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Results for 2 d shape picture cards

1,700+ results

Bundle 2D and 3D Shapes Around Us Real Life Picture Cards of Shapes

Created by
Evil Math Wizard
76 Real Life Photos of 2D and 3D Shapes Cards - This set of shape photo cards give your students more experience viewing shapes using real life photos. Perfect for CC standard K.G.3, 1.G.1 & 2, and 2.G.1.How can I use this product?Printed in full color, this set of task cards can be used for a math center for students to identify the shapes or to sort into categories. I have used these as prompts for their math journal. You can also display as a slide show or presentation for whole class d

Pocket Chart Center - 2D Shapes Picture Cards Sort

Created by
Alessia Albanese
These 2D shape cards are easy to set up as a pocket chart center. Your students can choose a card and sort them under the correct shape picture. ***This activity also works well as a table-top game. Or use these cards as part of a whole-group math lesson! You can also place magnets on the back of each card for students to sort on your magnetic board. So many possibilities!***There are 8 different 2D shapes to sort!- circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, hexagon, octagon, rhombus*Each s

2D Shapes Around Us Real Life Picture Cards of Shapes

Created by
Evil Math Wizard
38 Real Life Photos of 2D Shapes Cards - This set of shape photo cards give your students more experience viewing shapes using real life photos. Perfect for CC standard K.G.3, 1.G.1 & 2, and 2.G.1.How can I use this product?Printed in full color, this set of task cards can be used for a math center for students to identify the shapes or to sort into categories. I have used these as prompts for their math journal. You can also display as a slide show or presentation for whole class discussi

Mystery Pictures: 2D Shapes - Christmas Theme Boom Cards w/ AUDIO

Your students will love this Christmas themed deck of Boom Cards. This set will keep them engaged as they practice two dimensional geometric shapes. Students will select the answer on each card to eliminate a colored piece and uncover their picture. When they select the answer, they will click the submit button to receive immediate feedback. There are 17 cards in this deck. This set has AUDIO - just click on the speaker icon on each card and the directions will be read aloud.Boom Cards are

Art Elements - 2D Shape, Matching Picture Cards,Famous Artwork (13 pg) ELL/ESL

Created by
ART Wizard
Art is ... 2D Shape, Matching Picture Cards with Famous Artwork (13 pages) (K-2) or ELL/ESL. This is a visual activity and does not have written content.You will download 13 jpgs. in this file. This is a matching game of 2D shapes that uses boards with cut out matching cards. You may want to copy each jpg onto white cardstock, so the game can be more durable and used by many students. Students can work alone, in pairs or small groups to match the 2D shapes.You will receive:1. 1 page of instructi

2D Shapes Picture and Memory Cards

Created by
The Dual Trio
This set of cards includes an image of the shape, the name of the shape, and number of sides and vertices. You can copy and laminate on card stock to use these cards for a word wall, or you can use them to play memory. Memory can be played with 2 cards (picture,shape), or with 3 or 4 cards (picture, shape, sides/vertices). Shapes include: -triangle -rhombus -circle -square -trapezoid -hexagon -octagon -pentagon -oval -rectangle

SUMMER Boom Cards™ Uncover the Picture 2D | 3D Shapes | Financial Literacy Set 2

This set is a great way to review 2D and 3D shapes and financial literacy vocabulary. This mystery picture deck is a fun and engaging summer activity. This is perfect for a math station, activity for early finishers, or to practice for a test. It is great for your first grade, second grade, or special education students! On the first puzzle, students will read (or listen to) what shape needs to be found. Then, they will click on that geometric figure. On the second set, students will read (or li

2D Shapes Picture Match Clip Cards, Task Cards

Are your students learning all about the 2D shapes? These clip cards / task cards focus on shape recognition and can also aid with fine motor skills. I like to use them as clip cards but we also use play dough, buttons, or unifix cubes to identify the correct answer. Another option is to use them as task cards in a center when combined with the Color by Shape Worksheets, another of my 2D shapes resources (details at the bottom).There are 14 shapes included, plus alternate names.Why not $$$ SAVE

2D Shape Vocabulary Card with Pictures- Black and White and Colour

Created by
Wilde Creative
Use these 2D Shape vocabulary cards to introduce simple 2D shapes to your class. Options in both black and white and colour. Included in Resource-Large font with picture of shape (black and white and colour)-Shapes included: square, trapezoid, circle, rectangle, triangle, rhombus, hexagon-Blank card for adding extra shapes

2D Shapes & 3D Shapes Sort Digital Boom Cards Bundle Real World Pictures

These interactive, digital 2D & 3D shapes sort Boom Cards are a fun and engaging way for students to practice recognizing both two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes in the environment and for you to easily assess their shape recognition mastery.These self-checking, NO PREP (no printing, cutting, or laminating) sets of digital task cards help your students master 2-D and 3-D shape recognition as well as visual discrimination skills.Each Boom Card has 6 real-world shape picture cards th

2D and 3D Shapes and Attributes Matching Games

Created by
These are 2 different matching games. One for 2D Shapes and one for 3D shapes. Each set shape has 4 matching cards: the written word ("circle"), a picture of the shape, a real-life object of the shape, and an attribute card for the shape. The 2-D Shapes included are: Square, Rectangle, Circle, Pentagon, Traingle, Hexagon, Octagon, Rhombus, Trapezoid. The 3D Shapes included are: Cone, Cylinder, Cube, Pryamind, and Sphere. There were created with the 2nd grade Common Core in mind, but will al

