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13 Colonies Lesson Plan - Group Investigation Model
This is a fully outlined lesson that engages students in group work as they investigate the original 13 colonies as a political scientist, economist, theologian, geographer/cartographer, statistician, and historian. Included you will find the detailed lesson plan along with a student instruction pac
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Geography of the 13 Colonies Lesson Plan
The Geography of the 13 Colonies lesson plan is designed for one, possibly two classroom days.Geography of Thirteen Colonies Lesson Plan covers:How physical geography affected economic and population patterns in the coloniesCharacteristics of the Middle, New England, and Southern ColoniesMajor cause
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13 Colonies Unit Plan Set
This fantastic 13 Colonies Unit Plan bundle includes all the resources and lesson plans you need for an engaging, student-driven unit on the early American Colonies in US History!There's over 30 amazing resources in the download, including:✅ The Bacon's Rebellion Primary Source Analysis station acti

Also included in: American History MEGA Bundle Part 1: Exploration to Constitution

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13 Colonies Lesson Bundle:  How does where we live affect how we live?
How does where we live affect how we live? This is the guiding question of this lesson bundle on the thirteen English colonies. The profiles for each region of colonies can stand alone as individual lessons if you are short on time. If you have more time, the profiles can serve as a supplement to
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The 13 Colonies Lesson (3 Geographic/Economic Regions)
This is a CCLS aligned lesson that teaches students about the 13 Colonies and the 3 geographic regions. It also teaches students about the impact of Colonization on the Native Americans living in North America. This lesson includes informational text, a graphic organizer, a map activity, reading com
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The 13 Colonies Unit Plans
Great Value! This comprehensive unit covers the early Colonial period beginning with the settlement of Jamestown. Your students will love the interactive PowerPoint lessons and will be challenged by the critical thinking activities. All lessons can be conducted as a whole group, or individually on
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Colony Unit, Colonial America with Informational Text, 13 Colonies
Colony Unit ★★★BEST SELLER ON TPT ★★★ This comprehensive Colony unit includes all the information needed to teach colonization in your classroom. It includes well crafted informational text for student interest! ★★★A SEPARATE FULL-SIZE STUDENT VERSION IS INCLUDED WITH TEXT AND QUESTIONS★★★What is

Also included in: American History U.S. History Mega Bundle with Informational Text

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13 Colonies Activities & Colonial America Unit: 15 Lessons for 13 Colonies!
13 Colonies Activities and Colonial America Unit: 15 Lessons for the 13 Colonies! Google 1:1 Compatible! The ★★BEST SELLER★★ unit on the 13 Colonies is included in the much larger American History Super Unit, Version 1/4, located here: The American History Super Unit: Version 1/4 Buy Super Unit

Also included in: American History Super Unit Version 1/4: (1590-1788): 4 Unit Bundle! Save Big!

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13 Colonies and Colonial America Interactive Unit + 13 Colonies Activities
THIRTEEN COMPLETE Colonies Lessons of Nonfiction Informational Text with engaging hands-on activities + TWENTY TWO INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK ASSIGNMENTS to explore the history of each of the Thirteen Original Colonies, including the New England colonies, Middle Colonies, and Southern colonies:Lesson 1:

Also included in: US History Bundle–93 Interactive American History Lessons+185 History Activities

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13 Colonies Passages Differentiated Close Reading Texts for Colonial America
In this Colonial America resource, there is a nonfiction reading passage based on general information about the 13 colonies. It is differentiated for your high, mid, and lower level students. Integrate social studies content with your reading texts and meet each reader's needs with this set. Add rig

Also included in: Social Studies Passage Bundle interventions included

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13 Colonies Interactive Notebook
The Thirteen Colonies for Interactive United States History Social Studies Notebook! This product contains interactive cut and paste learning material for students to create an organized social studies interactive notebook. This resource is aligned with 13 Colonies Interactive Powerpoint I would

