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Every school year, teachers approach me asking me to make them a token board for one of their students. Making these is quite a bit of work, so I thought that I should put together this little bundle to make all of our lives a little bit easier! This packet contains 20 token board templates with 10 unique designs. Each design comes with 5 or 10 icon board options so that you can choose the one that works best with your student. Note: To make the token board, you will also need Velcro. Packet
Not Grade Specific
Learning and mastering addition facts with sums to 20 can be challenging for students, but not with these fun and interactive “Circle the Sums” Addition Math Games in both PRINT & DIGITAL!  Your students will love practicing their fact fluency skills as they search for combinations of numbers that make the sum. Your 1st and 2nd grade students will be begging you to play these math fluency games. ✨ Math Games Resource Includes:Game Boards: Color and Black & White versionsGame Boards for e
Counting up to 20 Cut and Paste!This packet includes 50 pages of NO PREP Practice for counting up to 20. Students work on counting groups and ten frames while cutting and pasting the matching number. Included in this packet:Page 1: Counting 0-5 Pumpkin SeedsPage 2: Counting 0-5 ApplesPage 3: Counting 0-5 BalloonsPage 4: Counting 0-5 BeadsPage 5: Counting 0-5 BubblesPage 6: Counting 6-10 ButtonsPage 7: Counting 6-10 BackpackPage 8: Counting 6-10 CrayonsPage 9: Counting 6-10 CubesPage 10: Countin
K - 1st
Kindergarten Math Curriculum! This unit is part of a year-long math curriculum.Included in this unit: *A scope *Pre-Assessments for each unit and an Assessment Tracker to easily identify small groups and students who may benefit fro scaffolds or extension activities. *Post Assessments for each unit an Assessment Tracker who may need more practice with the skills covered in each unit. *Lesson Plans broken up into 5 easy-to-follow parts:-Objective- What students should be able to do by the end of
This product aligns with the CKLA Kindergarten Skills Strand. Both 1st and 2nd edition are included. Google Slides can be downloaded as PowerPoints and PDFs.Each lesson is included and has visuals and prompts to making teaching this material fun and easy. These slides are not editable.Updated for 2022! Email me for help with the update!Please email me at for a preview or questions.
Decomposing and Composing Numbers 11 to 19 using Tens and Ones / Base Ten This set of worksheets for place value to 20 provides practice for a variety of place value skills. The skills align with EngageNY / Eureka Math Module 5. (This resource is not endorsed by EngageNY / Eureka and no afflation with them is implied.) Your learners will have practice with:Decomposing Numbers 11-19 into 10 ones and some oneDecomposing numbers 11-19 in a ten and some onesUsing number bonds to show the comp
Are you looking for quick and easy bullying prevention activities that will engage your students? These 11 sets of activities are perfect for helping your students learn what bullying is, the types of bullying and how to stand up for themselves and others. These activities can be used in individual, small group or classroom lessons!*******************************************************************************************************************************Includes the following 11 resources: "W
Practice one to one counting from 11-20 with these engaging worksheets! Add to homework, morning work, or independent practice throughout the year. Various themes provided to keep your students engaged! These worksheets are scaffolded in difficulty. 5 one to one counting worksheets from 11-1513 one to one counting worksheets from 11-2018 answer sheets providedLooking for more? One to One counting 1-10
K - 2nd
This is a complete and comprehensive plan that covers photosynthesis from notes to test and all the fun stuff in between. There are 17 items total and it is designed for student comprehension! There is also a planner included so you know which order you can use the items in. This bundle includes both paperless and print options. The download includes a PDF with links. Topics included:✿ Light dependent reactions of photosynthesis - electron transport chain✿ Light independent reactions - Calvin C

Also included in: Biology Curriculum Bundle

This resource contains 20 reading comprehension passages (10 nonfiction passages, 8 fiction passages, and 2 poems). Following each passage, there are six multiple-choice comprehension questions. This bundle allows teachers the capability to choose between the printable version, the Google Slides version, and the self-checking Google Forms version. Answer keys are included.Check out the PREVIEW to see all three formats!The comprehension questions vary with each passage, which allows your students
Greater Than Less Than - 11 greater than less than equal to cut and paste activity worksheets to make comparing numbers fun!For A TON of fun hands on worksheets and activities for Greater Than Less Than Equal To, check out my First Grade Math Unit 11!Also - these have been added to the First Grade Math Units 10-18 BUNDLED so, if you already have that bundle, go redownload it to grab these sheets free!Like many of my resources, these are differentiated!3 worksheets work with numbers to 10 only- 2
K - 1st
Story Sequencing Reading Passages This pack contains 20 reading comprehension passages that target FLUENCY and COMPREHENSION through SEQUENCING STORY EVENTS in an INTERACTIVE way.The students will really have to go back in the text to be able to do the cut and paste.The students will have to:* read the passage 3 times to improve FLUENCY* cut the sentences at the bottom of the page and glue them in the order they are in the story to show COMPREHENSION Story titles:1. Kate's Breakfast2. Tom's New
Beginning Blends Classroom Posters:Contains 25 beginning blend and digraph posters included (20 blends and 5 digraphs) and 1 student copy.8 1/2 x 11 colorful posters. Pictures and text are large, clear and easy to see from a distance. Smaller posters (2 per page) are also included. These are great for classrooms with little wall space or small group instruction.Beginning blends included: bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl, br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr, sc, sk, sm, sn, sp, st, swDigraph cards include: ch, ph,
120 practice problems for Math 7 that review all Virginia Math SOL's. This activity includes a 5-problem warm-up for the first 4 days, then 10-problem quick assessment quiz on Day 5. Another 5-problem warm-up for Days 6 - 9 with a 10-problem quick assessment on Day 10. This activity is designed to do quickly at the beginning of the class so that you can continue to teach your regular lesson. All Math 7 Virginia SOL are supported within this activity. *I am working on Days 11 - 20 and will up
6th - 8th
A rustic pack of 10 white wood digital paper in varying shades in two sizes.♦ DOWNLOAD CONTAINS:- 20 sheets of rustic wood digital papers in 10 different designs- Sized in 12" x 12" and 8.5" x 11", you can download either or both- Digital papers are in zipped files for easy downloading- 300 DPI JPG files for highest quality printing• THIS LISTING IS FOR A DIGITAL PRODUCT• NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT WILL BE SHIPPED1206 - Copyright 2015-2019 © Charmed Crimson ~ All Rights Reserved.
