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Results for 2002世界杯射中门柱_『wn4.com_』帕瓦尔世界杯央视解说_w6n2c9o_2022年11月28日19时43分50秒_5bt1bltlx

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This is a 116 page set that is perfect for teaching the LIFE CYCLE OF A PLANT! It includes anchor chart posters, vocabulary cards, foldables, worksheets, sequencing activities, interactive notebook sheets, an observation journal, a craft, and more! This is the only file you will need to teach your entire plant & seeds unit! ⭐Save $$$$$$ by purchasing this as part of my Life Cycles Bundle or my 2nd Grade Science Bundle.⭐This packet includes:➤(1-2) Title Page/Printing instructions➤(3) Literatu
This two-Page Parts of Speech Test has 30 total questions and includes Answer Key! Students must be able to identify Nouns, Verbs, & Adjectives. Happy teaching!FREEBIE! FREE Proofreading Marks Checklist (Proofreading Checklist) ♥ ♥ ♥ Looking for More Grammar Tests? ♥ ♥ ♥ Looking for a test that is not already in my store? Email happyteacherhappystudents@yahoo.com1. Alphabetical Order Test (Quiz)2. Common and Proper Nouns Test3. Homophones Test4. Parts of Speech Test5. Singular & Plural N
Updated: Now includes 50+ pages of activities, all with pictures! These are no prep, which means you can just print and go, no laminating or cutting necessary. Now includes the ability to type into pages with blank lines to facilitate distance learning.Many category topics are addressed in this pack, including: Sorting in categories of varying levels, naming categories, identifying what doesn't belong, describing similarities and differences, comparing and contrasting The worksheets have a varie
Updated: 6-21-18! Added 11 additional tents to the resource! Students will be proud to display their tent on their desk! There are 50 different motivational tents to decorate your students' desks! These tents make for a nice keepsake to bring home too! It’s like bragging rights for your students! These "desk awards" are sure to motivate all your students to earn one! Think of how excited your students will be when a guest in the room notices their desk tent! You may also like these motivat
Counting up to 20 Cut and Paste!This packet includes 50 pages of NO PREP Practice for counting up to 20. Students work on counting groups and ten frames while cutting and pasting the matching number. Included in this packet:Page 1: Counting 0-5 Pumpkin SeedsPage 2: Counting 0-5 ApplesPage 3: Counting 0-5 BalloonsPage 4: Counting 0-5 BeadsPage 5: Counting 0-5 BubblesPage 6: Counting 6-10 ButtonsPage 7: Counting 6-10 BackpackPage 8: Counting 6-10 CrayonsPage 9: Counting 6-10 CubesPage 10: Countin
K - 1st
This cut it, paste it, write it, draw it product includes 50 worksheets jam packed with sight words, color words and number words. Students will love unscrambling the sentences, gluing them in the correct order, writing the sentence and then illustrating the sentence! This pack includes:-11 four word sentence worksheets.-26 five word sentence worksheets-13 six word sentence worksheetsCheck out the preview for a free sample!You may also like my Sentence Scramble Digital BOOM cards!If you like thi
Pencil-shaped flip calendar with the years 2021-2032 included!It is attached to a 16-28" magnetic curtain rod (can be found on Amazon) using 1” binder rings to hang on a classroom whiteboard! Total pencil shape length is about 19-22"Click the green star ★ above to follow my store and receive all the latest product updates and freebies!NOW EDITABLE as of July 2022.I have received lots of requests to make this flip calendar editable so I did just that! The file now includes an editable PowerPoint
A K/1 Social Studies Unit introducing concepts of economics through games and activities: * Needs and Wants Webs and Sort (p. 3-6) * Goods and Services Webs and Sort (p. 7-10) * “Making Choices” Activity (p. 11) * Drawing Basic Needs (p. 12) * My Economics Book (p. 13-16) * “Why Save?” Writing Activity (p.17) * When I Grow Up (p. 18) * “A Job Well Done” Writing Activity (p. 19) * Game Ideas (p. 20-28) * School Needs & Wants Hunt (p. 29) * School Goods & Services Hunt (p. 30)
K - 1st
This 6th grade math bundle includes three activities per math topic that can be used during centers, math warm ups, math exit tickets, or math homework. 72 Printable AND 72 Digital activities are included in this purchase.*Save 50% when you purchase this complete bundle.Topics Included (Print & Digital)1. Basic Ratio Concepts2. Ratios & Unit Rate3. Equivalent Ratios4. Problem Solving with Unit Rate5. Problem Solving with Percents6. Measurement Conversion7. Dividing Fractions8. Multi-Digi
Make the Constitution jump off the page with these resources! Contents of the U.S. Constitution Unit: Pages 3-5: Articles of Confederation-Passage and Cloze ActivityPages 6-8: Creating a Constitution-Passage and Flap Book ActivityPages 9-11: Preamble to the Constitution-Passage and Match ActivityPages 12-16: Preamble to the Constitution-Mini-BookPages 17-19: The Great Preamble Race-Help your students memorize the Preamble in a FUN way!Pages 20-21: Preamble Roll-a-Phrase-A review of terms from th
These Third Grade math games will save you time and help students stay focused and organized during math centers. This resource includes 26 game sets. This bundle includes a total of 78 math games, so you will have math centers for the entire year! Save 50% when you purchase this bundle. ***If purchased separately, this bundle has a value of $75.00!!CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ONE FREE SET!★ Each game set includes the following: ★- 3 Math Games: Math Sort, Matching Game, Clip Cards- Recording Sheet-
These Fifth Grade math games will save you time and help students stay focused and organized during math centers. This resource includes 23 game sets. That is a total of sixty-nine math games, so you will have math centers for the entire year!Save 50% when you purchase this bundle. ***If purchased separately, this bundle has a value of $66.50!CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ONE FREE SET! ★ Each game set includes the following: ★- 3 Math Games: Math Sort, Matching Game, Clip Cards- Recording Sheet- Answer
This is a comprehensive resource for 1st grade centers. By choosing this resource, you will be getting first grade centers for the entire year!Here's What's Inside: January CentersSentence Scramble Puzzles (16 puzzles)Research It (20 task cards)Diphthong Clip It (48 cards)Sight Word Puzzles (11 mats, 88 puzzle cards)Sequencing Station (8 mats, 48 pictures)Describe It (28 picture cards, 48 descriptive word cards)Story Details (9 story mats)Using Commas (30 cards)Define the Word (24 cards)Shades
This HUGE spring adapted binder covers SO MANY great skills for your students including:1.Color matching2.Shape matching3.Color ID4.Shape ID5.Number match 1-56.Number match 5-107.Number match 1-108.Number match 10-209.Number match 1-2010.Counting 511.Counting 1012.Counting 1513.Counting 2014.Big or small15.Same different16. More or less17. Patterns18. Money (simple)19. Ten frame20. Letter match21. Beginning sounds22. Rhyming words23. Following Directions24. Picture match25. Finish the picture26.