Geometry Activities Games and Centers for 2D Shapes and Polygons 2nd 3rd grade

These geometry activities, games, centers, projects, posters, and other printables are great for teaching 2D shape concepts to 2nd and 3rd grade students. They provide fun hands-on learning experiences that can serve as an introduction or review for your students depending on your curriculum and the time of year. This packet contains 100+ pages of printable materials to use when teaching students about 2D geometry, so you’ll have plenty of resources to choose from to support your students’ learn

Play Dough Task Cards - 9 Sets - 300 Cards - Alphabet, Numbers, Sight Words

This is a collection of 300 printable color cards to practice fine motor skills, visual discrimination, addition, subtraction, upper and lower case letters, 100 sight words, color words, 2D shapes, seasonal pictures, animals and more!Using colorful clay or play dough, students choose a card and try to duplicate the picture, number, letter or sight word. There are four cards per printed page.Perfect for word work, literacy centers or math centers! Also a great job to use for home practice with p

2D and 3D Shape Activities

Created by
Amy Lemons
Are your students learning about 2D and 3D shapes? These shape review printables, sorts, flap-books, activities, crafts, and more may be just what you need to complete your shape unit! Your students will practice symmetry, polygons, quadrilaterals, congruent shapes, 2D shapes, 3D shapes, perimeter, and area with these fun activities!Here's what you'll get in this download:-Symme-tree activity with picture cards-Symmetry picture activity-Similar and Congruent Picture Sort-Congruent Poster-Congrue

2D Shapes Sorting Mats (with real photos) - Hands-On Sorting Shapes Activity

Recognize 2D shapes in real life with these Shape Sorting Mats. Practice sorting shapes and recognizing shapes with this fun and hands-on printable. The printable uses real photos of objects for each shape.**This packet is also available in the Sorting Mats (with real photos) Bundle!**What is in this packet?- 12 Shape Sorting Mats with real photos. These shape sorting mats make for a great hands-on sorting activity. There are 6 sorting cards for each mat.The activity mats are ready to go, just p

GeoBoard Task Cards | Pictures Shapes Numbers Letters

Created by
Rita Mitchell
Build and explore with geoboards!!! Task cards prompt students to build common shapes as well as numbers and letters. Students can record creations on a recording page for more practice with spacial awareness. Prompt creativity and understanding of shape properties and counting skills with open-ended tasks, too. There's so much to do!!INCLUDES:Task Cards: Creating Pictures (25 Cards)Task Cards: Common 2D Shapes (13 Cards)U-Create & Record Shapes (5 Shapes)Task Cards: Numbers 1-20Count &

Sort and Link 2D and 3D Shapes Activity

Want a fun way to learn shapes? This Sort and Link 2D & 3D Shapes Activity is a hands-on way to practice identifying and sorting objects by their shape. Connecting the links together is a great way for children to develop their fine motor skills too. This learning shapes activity can be used for centers, morning tubs, or as an enrichment activity for early finishers. What’s Included:✎ 12 2D Shape Cards (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, rhombus, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, octagon

2D and 3D Shapes Patterns {AB, ABC, ABB, AAB}

This set provides a great way teach your students to identify and continue AB, ABC, ABB, and AAB patterns with pictures. There are 48 pattern cards (12 for each type of pattern). Each set contains cards to complete each pattern. 2D and 3D shapes are included.These cards make a great math station activity! Just print, laminate, and cut the cards . . . then place them in the math station!Here's what teachers are saying: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "My students LOVE these write the room activities. We keep them

2D Shapes Hunt | Shapes In Real World Photos

Created by
Rita Mitchell
We're going on a shape hunt!! Students will look closely at real pictures and mark the shapes they see. There are plenty of photos included to create several activities from this file! Includes 18 picture cards recording page answer key 10 all-in-one extras (great for a dry-erase station or introductory activity) Shapes Used circle oval square triangle trapezoid pentagon hexagon Happy Shape Searching, Rita This activity is now included in my Shapes MEGA Bundle along with other 2D and 3D sh

Spring Craft 2D and 3D Shaped Chick Activities Games with Emergent Reader

Created by
Teach With Me
"Slick Chick" is a cute and super-fun 2D and 3D shape craft. Completed projects make an adorable spring bulletin board too. The packet includes:* The "Slick Chick" shape craft activity: circle, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, rhombus, trapezoid, star, heart & crescent. I've also included . . .* A graphing extension* A "matching shape word to shape" worksheet.* and an "Identifying attributes" worksheet plus a ...* Spatial directions worksheet, as well as ...* Sh

2D Shapes Sort Digital Boom Cards Distance Learning

This interactive, digital 2D shapes sort Boom Card resource is a fun and engaging way for students to practice recognizing two-dimensional shapes in the environment and for you to easily assess their shape recognition mastery.This self-checking, NO PREP (no printing, cutting, or laminating) set of digital task cards helps your students master 2-D shape recognition as well as visual discrimination skills.Each card has 6 real-world shape picture cards that students sort by dragging and dropping th

Shapes Bingo - 2-D and 3-D Shapes Activity for Preschool and Kindergarten

Created by
Annie Jewell
This fun, engaging Bingo Game reviews 2D and 3D shape names and colors too! Designed for young children. Included are five 2-dimensional shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon) and four 3-dimensional shapes (sphere, cube, cone, cylinder) on 24 unique game cards. Shape pictures are easily identified with bright, crisp images. Perfect for introducing your children to the game of Bingo as the design is simple and shapes and colors are limited.There are 24 bingo cards – two per page a

Sorting By Shape (2-D) Math Station

Created by
Jennifer Noland
This is a great "Beginning of the Year" activity to help students identify 2-D shapes in different objects. The students will use the 4 sorting mats (circle, square, rectangle, triangle) to sort the 46 picture cards. I also included labels so you can use this in a pocket chart.
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