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Are you looking for a resource that will engage your students in the learning process? This resource uses questions as inspiration for conducting research into different animals. The animals are used as inspiration to design robots. Watch as your students explore ideas to create robots that can wave at you inspired by lemurs or jump over high fences inspired by kangaroos. This easy-to-use product is the perfect addition to centers and will have your students inventing and creating in no time! Th
Your students will love a project about animals in the snow and you will be amazed at how easy it is to introduce design challenges into your classroom. Inspire your students to watch nature with biomimicry glasses where the focus is on studying special features and superpowers that animals and plants have spent billions of years developing. By tapping into these secrets we can learn not only about ourselves but also find solutions to problems and ideas for new innovation. By mimicking strategie
Let us look at frogs - the champion animal athlete with strong legs! Your students will have a wonderful time using tadpoles, tree frogs or big toads as inspiration for innovative ideas or problem-solving. This biomimicry resource will guide you through the process of using design challenges and steam activities to inspire students to ask questions, study the natural world and use creative thinking to explore the animal world.These activities are fun and engaging. And great brain workout!This re
Use this sea life resource to provide your students with an ocean of understanding and inspiration! Let your students enter the fascinating world of seahorses, fish and whales. The aim is to inspire students to ask questions and study sea life to design and solve problems. This biomimicry resource is easy to use and your students will love to research sea life and come up with unique solutions to the challenges. Feel inspired, Be creative and Make Change.This resource has been prepared so that
You’ll have a great time exploring this remarkable egg-laying animal with your students. Learning about the life cycle is fascinating and using smart, scary and spectacular sharks as inspiration for creative thinking can lead to wonderful and exciting ideas and insights. What are you waiting for? Purchase this fun, educational and engaging resource now and give your students a science activity they'll love.This resource has been prepared so that your students can use it on digital dev
The rainforest is home to the most stunning and fascinating plants and animals, and this resource includes a lesson plan that will guide you through the process of using biomimicry and steam activities to challenge students’ creative thinking. The aim is to inspire students to ask questions and use creative thinking to explore ideas inspired by animals and plants that are found in the rainforest.These activities are fun and engaging.This resource has been prepared so that your students can use i
Can you invent something using porcupine as inspiration? With many interesting facts and creative thinking prompts, the included information will help you introduce hours of engaging science activities about the woodland to your students. Learning about woodland animals & plants with a biomimicry lens will provide inspiration for creative thinking that can lead to wonderful and exciting ideas and insights. This resource has been prepared so that your students can use it on digital devices. I
Spring units are not complete without colorful caterpillars and beautiful butterflies. This resource focuses on using observations of these insects to solve design and imagination challenges. Purchase this engaging resource now and provide your students with science activities that will help them develop their curiosity and desire to learn about the natural world. These activities are fun and engaging. And great brain workout!This topic also provides an opportunity to bring the learning outdoors
*Updated for 2022 - 2023 school year*Don't you just wish all of your important papers and information were in one place!? Wait no more! This bright, chevron striped teacher binder is a great way to keep all of your important papers in one place. From a substitute packet, to parent conference forms, to students grades ...this binder (hopefully) has it all! PLEASE READ BELOW OR DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW to see EXACTLY what is included.**Remember: ONCE YOU BUY THIS BINDER ONCE, then EACH YEAR you can us
Not Grade Specific
Recent Review:Jessica Reed (TpT Seller) July 22, 2020 ( 5 Stars)Extremely satisfied"This is a mega download of pure easy to use interactive notebook. I am not a person who likes messes and this was so easy to prep. I have taken every page and make my own "copy" to complete with the students. I love this and I know my students will use this resource in the classroom!"*NOTE: These doodle sheets have the SAME CONTENT as the 3rd grade FOLDABLES - however, these are in FLAT SHEET FORM* - plus I added
NO PREP CUT AND PASTE UNIT 1 iREADY MATH COUNT, ADD, AND SUBTRACT FIRST GRADE Lessons 1 to 5 This pack is a great addition to any First Grade Math Curriculum. It offers students extensive practice in understanding numbers 0-5 counting, writing and comparing numbers. Students will develop strategies for keeping track of objects being counted and start to build a strong foundation for success in math. There are 21 pages (4-5 pages for each lesson) of cut and paste work sheets that will ke
I have been teaching this Computers course for over 16 years (2-4 classes each year). Each time I teach these lessons, I update and refine them with new videos, screen shots, instructions, student exemplars etc. This bundle contains an entire Computers Course (Part 1 & Part 2) BONUS: The resources in these Computer Course Bundles are in PDF format. After you have purchased, you can email me and request the PowerPoint (editable) versions of the Bundles. Note: This course explores a variety o