K - 3rd
This Christian Christmas Activity Pack is filled with Bible games, worksheets, crafts and activity pages you can use to teach your little ones the story of Christmas. This set is designed for the K-5 teacher or homeschool family and includes multi age resources to connect with different ages and abilities.See photos of contents here on our blog: sure to check out
Math Word Wall Grade 6: Help your 6th grade students remember these essential math vocabulary terms with this visual math word wall, while brightening up your classroom at the same time! Included are 224 visual math vocabulary cards for the ENTIRE YEAR. With clear visuals and student-friendly definitions, these cards help students remember key vocabulary. Math Word Walls are the perfect reference tool for any classroom!***THIS RESOURCE WAS UPDATED ON NOVEMBER 28, 2022 TO INCLUDE OVER 50 NEW T
Let's learn about Natural Disasters! This worksheet includes 34 pages with a large variety of activities and exercises about natural disasters. Crosswords, word searches, puzzles and other kinds of activities are included to make it a fun and interesting class. The answers and an answer sheet are included. GOOGLE SLIDES AND FILLABLE PDF VERSIONS INCLUDED!Overview: Page 1-2: Introduction Page 3-4: EarthquakesPage 5-7: HurricanesPage 8-9: FloodsPage 10-11: Volcanic EruptionsPage 12-13: TsunamisPag
Reinforce geometry skills and vocabulary with this bright colored geometry poster set. Display all 52 posters or pick and choose as each concept is introduced. Check out the preview for a more detailed look! Each poster includes illustrations and attributes for each type of line, angle, and geometric figure. Here’s what’s included: 1. Side 2. Vertex 3. Edge 4. Face 5. Base 6. Types of Lines 7. Line 8. Ray 9. Line Segment 10. Parallel Lines 11. Intersecting Lines 12. Perpendicular Lines 13. T
Fractions on a Number Line WorksheetThese worksheets align with CCSS 3.NF.2 This packet will provide your students with plenty of practice in placing and identifying fractions on a number line. The complete packet includes 5 worksheets that gradually increase in difficulty, requiring students to segment the number lines to show both fractions and mixed numbers.These worksheets can also be used as a review activity for higher grades.Packet #2 can be found here:
3rd - 5th
These Christmas Song Book of Caroling Sheets is great for sing a-longs, concerts, and classroom fun over the winter holiday!!21 SONGS INCLUDED1. Deck the Halls2. Jingle Bells3. Let it Snow4. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas 5. Jingle Bell Rock6. Merry Little Christmas7. Over the River and Through the Woods8. I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas9. It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas10. Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas11. Here Comes Santa Clause12. Hark! the Harold13. Frosty the Snowman14. Feliz Navid
Are you always searching for your occupational therapy supplies? Organize all of your fine motor Occupational Therapy materials and fine motor supplies. Never search for therapy materials or classroom supplies again! The labels are designed to fit storage bine labels onto plastic containers or 4x6 photo and craft storage containers. This set includes 70 labels. Happy organizing! Labels: 1. Dry Erase Markers 2. Pencils 3. Markers4. Push Pins5. Paperclips6. Dice7. Crayons 8. Glue9. Scissors10. Hi
Enjoy learning about Oceans and Sea Life with this HUGE bundle This bundle including over 100 pages of math & literacy games, centers, worksheets, and task basket activities geared toward Pre-K, K, 1, SPED, Autism, and SLP. It is all you need to keep your students engaged in themed Common Core aligned activities. With approved use of Symbolstix clip art all of the activities are already adapted and accessible for Special Education and students with Autism This bundle includes: Page 4-11: 32
Let’s get to know Africa! This worksheet includes 36 pages with a wide variety of activities and exercises about Africa. The materials have informative exercises about the things that Africa is famous for, such as tribal peoples, natural resources, Nelson Mandela, wildlife, Nelson Mandela, pyramids and many other things! Crosswords, word searches, puzzles and other kinds of activities are included to make it a fun and interesting class. GOOGLE SLIDES WITH PREMADE TEXTBOXES INCLUDED! Overview:Pag
Want a quick and easy way to review a concept or teach a mini-lesson first thing each day that requires ZERO prep work? Use these morning messages!! Start your morning meeting by getting your students learning right away! Project these on your Smartboard, Activboard, etc. and draw/write in right over top of them. Images are NOT moveable, but TEXT IS EDITABLE!!! You can customize the message to fit the needs of your learners or use it as is. I included bonus slides so you can switch them out
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