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Catch the Easter Bunny Clip Art Pack

This - Catch the Easter Bunny - Clipart collection includes all the images shown in the sample picture and more. This pack includes 44 different clips:* Black line masters of all clips* Easter Bunny (several poses)* Eggs (many colors)* Bingo* Disco Ball* Popsicle* Candy Fish* Carrot* Peep (chick)* Microphone* Grass* Easter Basket* Fake Bunny* Trap* etc...Graphics come in PNG format 300 dpi format.My graphics are suitable for printing and digital projects and can be easily re-sized smaller to sui

Spring Science Clip Art Set {Educlips Clipart}

Created by
This is a collection of images connected with spring science activities: specifically investigating creatures as they emerge for spring time.The images in this set include: kids with clipboards, kids with butterfly nets, caterpillar, butterfly, butterfly carrier, empty jar, jar with leaves, kids searching for bugs, magnifiers, ladybug, snail, net.44 images (23 in color and 21 in B&W)This set contains all of the images shown.Images saved at 300dpi in PNG files.For personal or commercial use.C

College and Career Bundle - Daily Living Skills

Created by
Susan Traugh
The College and Career Bundle Pack is a cost-saving bundle pack to help walk your students with special needs through the life skills and transition skills needed to manage a career or post-secondary education in adult life.WHO AM I? COLLEGE AND CAREER—This book allows students to examine their IEP’s, advocate for themselves, analyze their learning styles and explore job aptitude. (Pgs. 44)GETTING A PAYCHECK—Students explore time sheets, gross and net pay, types of deductions, employer expectati

Stress Management Bundle - Self Management Series

Created by
Susan Traugh
Stress Management is a bundle pack from the Self-Management series of units that are part of the Daily Living Skills series. Using 8 books from the Daily Living Skills series, students are directed to the social-emotional skills they need to manage personal stress better and are provided tools to function better in the classroom, workplace, and life in general in this one-year bundle pack. Books in this series are provided in a prescribed order so that students can build their skill set from boo

Building 3D Shapes Nets Craft EDITABLE Geometry Math Project

Created by
Lindsay Keegan
3D Shapes have never been so much fun! Building these shape nets allow students to create 3D shapes that they can engage with, making learning memorable. There are 5 different options for each of the seven 3D shapes, including an editable version for you and your students to customize.Students cut out their 3D shape nets and use tape or glue to assemble and create a concrete version that they can manipulate. 3D Shapes Included in this Resource:CubeCylinderRectangular PrismTriangular PrismPyrami

3D Shape Nets - Cute Buddies

CUTE, fun & engaging 3D shape nets! Perfect for junior years classrooms but could be used in upper grades as well. The finished product looks awesome displayed in your room after and provides a reminder of the key features. These have been designed for little hands with large fold flaps, fold lines and colored glue flaps! If you are working with children who don't have good fine motor development I would recommend enlarging if you can. Also have tape available in case the gluing just isn't w

Reading Homework - 4th & 5th Grade Reading Review: 44 Texts (Differentiated)

Created by
Jennifer Findley
Do you need reading homework that is differentiated, common core aligned, and rigorous? This reading homework bundle is just what you need!About the Reading Homework BundleThis reading homework bundle includes 11 sets of skill-specific reading homework.Each set includes:4 texts written at two levels - 1 text per week3 options for daily open-ended assignments (Monday-Wednesday)Thursday text-dependent questions – most are short answer, but a few sets also include multiple choice***Reminder: One te

6th Grade Geometry Project with Nets and Surface Area

Created by
Rise over Run
With this project, students must identify nets and 3D figures along with calculating surface area, perimeters, and volume. It is great way to practice several sixth grade standards! Students get hands-on experience working with nets, surface area, and volume. Not only is this activity engaging, but it will help create a conceptual understanding of 3D figures and their attributes. The project has 4 parts and 2 Follow Up practice worksheets. The parts can be assigned to individual students or par

