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BEHAVIOR CLIP CHARTLarge polka dots adorn bright colorful backgrounds.This clip chart is a wonderful way to positively promote and manage student behavior in the classroom.The large green card is approx 8.5 x 11 inches and fits on one sheet of paper in portrait orientation. The other cards are approx. 8.5 x 5 inches and there are two cards per sheet of paper in portrait orientation.For more detailed information on how to use this management system see Rick Morris’ website to download his free e
This bundle includes all of the 7th grade math foldables and activities listed below. Including foldables and notes for interactive notebooks, task cards, scavenger hunts, math bingo games, puzzles, and more!Click the links below to get a better preview of each item that is included.1. Integers (last updated 07/2022)Adding Integers (Foldable)Adding Integers (Scavenger Hunt) Subtracting Integers (Foldable)Subtracting Integers (Scavenger Hunt) Adding and Subtracting Integers (Star Puzzle)Modeling
Looking to create a boho rainbow themed classroom?! This modern rainbow classroom decor contains beautiful boho rainbows and calming colors with many editable files to make it work for you! Get your classroom decorated, organized, and ready to welcome students into a warm, inviting atmosphere!  If you have any questions about this decor pack, please don't hesitate to send me an email at I'd love to help! :)The Bundle Includes:1. Fun Font and Primary Font Alphabet Posters (6 St
This woodland themed classroom decor pack has everything you need to get ready for the new year! There are editable pages included in packet, you can check out the preview for more details and to see more visuals. Note: The Woodland Classroom Job Labels and Woodland Classroom Multi-Purpose Labels from our store is included in this pack. This decor pack has over 300 pages of cute forest animals! Here is everything that is included:Calendar: Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Days in School,
Ready for easy prep science centers? Transform your science centers with Science Weekly 5. You'll find quick centers for matter, energy, ecosystems, life cycles, earth science, and space.Updated for 2022. Stations are improved, an answer key was added, and everything you need is included in one easy PDF per unit.Science Weekly Five™ stations are versatile, easy to use, and aid in student learning. Teachers all over the country are using these centers and love them. There are 17 units with 5 sta
3rd - 4th
Force and Motion Science Weekly Five™ Stations help introduce students to friction, magnetism, gravity, and applied force.Updated for 2022. Stations are improved, an answer key was added, and everything you need is included in one easy PDF. Look out for more updated units!5 Quick and Simple Centers1. Read: Why Do Objects Move?2. Explore: Investigate how ramp height affects distance a toy car travels3. Organize: Classify forces as causing motion or slowing motion4. Extend: Explore gravity with a
Create a beautiful visual grammar word wall in your classroom to support your students in becoming strong writers! Student-friendly definitions with supporting visuals are shown on each of the 43 grammar posters/ flashcards. This comes in 3 background color options, including a black background (as pictured), a multi-colored background (options for white font or black font), and an all-white background. The posters/word wall cards print 2/page on standard 8.5" by 11" paper. Take a look at the pr
These math number puzzles help kindergarten students instantly recognize numbers 0-20 in a fun way! They can be used in math centers (math stations), small group instruction settings such as guided math, or in tutoring or intervention. While these puzzles were designed for kindergarten, they can provide enrichment for budding preschool students and make a great back to school center for first grade students. This resource will keep you afloat because… ☑ These number puzzles were specifically d
This project is intended as a culminating task for Grade 1 Social Studies - The Local Community. Students create a map of their community. They will learn about why maps are used, complete a compass rose, create labels for their map, colour in buildings and places, and place them correctly on a map. They will write a reflection on their map and community. This resource includes:3-page Lesson Plan (With expectations, learning goal/success criteria, possible accommodations, and assessment strateg
Save 25% and purchase select AG Fonts in the GROWING BUNDLE! This font pack includes 5 true type fonts with Spanish, French, and Norwegian accents:AG Already Tired TomorrowAG Joy of Missing OutAG Joy of Missing Out SolidAG Lazy Level ExpertAG Lazy Level Expert BoldAG PhiloSLOTHicalAG Selective Participation Want more fonts? Check out:AG Fonts Volume OneAG Fonts Volume TwoAG Fonts Volume ThreeAG Fonts Volume FourAG Fonts Volume FiveAG Fonts Volume SixAG Fonts Volume SevenAG Fonts Volume EightAG F
Take your students on a space adventure they will never forget! This solar system packet contains printables, crafts, hands-on activities and so much more! Included in this unit you will find:1. Recommended book list2. Word wall (3 pages)3. "Our Solar System" class book (in color; full pages) 4. "Our Solar System" mini book in black & white for students (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)5. KWL Chart 6. "Describe a Planet" poster7. Fascinating Facts (Sun, Ear
Social Stories Volume 1***This product has been updated November 2021. New social story and updated stories included!12 Social Stories to teach appropriate behaviors at school. Each social story is available in half and full page versions within this purchase.Colored and black and white stories for each topic are also included.Each social stories has an activity that follows to check for understanding.Social Stories Included:1. Following Directions2. Sharing Supplies3. Asking a Friend to Play4.
