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Two of our preschool and elementary age educational downloads in a single PDF file. Here is what you get! 2 0-100 Number Lines preschool through 5th grade educational activities that prints 2 pages. We use these types of educational activities in our learning center with children ages 2-6. The g
Teaching rounding doesn't have to be difficult! Take the frustration out of teaching your students to round to the nearest ten and hundred! By using number lines to round numbers, your students will have a better conceptual understanding of this difficult skill.Digital OptionYou can now use this res
Rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 is a difficult concepts for 3rd graders, so this bundle includes a unique scaffolding experience through open number lines. This set of ready to print practice worksheets is perfect for you and your class! Your students will master rounding to the nearest 10 and 10
0 -100 Number Wall Frieze Full-sheet and Half-sheet cards for 0-100 Each number represented in five ways: numerals, words, tallies, Base10 blocks, and Tens Frames. Color coded for even and odd. Display in your classroom as a visual aid for student number understanding. **Don't forget to leav
ADD AND SUBTRACT WITHIN 100 ON NUMBER LINES TASK CARDS This set of 24 task cards challenges students to solve addition and subtraction problems using number lines. Students will identify a number on the number line, write equations given models on a number line, and use number lines to solve addit
Practice with your child counting 1 - 100 with Froggy the Frog on the number line. This PowerPoint is a series of 10 videos I produced separately on YouTube. The vivid colors in the PowerPoint show will enhance learning and make learning fun for your children. The animated and moving images will
Check out the preview for a closer look! Give your students a great math resource that they can keep in their desk! One on side, print the 120s Chart, and on the other print the Number Line. You can choose between 2 different 120s charts. A chart with the even numbers shaded darker is also includ
The ability to round or to make numbers friendlier is one part of developing number sense in students. With number sense, students become much more flexible with numbers. Rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 is part of developing that number sense that puts us on the path to reasonable answe
Are you looking for an interactive math center for your third grade class or maybe an engaging teacher lead small group activity? These rounding and estimation task cards are a challenging center activity that will prepare your students for understanding rounding and estimation through using open nu
This is a scaffolded tool that can be used at the teacher table or students can use during center work. This is a great tool for all students but may be very beneficial to ELL and Special Education students because it provides a visual of the steps rather than just a listed procedure. This product p
This a cute 100 number line using a dachshund. This is perfect for a display or for counting 100 days of school. You can also make it into a smaller puzzle by reducing the printing (for example changing the layout to multiple pages) Thank you for checking out my product. I hope it is what you are
This is a collection of worksheets on rounding to the nearest 10 or 100. The sheets perfect for practice, quick assessment or homework. There are a number of pages for you to choose from. Just pick from and print the right worksheets that suits your needs.*** This packet is a subset of Rounding Wit
6 Worksheets to Practice Subtracting within 100. Students will subtract 2, two-digit numbers using number line. 5 problems per page, each with its own (blank) open number line. The open number line gives students the flexibility to start at the smaller number and "add up" to solve the equation or t
This file contains thirty-two (thirty-three if you count the number line on the cover page) 0-100 Number lines. Great for cutting and taping to student's desks for a variety of math lessons including, but not limited to, skip counting, rounding, number lines, adding, subtracting, etc. Just print (
This compilation of worksheets is excellent for quick assessment, practice or homework. This packet includes rounding to the nearest 100.*** This packet is a subset of Rounding With Number Lines, 2, 3, 4 Digits, and Up to Millions / Billions. (Click for more details)What's Inside?You will receive t
Numbers go from 1 - 100. More can be added upon request. Color variations are also available upon request. I recommend printing on white card stock and laminating before hanging. This file has been edited for optimal printing -- previous editions printed using poor printers were too dark to see. F
Use this resource to help your students practice adding on the number line while connecting to self. Each time a student loses a tooth, move the Tooth Fairy along the Number Line to keep a running tally of how many teeth have been lost in your class. This is a fun way to practice using a number li
This 1-100 Number Line Bundle includes strips for 0-100 for you to print and display as an entire number line. The bundle includes three different color options: black for printing on colored cardstock, full color filled, and partial color filled.
Print, laminate, cut, and hang. This number line is smaller and less expensive than number lines from teacher stores. It also lets you determine how long you want it to be - simply don't print the parts you don't want. I use coloured dot stickers to label multiples as the year progresses.
⭐⭐Digital Resource ⭐⭐This resource is used with Boom Learning. You will get a PDF file with a link to the Boom activity. Students can practice rounding to the nearest 100 by dragging the star and placing it on the number line. This will allow students to visually determine what the number will round
This worksheet gives students the space to round numbers to the nearest ten and hundred. It includes a modified version where the bookmark numbers are provided (the ten and hundred before and after the number) for students who need more assistance with this. This really helped my third graders m
2nd grade students mastering using the number line as a strategy for adding and subtracting sums to 100 are best served when they begin with hands-on materials and slowly move to solve these problems independently using mental math. Yes. You can make number line addition and subtraction concrete fo
30 Boom Cards What is My Number 1-100 Number line. Students identify numbers 1-100 using number line. Greater than and less than clues are given for student to determine possible number.. They receive instant and automatic feedback.Boom cards are online games that provide instant feedback and online
Rounding to the nearest 100 practice with number lines for conceptual learning. You can print either number line front/back in a clear page protector for reference.I find that the number line with the "lines in between" is VERY helpful at first when students can not tell you where the number falls o

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