7th Grade Surface Area Unit | Surface Area of Prisms and Pyramids with Nets

An 8 day CCSS-Aligned Surface Area Unit - including finding the surface area of rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, rectangular pyramids, and triangular pyramids. Students will practice with both skill-based problems, real-world application questions, and error analysis to support higher level thinking skills. You can reach your students and teach the standards without all of the prep and stress of creating materials!Standards: 7.G.6; Texas Teacher? Grab the TEKS-Aligned Surface Area Unit. Pl

Ancient Rome to 44 BCE Map Activity (Print and Digital)

Created by
History Gal
Students will label and color a map of Ancient Rome in 44 BC/BCE to better understand the expansion of Roman power. Students will also answer 6 questions about the map. What's Included with the print versions:*Blank map with 6 questions for students to answer (2 pages, BC and BCE versions included, uneditable pdf)*Blank map without questions (1 1/2 pages, BC and BCE versions included, uneditable pdf)*Map for students to just color (1 page, BC and BCE versions included, uneditable pdf)*Answer key

Shape Nets (3D) - 15 printable net templates (Maths - Geometry)

This pack is part of our larger 3D shape pack which includes over 50 3D shape worksheets.. This pack includes 15 printable 3D shape net templates: Triangular prism Rectangular prism Cube Square based pyramid Cuboid Rectangular based pyramid Pentagonal prism Pentagonal pyramid Hexagonal prism Hexagonal pyramid Octagonal prism Octagonal pyramid Cone Cylinder Parallelepiped If you like this pack, take a look at our 2D & 3D Shape Packs and Shape Posters Pack: 2D Shape Pack 3D Shape Pack Shape

MATHVILLE Build a City Math Project Geometry Volume Area Nets

Give your students the chance to build their own city from scratch with MATHVILLE! In this project students will go through 6 phases where you will measure, calculate, cut, color, build, paste, and use your math problem solving skills to construct the city from scratch. Students will calculate the base area, surface area and volume of 3d figures (last two are optional depending on grade level). The nets form the buildings of the city, their base area will help the students know the location of

3D Shapes Worksheets - Sorting Activities - Nets - Posters

3D Shapes! Everything you need to teach about 3D shapes is found in this illustrated tutorial booklet. From definitions and real world examples to a nets folding activity. Shapes featured are cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders, cones, triangular pyramids, rectangular pyramids and triangular prisms. The sections in this book are:★ Introduction to 3D Shapes★ 3D Shape Definitions⚾ 3D Shape Examples (real world)★ 3D Shape Nets★ 3D Shape Properties♣3D Shape Memory Game★ 3D Shape Posters★ 3D Shape Wo

Surface Area of Prisms and Pyramids | Surface Area of Nets

Created by
Hello Learning
Students will practice finding the surface area of pyramids and the surface area of prisms with this set of task cards. Finding the surface area of nets will be fun with this colorful and easy to use geometry activity!Open the product preview to see examples of the types of problems included.This resource includes:20 nets and surface area task cardsstudent answer sheet (2 versions- one with formulas, one without)answer keycover for organizing task cards box, bag or on a ringSkills Include:nets a

Finding Surface Area Using Nets

In this hands-on activity, students create 3-dimensional models using nets. Students are required to identify the type of prism (cube, rectangular, triangular) and find the surface area of the prism using the net. There are 8 nets included in this activity (3 cubes, 3 rectangular prisms, and 2 triangular prisms). This activity does a great job targeting CCSS 6 GA 4. Student worksheet and answer key is included.