Also included in: US History Interactive Notebooks United States History Bundle

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US Colonies Complete Unit Bundle - Colonial America - 13 colonies
This is a comprehensive Colonial America bundle is loaded with new, common core activities that are guided by key concepts for Social Science. At a reduced price for the first month! This packet has vigor and fun with tons of Common Core options to teach about the 13 Colonies in America. Teachers c
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13 Colonies Unit Bundle
This Colonies American History Unit Bundle includes everything you need to teach about the Colonies to your 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students, including lesson plans, interactive notebook activities, Quick Notes activities, lesson PowerPoints, vocabulary posters, word wall cards, and flash cards, and
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13 Colonies Unit (American Colonies) PPTs, Prim Source Worksheets, Review & Test
The American Colonies Unit includes American Colonies PowerPoints with short video links, primary source readings, maps, a project, Kahoot! Review Game and assessment all bound together with daily lesson plans. Just copy/paste into your lessons. Everything is usable. Everything is planned. This is

Also included in: 13 Colonies and American Revolution Bundle - PPTs, Worksheets, Lesson Plans+Test

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Thirteen Colonies Unit Plan of Nonfiction Reading, Writing, Games and Projects
This social studies resource is a complete unit for the 13 Colonies or Colonial history of the United States. It details how the colonists came from Great Britain to the new land to build the thirteen colonies. It documents where they settled, the demise of early colonies, hardships, and successes.
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13 Colonies: Comparing Regions - New England, Middle, & Southern Colonies
13 Colonies: Comparing the Regions – New England, Middle & Southern Colonies This lesson teaches how the three regions of the 13 Colonies differed from one another: New England, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies. Students will learn how the climate and geography of the three coloni
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13 Colonies Escape Room | The Escape Classroom
**SEE THE PREVIEW AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF WHY WE ARE THE ORIGINAL AND THE #1 ESCAPE ROOM MATERIAL USED BY THOUSANDS OF TEACHERS AND SCHOOLS** INCLUDES: 1) Escape Room Activity 2) Handout Material 3) Lesson Plan On Subject 4) Power Point Presentation 5) Promotional Videos 6) How-To Video 7) Cou
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13 Colonies (American Colonies) - Resource Bundle (Projects, Webquests, etc.)
13 Colonies (American Colonies) - Resource Bundle (Projects, Webquests, etc.) - This 13 Colonies resource bundle contains 19 unique and varied teaching resources (22 documents) that covers the major events of the 13 Colonies and the legacy of the 13 Colonies in American History. It is a perfect reso
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13 Colonies Students Journey through the Colonies with an Engaging Simulation!
Save by purchasing my bundled Unit! ⇨ The 13 ColoniesThis lesson is so much fun! This is a Google Slides simulation that guides students on a journey through the 13 colonies. Students visit the New England, Middle and Southern colonies, and participate in fun "choose your fate" decisions that make

Also included in: Simulation Bundle 13 Colonies American Revolution and Civil War Engaging and Fun

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Mercantilism Simulation Activity the Thirteen (13) Colonies Engaging and Fun!
Save by purchasing my bundled Unit! ⇨ The 13 ColoniesThis lesson provides a fun educational simulation for students to experience trade during the age of mercantilism. The simulation is set up so that they will see the impact of the rules created by England to limit trade, and increase profit. Th

Also included in: The 13 (Thirteen) Colonies Full Unit Bundle 4 Engaging Lessons and Assessment

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13 Colonies: Early English - Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth & New England
JUST ADDED FOR FREE - Additional Colonies: I was going to do this as a separate lesson; but have added another PowerPoint presentation, worksheet, quiz, and smart-board map - FOR NO ADDITIONAL COST This lesson teaches students about the earliest European colonies in North America. Students will lea
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Simulation Bundle 13 Colonies American Revolution and Civil War Engaging and Fun
This bundle combines three of my simulations into one purchase. These simulations take students through the expereince of the time periods, so that they really undertand what the time period was like for the people who lived through it! Each of the simulations is described in detail below:  13 Colo
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13 Colonies Activity Poster
13 Colonies: Poster Activity If you are studying the thirteen colonies, then this poster will fit right into your lessons. Let your students show what they've learned about their studies of the 13 Colonies by using this 8.5 x 11 poster. This poster will look great hanging outside your classroom,
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13 Colonies: Colonial Governments
13 Colonies: Colonial Governments This lesson teaches students about colonial governments in the 13 Colonies. Students will learn about the English influences on colonial governments including: The Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, representative democracy, and English Common Law. Students w
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