Teach coping skills and self-regulation strategies with this social-emotional learning activity covering 50 emotions. Identify feelings and body language cues from multicultural emotions posters including Anger, Worried, Sad, Scared, Calm, and more. Includes a digital version for use with Google Slides.✨Includes:►Activity description including instructions/walk-through of activity, objectives, materials, guiding questions, SEL competencies, and ASCA standards.►6 different formats of Emotions pos
This Marketing Course contains lessons, activities, case studies, tests, a culminating activity and final exam. The resources are separated into folders by unit... (Marketing Basics, Trends in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Analyzing Companies, Cases and Extras). These resources explore current marketing topics and trends and incorporate multi-media technology including video, website investigations and online articles. I have taught Marketing for over 15 years and have updated and expanded my le
8th - 12th
GROUNDHOG DAY – MATH LITERACY AND OTHER ACTIVITIES – NO PREP is a set of printables with groundhog theme. AS it is NO-PREP you just have to print and hand out and it’s great to use with your kindergarten students. This packet includes 50 different activities designed to meet Common Core Standards while making learning fun and requires NO-PREP. All these activities are perfect for morning work, centres, quick review, homeschooling, free time and homework. UPDATED JANUARY 2022.This packet include
PreK - 1st
Grade 8 Science Bundle | PDF and Digital Formats: Teachers are provided with 82 in-depth, engaging, and cross-curricular lessons to help their students explore and understand Grade 8 science. This 4-unit bundle will help you teach science without a textbook. Students will love these engaging and differentiated units that cover Cells, Water Systems, Fluids, and Systems in Action. This resource contains individual PDFs of student pages to assist with online learning i.e. Google Classroom™. The un
Are you searching for a step-by-step PowerPoint that can be used to introduce the four types of conflict to your students in a way that will grab their attention? You've come to the right place! This 39-slide PowerPoint focuses on the four main types of conflict that can be introduced in a story. The concept of conflict is presented in a systematic manner, and it includes a football player analogy to try to engage some of those learners who might find this topic a little boring and/or unimportan
Create your own Color by Code worksheets with this Editable Sight Word Bundle! 30 different Color by Code packs are included - over 220 DIFFERENT PAGES! The majority of the Color by Code Bundle includes Editable Sight Word Packs but I also included NO PREP color by code packs using letters, numbers, CVC words, simple addition and simple subtraction. These editable packs color by code packs are completely auto-fill which means you can customize them in just seconds. Just type in SIX to EIGHT sig
This is a fun collection of comprehension worksheets, graphic organizers and extension activities to go along with the story, Thanksgiving in the Woods by Phyllis Alsdurf. This is a great story to read for Thanksgiving. It is a perfect read aloud to share family traditions and learn how sometimes a simple celebration can be amazing. This story works well with with sequencing activities and learning about the role of the setting in a story. This packet includes over 30 pages to choose from, and
FirstieWriting Curriculum Two Opinion Writing - is an engaging, standards-based first grade, genre-based writing curriculum.Save BIG when you purchase the FirstieWriting BUNDLED units. View the B U N D L E here!Do you have a few extra moments? Watch a detailed videos about this curriculum HEREWhat is FirstieWriting?FirstieWriting Curriculum is an engaging, first grade, genre-based writing curriculum. FirstieWriting encourages young learners to look inward at their endless possibilities as a wr
This growth mindset bundle features a PowerPoint, five days of lesson plans, and worksheets. The 85-slide PowerPoint is designed to introduce your students to 5 major components of growth mindset beliefs. To start, students are introduced to the differences between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. Students also learn how repeated practice helps strengthen the brain and the power of positive self-talk. Finally, students learn how to best deal with mistakes and perceived failures, and they le
Counting up to 20 Cut and Paste!This packet includes 50 pages of NO PREP Practice for counting up to 20. Students work on counting groups and ten frames while cutting and pasting the matching number. Included in this packet:Page 1: Counting 0-5 Pumpkin SeedsPage 2: Counting 0-5 ApplesPage 3: Counting 0-5 BalloonsPage 4: Counting 0-5 BeadsPage 5: Counting 0-5 BubblesPage 6: Counting 6-10 ButtonsPage 7: Counting 6-10 BackpackPage 8: Counting 6-10 CrayonsPage 9: Counting 6-10 CubesPage 10: Countin
K - 1st
This product is also found in this "Math Doodle 5th Grade Math Interactive Notebook Bundle ALL YEAR SET Notes"the ALL YEAR SET is $99 and includes this product, plus task cards, weekly warmups, all the foldables, and vocabulary sheets that cover the entire year. This product is the same content as the foldables, just in flat sheet form.INCLUDED in this download:Math Doodle SheetGuided Practice Sheet PowerPoint – to show students the KEY– two versions of both sheets included: INB and large 8.5 x
Looking for ways to make argumentation and persuasion both relevant and rigorous? This thorough, 114-page unit on argumentative and persuasive writing is aligned with Common Core and also prepares students for the AP™ English Language & Composition (AP™ Language & Composition) Exam. Each of the 21 lesson plans includes these elements: Materials Needed, "I Can" Statement, Essential Question, Common Core Standards (except Lessons 20 and 21), AP™ English Language & Composition Standards
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