Net Force - Balanced and Unbalanced Forces - Science Color By Number Review

Created by
Morpho Science
Students will answer 12 questions that relate to force and motion. The questions focus on how balanced and unbalanced forces affect the motion of objects - Newton's First Law of Motion. Once finished, students will use the answers to color the corresponding parts of a fun soccer ball coloring page. Standards:Supplemental Activity for NGSS MS-PS2-2: Force and Motion / TEKS 8.6AIncluded:➤ Student Question Sheet➤ Student Coloring Page➤ Teacher KeysHow is this product useful?✔ Excellent summative as

Exploring Surface Area with Nets

The best way for your students to learn about surface area is for them to experience it hands-on. This bundle starts out with a few simple pages of foldable nets. Students need experience folding in order to visualize the concept of surface area! I purposely don't include tabs used for gluing the faces together, because I believe it's more valuable for students to open and close the nets instead of spending time gluing.Next, your students can demonstrate their understanding of bases, faces, a

Desk Chart - 2 Levels - 44 Phonemes (sounds) Editable

Created by
Clever Classroom
Editable 44 phonemes and over 180 graphemes desk chart classroom decor, 2 levels. Edit the spelling desk charts and change the graphemes to include your own examples. This is particularly suited to your dialect or accent in your region of the world. Teaching spelling can be very tricky for our developing readers and spellers. There are 26 letters in the alphabet, however there are 44 phonemes, and many more graphemes (written phoneme).Students place on desks as a ready reading and writing refere

Geometry Games: 3D Shapes and Nets {Three Dimensional Shapes}

Created by
Games 4 Gains
Motivate your students with these NO-PREP geometry games! Included are 10 fun and differentiated 'BUMP' games to help students practice identifying and classifying three-dimensional shapes. These games are perfect for small groups and centers, or can even be used as an informal assessment tool.When using these games, students will practice matching the names of 3D shapes to images, real-world images, nets, and to specific characteristics (number of faces, edges, and vertices).Included with this

7th and 8th Grade ELA REVIEW BUNDLE. 44 Grammar Reviews & Practice. 99 Pages

✶ This 7th grade and 8th grade ELA resource contains 44 Grammar Reviews; spread throughout 99 pages, with full answer keys about Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure, Phrases, Clauses, Punctuation, Capitalization, Usages, Mechanics, Subjects and Predicates, and Objective Complements. It is ideal to explain, practice, and review the main skills of each topic with your students. *** Click here for a FULLY EDITABLE Google Document version of this resource ***✶ This resource is written in a simple an

3D Shape Nets

This package has 7 different 3D shape nets (made to be printed on regular sized printer paper).Included in this package are nets for the following shapes:Cube, Cone, Cylinder, Triangular Prism, Rectangular Prism, Square-based Pyramid, Triangular-based PyramidI have included two different versions of this product:• A set with a smiley face and an area for students to write in the shape's name and its number of faces, vertices, and edges. **There is also a version that uses the word corners instea

Yayoi Kusama • Dot Pumpkin Art Lesson • Infinity Nets • Roll A Pumpkin

Looking for a fun fall art lesson? Check out our Yayoi Kusama Dot Pumpkins! With lots of pattern ideas and step-by-step infinity nets, this resource will surely make your art project a success. This lesson would be great for grades 3-5 and has many pattern ideas for your pumpkins. Plus, this lesson also has Roll & Draw game and a timeline activity that pairs well with the book "Yayoi Kusama: From Here to Infinity."With various patterns and step-by-step instructions, your kids (or you) will h

Science Maze Calculating Net Force

This is a worksheet that help students with calculating Net Force TEK 8.6: Demonstrate and calculate how unbalanced forces change the speed or direction of an object's motion Starting at the tree, the students must know how to calculate net forces and then be able to tell in which direction the force is moving. They will follow the arrow with the correct answer to the next problem, The students can color in the arrows and apples as they complete the worksheet or simply draw a line tha

Surface Area of Nets Activity | Surface Area of Prisms & Pyramids Activity

This Surface Area Cut and Paste is a great way to show the connection between the 3d figure, the net, and the surface area.  Students will calculate the surface area of rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, rectangular pyramids, triangular pyramids. This activity is great for extra practice, as a station or center, and can be used to add variety to homework or independent work. Students can be hands-on, while still applying their understanding of surface area of 3d figures. Students are able to
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