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Hello! This is the most special collection in my shop. It's my biggest bundle with 56 different animal friends in 14 different volumes. Hope you like them as much as I do! IN THE COLLECTION... Animal Friends Volume 11. Otters 2. Whales 3. Snowy Owls 4. Arctic Fox Animal Friends Volume 2 5. Narwhals 6. Moose 7. Penguins 8. Polar Bears Animal Friends Volume 39. Yeti 10. Dragons 11. Unicorns 12. Baby Dinosaurs Animal Friends Volume 413. Koalas 14. Kangaroos 15. Camels 16. Kiwi Animal Friends Volume
Not Grade Specific
Great Value! This reading lesson contains a complete guided reading worksheet with 28 questions (with answer key) for the middle school short story After Twenty Years by O. Henry. Questions consist of True and False, multiple choice, fill in the blank and short answer. Answer key included!It will take about 40-55 minutes for the students to complete the 28 question worksheet (depending on the student).**This lesson is HOMESCHOOLING / Coronavirus / Covid 19 / Schools Closed / Distance Learning
Pencil-shaped flip calendar with the years 2021-2032 included!It is attached to a 16-28" magnetic curtain rod (can be found on Amazon) using 1” binder rings to hang on a classroom whiteboard! Total pencil shape length is about 19-22"Click the green star ★ above to follow my store and receive all the latest product updates and freebies!NOW EDITABLE as of July 2022.I have received lots of requests to make this flip calendar editable so I did just that! The file now includes an editable PowerPoint
A K/1 Social Studies Unit introducing concepts of economics through games and activities: * Needs and Wants Webs and Sort (p. 3-6) * Goods and Services Webs and Sort (p. 7-10) * “Making Choices” Activity (p. 11) * Drawing Basic Needs (p. 12) * My Economics Book (p. 13-16) * “Why Save?” Writing Activity (p.17) * When I Grow Up (p. 18) * “A Job Well Done” Writing Activity (p. 19) * Game Ideas (p. 20-28) * School Needs & Wants Hunt (p. 29) * School Goods & Services Hunt (p. 30)
K - 1st
Make the Constitution jump off the page with these resources! Contents of the U.S. Constitution Unit: Pages 3-5: Articles of Confederation-Passage and Cloze ActivityPages 6-8: Creating a Constitution-Passage and Flap Book ActivityPages 9-11: Preamble to the Constitution-Passage and Match ActivityPages 12-16: Preamble to the Constitution-Mini-BookPages 17-19: The Great Preamble Race-Help your students memorize the Preamble in a FUN way!Pages 20-21: Preamble Roll-a-Phrase-A review of terms from th
This magical bundle has 124 pages of Wizarding themed classroom decorations.If you enjoyed this bundle you may enjoy these magical bundles too...Wizarding Classroom Bundle #2 (76 page) World Motivational Posters Bathroom Postershttps://www.teacherspaytea
Not Grade Specific
From the US Constitution and Branches of Government to the Preamble and Magna Carta this BUNDLE 35 Civics and Government Escape Rooms has you covered! 1. Declaration of Independence2. US Constitution3. Revolutionary War Causes4. Branches of Government5. Bill of Rights6. Founding Fathers7. Preamble8. George Washington9. Boston Tea Party10. Boston Massacre11. Susan B. Anthony12. Supreme Court13. Women's Suffrage14. Mayflower15. Articles of Confederation16. Citizenship and Naturalization17. Statue
Have your students learn about 50 influential and famous scientists! Save time decorating your classroom! Easily print, laminate, and hang around your classroom or bulletin boards. Scientists included are:1. Isabella Abbott 2. Elizabeth G. Anderson3. Mary Anning4. Francoise Barre-Sinoussi5. Alice Ball6. Patricia Bath7. Niels Bohr8. Margaret Ann Bulkley9. Rachel Carson10. George Washington Carver11. France Cordova12. Steven Chu13. Marie Curie14. Charles Darwin15. Christian Doppler16. Jennifer Dou

Also included in: Science Poster BUNDLE

The easiest way to teach the 36 most important Learning Theorists and their Theories. Plus the 36 most important Learning Theories in the psychology world. It works for me, it will work for you!It includes the following theorists:1. Ivan Pavlov 2. John B. Watson3. Rosalie Rayner4. Orval Hobart Mowrer5. John Dewey6. John García7. Harry Harlow8. B.F. Skinner9. Albert Bandura10. Edwin Ray Guthrie11. Robert M. Gagné12. Howard Gardner13. Jean Piaget14. Jerome S. Brunner15. Kurt Lewin16. Carl Rogers
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
*********Priced lower than normal price for the first week!**********Sight Words | List 1 | Pre Primer | Crowns and Watches | English40 crowns and watches! Each crown has a sentence. We tried to include positive and social emotional sentences on each crown!Included in this pack is one crown and one watch per 17.is18.it19.jump20.little21.look22.make23.me24.my25.not26.one27.play28.red29.run30.said31.see
Let's learn about Natural Disasters! This worksheet includes 34 pages with a large variety of activities and exercises about natural disasters. Crosswords, word searches, puzzles and other kinds of activities are included to make it a fun and interesting class. The answers and an answer sheet are included. GOOGLE SLIDES AND FILLABLE PDF VERSIONS INCLUDED!Overview: Page 1-2: Introduction Page 3-4: EarthquakesPage 5-7: HurricanesPage 8-9: FloodsPage 10-11: Volcanic EruptionsPage 12-13: TsunamisPag
Reinforce geometry skills and vocabulary with this bright colored geometry poster set. Display all 52 posters or pick and choose as each concept is introduced. Check out the preview for a more detailed look! Each poster includes illustrations and attributes for each type of line, angle, and geometric figure. Here’s what’s included: 1. Side 2. Vertex 3. Edge 4. Face 5. Base 6. Types of Lines 7. Line 8. Ray 9. Line Segment 10. Parallel Lines 11. Intersecting Lines 12. Perpendicular Lines 13. T