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
Alphabet Boom Cards: 26 packets for letter recognition and letter sound practice. Each letter (i.e., each deck) has 20 slides to learn and practice the focused letter. Audio directions are included for each slide. Short vowel sounds will be included for vowels.Slide 1: Cover Slide: The letter [letter] says / [sound] /.Slide 2, 3: Trace the capital and lower-case letter with your finger.Slide 4: Find the capital and lower-case letter.Slide 5: Find the capital letter.Slide 6: Find the lower-case l
PreK - K
Create a beautiful, visual figurative language word wall in your classroom to support your students in becoming strong readers! 20 Figurative language vocabulary terms are covered using student-friendly definitions and supporting visuals. Take a look at the product preview for a closer look!This comes in 3 background color options, including a black background (as pictured), a multi-colored background (options for white font or black font), and an all-white background. They print 2/page on stan
Are you ready to have beautiful, eye-catching bulletin boards throughout your school that will inspire students and staff? These 29 fun designs can be used on large bulletin boards in your school or classroom throughout the year! All the contents print on 8.5 x 11 paper with black ink only. (A couple designs included options for printing in color ink as well.) Just print, cut the pieces out, and hang on a bulletin board or wall for eye-catching classroom decoration. Check out the included bul
This pack contains everything you need to implement student-led conferences in a "Portfolio Night" format in your classroom (Grades 1-5).Page 2: How to Prepare and Implement Student-Led ConferencesPage 3: EDITABLE Letter to ParentsPage 4: Portfolio CoverPage 5: Student Checklist:Page 6-8: Student Self Evaluations (Myself as a Reader & Writer, Myself as a Mathematician, My Behavior & Work HabitsPage 9: My Goals for the Rest of the YearPage 10: Tags for Student Work Samples (Pride, Perseve
4 Assessments for each First Grade Common Core Standards 1.OA.5, 1.OA.6, 1.OA.7, 1.OA.4\8 A total of 20 assessments! Be prepared to assess and graph student growth on the Common Core Standards! Each test contains a total of 5 questions. The assessments within the standard have the same format to ensure consistency in data. Students show proficiency when they score a 4/5 or 5/5. Included are 100 problem addition and subtraction tests for standard 1.OA.6. Included in this packet: Cover Sh
This SEL bulletin board is easy to create and spreads a great message. Included are letters to spell out “It’s okay to…” along with 20 phrases. Phrases print two to a page, so you just need to cut the paper in half and hang them up. This bulletin board has lots of options! Space out the phrases if you have a large 4’ x 8’ bulletin board. Overlap the phrases to fit on a square 4’ x 4’ bulletin board. Everything in this kit prints with black ink on regular 8.5 x 11 paper. Choose any color paper
★ Included in This Resource:- PDF reference page (full page and half page)- PDF Reference cards for posting/bulletin boards- PDF 2 practice handouts - PDF 20 task cards- GOOGLE FORM 1 - Task cards 1-10- GOOGLE FORM 2 - Task Cards 11-20- GOOGLE SLIDES - PDFs in interactive form7/16/2020 - I am updating this product to contain two Google Forms and a Google Slides interactive activity that can be used for digital learning. Check back soon!7/16/2020 - First GOOGLE FORM added to product.7/17/2020 - S
3rd - 5th
This resource includes whiteboard signs for the following classroom management procedures:Today’s Date and Dates to Remember (pg. 2-3)​Need a Pencil? (pg.4-5)​Today’s VIP (pg.6-7)​ Learning Intention (pg. 8-9)​Success Criteria (pg. 10-11)​I am learning to.. (pg. 12-13)​I will know I have learned it when… (pg. 14-15)​Reading & Writing (pg. 16-17)​Grammar & Social Studies (pg. 18-19)​Math & Science (pg. 20-21)
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