Hang these posters for your students to use as a quick reference during math. They are the perfect tool for students to work on their fluency of their multiplication facts, least common multiples or skip counting. Included is an extra 5 for skip counting to 100.Also included is a fill in the blank version. Print and laminate to use in math centers for students to fill in with dry erase marker or print on half sheet so that students can put them in an interactive notebook. Use with the TpT dig
These skip counting practice sheets are great for your students to master the number patterns. The set includes 29 worksheets, organized as follows:This packet also includes a digital format (Google Slides™).Count by +2 (5 sheets)by -2 (2 sheets)by +3 (5 sheets)by -3 (2 sheets)by +5 (4 sheets)by -5 (2 sheets)by +10 (4 sheets)by -10 (2 sheets)Random count (1 sheet)Two blank sheets (count up and count back) are also included.♥♥♥Click here to buy this packet in the BUNDLE.Skip Counting Worksheets,
I created this base ten place value pocket chart to use after my introduction to place value. Students match place value base ten cards (0-29) with numbers in a pocket chart. After completion, students complete one of the provided independent practice pages. This set comes with place value cards, number cards, and 5 independent practice pages. Check out all of my DOLLAR DEALS below!DOLLAR DEAL! CVC Words Pocket Chart Sorting CenterDOLLAR DEAL! CVC Word Family Word Mats and Letter Tiles (Literacy
The Glyph Girls have created supplemental activity sheets for your literacy stations that correlate with the Wonders McGraw-Hill Reading Program. Each sheet has the Common Core Standard listed and teacher instructions are included. This packet has at least 2 additional activities to supplement each day of Weeks 1, 2, and 3 of Start Smart. Here's what you'll find: 1 - Cover Page 2 - Credits 3 - Week 1 Instructions 4 - Read It, Trace It, Draw It 5 - Sound Sort 6 - I Spy (High Frequency Words) 7
This reading comprehension bundle contains several articles and a PDF slideshow to explain World War I to students. The products included are listed below. These are NOT editable files.Tutorial How to Make PDFs Editable for Google ClassroomIncludes:-Slideshow with Guided Notes-TestReading Comprehension: -Main Causes-Overview-Sides-Theatres of War-Major Battles-Verdun-First Battle of the Marne-Tannenberg-Somme-Life as a Soldier-U.S. Enters-Harlem Hellfighters-Russian Revolution-End of the War-W
This BUNDLE includes FOUR independent workbooks for Grade 8 students aligned with the NEW 2022 Ontario Science curriculum. Each workbook meets the Ontario Curriculum expectations for an ENTIRE Science unit.All four Grade 8 Science strands are included: Cells, Systems in Action, Water Systems, and Fluids.In total, the workbooks include 185 pages of student worksheets! Interactive, hands-on activities are explained, with follow-up worksheets included. There is a variety of readings, long and short
5 Emergency Sub LessonsEach lesson is written in a way that can be copied for the students to follow if desired. The sub can simply read the directions, show the examples, and write the directions on the board if that is more your style. The lessons are straight-forward and make great step-by-step handouts.If you have any questions, feel free to email me-
K - 6th
You'll need the latest version of Adobe to read this PDF file: Not only are speaking and listening skills one fifth of the Common Core standards for ELA, and not only cooperation and collaboration included in the line-up of skills for 21st century education...the tools and skills needed to have and hold intelligent conversations with others is an essential life skill. Every grade level, K-5 includes the speaking and listening standard of "having collaborative
These Grade 5 ONTARIO Report Card Comments will make completing your report cards so easy! Comments are compatible with Google Docs™ and are fully editable for your convenience. Just copy and paste and replace "STUDENT" with your student's name and "THEY/THEIR/THEM" with your student's preferred pronouns.This resource is updated for all the newest curricula as of 2022!All comments are provided in a rubric format (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4) so you can easily identify what comment is appr
Get ready to facilitate learning with informative, easy prep centers! Ecosystems and Food Webs Science Stations includes 9 stations all about food webs and ecosystem interactions.Updated for 2022! I think you'll love this update-- guided student sheets, an answer key, quicker prep, and improved activities for your class! 9 StationsRead It: Read about food webs and abiotic and biotic components of a koala’s ecosystem. Answer questions.Create It: Use a table with information to construct a food we
Do your students understand how slow changes like weathering, erosion, and deposition change Earth's surface? Erosion Science Stations includes 9 stations to help your students to explore weathering, erosion, and deposition in a variety of ways!Updated for 2022! I think you'll love this update-- guided student sheets, an answer key, quicker prep, and improved activities for your class!9 StationsRead It: Read about Earth’s changing landforms due to wind, water, and ice.Create It: Use information
--------------------WELCOME TO MY STORE--------------------- Energy Unit - Fourth Grade - Science - Complete Unit - NGSSThis product is a complete teaching unit of 11 hands-on, engaging lessons to teach Energy fully aligned with the Fourth-grade NGSS standards. Also included is a collaborative end-of-unit project that utilizes the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices to apply their knowledge in a fun STEM project.--------------------APPROACH TO LEARNING---------------------This unit is designe
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