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Student sorts 30 real picture cards eah featuring a gray cat into Over, Under or Beside based on where the cat is located. This is a math based activity for Life Skills and Functional Academics students in late elementary through high school. Print out onto white cardstock, laminate and cut out.
Letter Sounds High Fives are a fun way to reinforce letter sounds. Eah high five contain both the capital and lowercase letter as well as a graphic to reinforce the sound. Each vowel has two high fives, one for the short letter sound and one for the long letter sound. Place these on your door for the children and they can touch and say the letter sound as they enter or exit your classroom.
K - 1st
This activity uses the Kagan strategy, quiz-quiz-trade for students to get to know eah other during the first week of school. Students each receive a card, find a partner, ask and answer the questions on both cards, trade cards and find a new partner. Repeat as time permits. File contains 30 different question cards.
2nd - 6th
Phonics slides 121-125 features short vowel, long vowel endings, digraphs, blends, and patterns. One lesson to be done eah day with students following along with touch spelling and writing. Introducing th, sight words
SC.8.E.5.3 Draw-Name that Space Rock ppt. Students Label, Draw and Color Meteoroids, Meteors, and Meteorites write three facts about eah.
Help your children learn more about their emotions with these four cute characters.Each one displays an emotion we all feel: sadness, calmness, anger and confusion.Eah one has a card that displays how the child may be feeling and ways to help themselves if they are feeling this way.Also comes with a poster featuring all four Calm eleons.Do follow me on Instagram @mrteachwinchester
This PDF file contains slides with 2nd grade Tier 2 vocabulary words. The file is can be printed for word walls of used as images digitally. Background colors are different for eah group of letters (example- all A words are red).The following words are included (based off of the Word Up Project list:AccidentagreearriveastronomyatlasattentionawardawareBalancebannerbarebasebeachbesidesblastboardbouncebrainbranchbravebrightCagecalfcalmcareercentercheerchewclawclearcliffclubcollectconnectcorecorne
The lesson plans are ALL DONE FOR YOU! If you are teaching personal narratives to upper elementary kids, this is for you! In this 7 page PDF, I am guiding you through 10 days of lesson plans, eah between 30 and 60 minutes long, that will teach you and your students how to write a quality personal narrative. I use pictures, anchor charts, and videos as resources and they are all included in the lesson plans. Each lesson plan includes a warm-up activity, questions to ask your students, examples to
One of the things that I have found through my last few years as a Literacy Coach is that kids love a little competition. These graphing charts are a way that students can chart their own Oral Reading Fluency progress. I choose the appropriate grade level form, and attach it to the cover of eah students folder. Each day when they read a their passage for 1 minute, they get to chart their progress with a highlighter. It is a great way for students to feel ownership and success in reading. Th
1st - 5th
Äbraham Lincoln collaboration poster intended to complement/supplement any unit or lesson on President's Day. It’s a great way to start up a unit or to cap one off!Each image is saved in its own jpg file. Saved at 300 DPI for optimum quality.You will get:25 jpg files for the poster1 guide 1 Coloring PageINSTRUCTIONS:The students will get one print eah and will paint them. You will then cut them and paste them together to form the poster. ► Materials Needed:• A personal printer, print shop or onl
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