New Style! This recently updated set of cards features a bright rainbow background with a swirled border. As requested, there are now full page posters for each music term. Great for music centers and bulletin boards!Product Includes:+ 30 flashcards to print, cut, and laminate (6 per page)+ 30 full-page musical term postersFeatured Terms:01. Rhythm02. Beat03. Meter04. Measure05. Accent06. Sound07. Improvisation08. Baton09. Tempo10. Pitch11. Dynamics12. Range13. Interval14. Tone15. Ritardando1
Not Grade Specific
Let’s get to know Africa! This worksheet includes 36 pages with a wide variety of activities and exercises about Africa. The materials have informative exercises about the things that Africa is famous for, such as tribal peoples, natural resources, Nelson Mandela, wildlife, Nelson Mandela, pyramids and many other things! Crosswords, word searches, puzzles and other kinds of activities are included to make it a fun and interesting class. GOOGLE SLIDES WITH PREMADE TEXTBOXES INCLUDED! Overview:Pag
This is a 116 page set that is perfect for teaching the LIFE CYCLE OF A PLANT! It includes anchor chart posters, vocabulary cards, foldables, worksheets, sequencing activities, interactive notebook sheets, an observation journal, a craft, and more! This is the only file you will need to teach your entire plant & seeds unit! ⭐Save $$$$$$ by purchasing this as part of my Life Cycles Bundle or my 2nd Grade Science Bundle.⭐This packet includes:➤(1-2) Title Page/Printing instructions➤(3) Literatu
This is a bingo game where the students have to listen to sounds and match them to the pictures on their bingo cards. 41 sounds, 32 different cards, this is great fun for in the classroom! Kindergarten, first and second graders, everyone will enjoy this!This package contains:- 32 different bingo cards- 1 check sheet- 41 sound files in both MP3 and WAV format - burn them on cd (WAV format) or play them straight from your laptop/computer (MP3 format):01 baby02 guitar03 piano04 monkey05 accordion06
Help your students develop a solid understanding of teen numbers and the base ten place value system with these NO PREP Place Value Worksheets for Teen Numbers 11-19. Using visuals of Base 10 blocks on the page, students will work on building teen numbers while also learning the concept of tens and ones. This is an important number sense skill that will help students as they grow in their understanding of numbers and the base ten system. This place value practice for teen numbers includes 9 w
Kindergarten Math Curriculum! This unit is part of a year-long math curriculum.***SAVE BIG with The Bundle!HERE! ***Included in this unit: *A scope *Pre-Assessments for each unit and an Assessment Tracker to easily identify small groups and students who may benefit fro scaffolds or extension activities. *Post Assessments for each unit an Assessment Tracker who may need more practice with the skills covered in each unit. *Lesson Plans broken up into 5 easy-to-follow parts:-Objective- What student
KinderMath® Unit Six: Numbers 11-19 This unit is part of my larger KinderMath bundle! Click HERE to view the bundle!KinderMath units are teacher created, kid-tested, and most importantly kid-approved! KinderMath takes away that monotonous way of teaching math where students sit and listen to the teacher TEACH math. Instead, KinderMath encourages guidance from the teacher while the students TEACH and LEARN math through hands-on and engaging math activities with their partners. KinderMath un
** ON SALE ** Save 50% This bundle includes 4 products -- 32 activity pages in all for $2.50!!This is a collection of 32 worksheets to cover place value for the numbers 11-19. These activity sheets are great for independent practice, homework, assessments or interventions! Each product has 8 pages of the same format, covering the same topic. This is a bundle contains the following 4 products:Place Value Teen Numbers - Cut and Paste (Match Number to Blocks)Place Value Teen Numbers - Cut and Paste
K - 1st
It's great to have eight!! Eight great worksheets for $1!! These worksheets cover the same skill set in the same format. They are great for independent practice, homework, assessments or interventions! This is a collection of 8 cut and paste worksheets to cover place value for the numbers 11-19. Students will count the base ten blocks and paste the correct number. These worksheets are all the same format. Be sure to check out my store for more place value worksheets and activities. BUNDLE and
UPDATED: 1/19/2022 NOW with a DIGITAL version to share with your Online Learners through GOOGLE!In this bundle, you will get an entire day of planned activities to help you celebrate the 1000th day of school in 5th grade.On the 100th day of 5th grade, students have actually been in school for 1,000 days!! Kindergarten-4th grade, each year 180 days=900 days, plus 100 days of 5th grade = 1,000 days of school!Digital Google Slides included in this bundle. You will be able to share the Google sli
March 1, 2022 is Mardi Gras! ⚜⚜⚜ Incorporate this unique holiday into your ELA lessons, speech/language therapy sessions, or social studies lessons. It's an ideal listening comprehension or reading comprehension lesson that can last for several weeks! The unit includes a choice of 22 short passages discussing various Mardi Gras celebrations OR 17 longer passages with REAL PHOTOS + 105 corresponding comprehension questions. Use this engaging content with elementary, middle, or even high school s
September 11 Impacts - Gallery Walk and Writing Assignment (9/11) - This 19 page September 11 resource focuses on the the major impacts on the world resulting from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The resource will help your students understand 7 different impacts from the September 11 attacks, including: the economy, the war in Afghanistan, the War on Terror, the loss of life, and more! The resource includes a detailed teachers guide for ease of use!It now includes links for use w
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