interactive Notebook Size and large 8.5 x 11 size 47 PowerPoints – to show students the KEYThese flat doodle sheets are different than my foldables. It is the same content but in a flat sheet format. They make great reviews after the foldables and also can be used as an anchor chart. Enlarge them to poster size and laminate for amazing posters for your room and use in a station! So many possibilities...
This ULTIMATE BUNDLE contains...1. COMPUTERS COURSE PART 1 & 2Computers Course3. BUSINESS AND MARKETING BUNDLEBusiness and Marketing BundleBONUS: The Business/Marketing Bundle resources come in both PowerPoint (editable) and PDF formats. The Computer Course Bundles are in PDF format. After you have purchased, you can email me at and request the PowerPoint (editable) versions for those Bundles.I have been teaching this Computers course for over 14 years (2-4 classes
6th - 11th
This German Worksheets MEGA bundle includes all my current and future worksheets at 50%!!This resource is made of 100% editable word files. NOTE: This is a GROWING BUNDLE and the price will increase as new worksheets are added. Includes the following worksheets:1. Present Tense2. Negatives and affirmatives3. Question words4. Subject Pronouns5. Reflexive Verbs6. Object Pronouns7. Giving Directions8. Prepositions 9. Prepositions: Around Town10. Possessives11. Haben Expressions version 12. Irreg
8th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Esta unidad de trabajo sobre LAS MANZANAS contiene hojas imprimibles, actividades de manualidades, tarjetas y posters para trabajar en los centros de ciencias naturales en español. (GOOGLE SLIDES ADDED)INDICECONTENIDOS Y TIPOS DE ACTIVIDADES:* HOJAS IMPRIMIBLES:PAGINAS7. Texto de no-ficción sobre las manzanas.8. Hoja de preguntas comprensivas sobre el texto de la pag. Anterior.9. Escribe 5 datos sobre la manzana.10. Observo la manzana y escribo lo que veo.11. Escribe palabras relacionadas con la
Este es un cuadernillo de Matemática y Lenguaje con hojas de trabajo imprimibles (printables) en español para nivel de Kindergarten. A continuación se detallan los contenidos de las 80 hojas de trabajo para trabajar las primeras semanas de clases: 0 – carátula para colorear 1 – carátula de matemática2 – el número 0 cero3 – el número 1 uno4 – el número 2 dos5 – el número 3 tres6 – el número 4 cuatro7- el número 5 cinco8 – el número 6 seis9 – el número 7 siete10 – el número 8 ocho11 – el número 9
PreK - 2nd
Esta unidad de trabajo contiene hojas imprimibles, Google Slides, actividades de manualidades, tarjetas y posters para trabajar en los centros de ciencias naturales en español. La temática es sobre LAS GALLINAS (CHICKENS) (GOOGLE SLIDES ADDED)INDICECONTENIDOS Y TIPOS DE ACTIVIDADES:* HOJAS IMPRIMIBLES:PAGINAS9. Texto de no-ficción sobre las gallinas.10. Hoja de preguntas comprensivas sobre el texto de la pag. Anterior.11. Escribe 5 datos sobre la gallina.12. Observo la gallina y escribo lo que v
Looking to create a boho rainbow themed classroom?! This modern rainbow classroom decor contains beautiful boho rainbows and calming colors with many editable files to make it work for you! Get your classroom decorated, organized, and ready to welcome students into a warm, inviting atmosphere!  If you have any questions about this decor pack, please don't hesitate to send me an email at I'd love to help! :)The Bundle Includes:1. Fun Font and Primary Font Alphabet Posters (6 St
These close reading comprehension passages are the perfect no-prep, standards-based, and high interest way to strengthen your students' close reading skills!This resource includes 100 passages professionally written by a published children's author with more than 100 books in print!WHAT’S INCLUDED:✍️ PRINT:60 printable passages with comprehension questions (Each with 2 levels! 120 passages total.)Teacher answer keysStudent annotation guide3 graphic organizers to use with the 5 included paired pa
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