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***16 PAGES ADDED ON 03/06/17*** These are the centres and printables I use to teach & practice subtraction in my Ontario FDK classroom! Here is what's included: • 11-day lesson plans with corresponding curriculum expectations from The Ontario Kindergarten Program, 2016 p. 2 - 4: Subtraction Mat (Colour and B&W) p. 5 - 6: Play Dough SMASH! Mat (Colour and B&W) p. 7 - 9: Subtract with a Number Line Mat (Colour and B&W) p. 10: Subtract with Manipulatives p. 11 - 22: Subtraction
Make the Constitution jump off the page with these resources! Contents of the U.S. Constitution Unit: Pages 3-5: Articles of Confederation-Passage and Cloze ActivityPages 6-8: Creating a Constitution-Passage and Flap Book ActivityPages 9-11: Preamble to the Constitution-Passage and Match ActivityPages 12-16: Preamble to the Constitution-Mini-BookPages 17-19: The Great Preamble Race-Help your students memorize the Preamble in a FUN way!Pages 20-21: Preamble Roll-a-Phrase-A review of terms from th
This two-Page Parts of Speech Test has 30 total questions and includes Answer Key! Students must be able to identify Nouns, Verbs, & Adjectives. Happy teaching!FREEBIE! FREE Proofreading Marks Checklist (Proofreading Checklist) ♥ ♥ ♥ Looking for More Grammar Tests? ♥ ♥ ♥ Looking for a test that is not already in my store? Email happyteacherhappystudents@yahoo.com1. Alphabetical Order Test (Quiz)2. Common and Proper Nouns Test3. Homophones Test4. Parts of Speech Test5. Singular & Plural N
Antarctic clip art features 72 items: ►36 graphics in color►36 graphics in black&white 1. Adélie penguin.2. Antarctic map.3. Antarctic shag.4. Black-browed albatross.5. Blackfin icefish.6. Boy feeling cold.7. Broad-billed prion.8. Bullhead antarctic cod.9. Cape petrel.10. Chinstrap penguin.11. Colossal squid.12. Common minke whale.13. Elephant seal.14. Endurance ship trapped in ice.15. Girl feeling cold.16. Glacier.17. Grass.18. Ice shelf.19. Iceberg.20. Krill.21. Leopard seal.22. Lichen.23.
Esta actividad es divertida y ayuda a memorizar las palabras de uso frecuente. Estas palabras son clave para aprender a leer. Este material contiene 150 palabras. Palabras incluidas: 1. al 2. así 3. allí 4. alto 5. amigo 6. atrás 7. abuela 8. algo 9. ahora 10. abajo 11. aquí 12. aunque 13. buen 14. bien 15. bueno 16. bonita 17. buscar 18. bebé 19. bailar 20. bajo 21. con 22. como 23. cosa 24. caer 25. come 26. correr 27. casa 28. de 29. del 30. día 31. dice 32. dijo 33. decir 34. dar 35. don
Each chapter has an activity that corresponds with the events in the chapter. *Ch. 1: Imagery- Camp Green Lake*Ch. 2- 3: Characterization of Stanley*Ch. 4: Understanding Quotes*Ch. 5- 6: Choices*Ch. 7: Theme: Perseverance & Aesop’s Fable*Ch. 8: Yellow-Spotted Lizards*Ch. 9- 10: Fossils*Ch. 11: Pig Latin*Ch. 12- 13: Conflict*Ch. 14: Understanding Characters: The Warden*Ch. 15-16: Understanding Quotes*Ch. 17: Brochure for Camp *Ch. 18: Letter Home*Ch. 19- 20: Point of View*Ch. 21- 22: Change
4th - 8th
Ants clip art features 100 items: ►50 graphics in color►50 graphics in black&white 1. Winged queen.2. Wingless queen.3. Wood ant.4. A cocoon covers the pupa.5. A new ant hatches from its cocoon.6. Aardvark.7. Acrobat ant.8. Adult ant.9. Amber with ant.10. Ant bridge between two leaves.11. Anthill structure backgrund 1.12. Anthill structure backgrund 2.13. Argentine ant.14. Army ant.15. Arrow.16. Black carpenter ant.17. Boy looking into an anthill.18. Boy observing an ant.19. Bulldog ant.20.
Get organized for next year with these teacher binder pages!! 36 different pages to choose from and 5 different color choices! :) The pages include: 1- Teacher Binder 2014-2015 2- Yearly Binder 2014-2015 3- Parent Contact 4- Student Led Conferences 5- ELL 6- IEPs 7- Gifted 8- ESE 9- Differentiation 10- 504 Plans 11- Common Core 12- Standards 13- Staff Meetings 14- Team Meetings 15- PLCs 16- Interventions 17- Student Data 18- Test Prep 19- Student Passwords 20- Schedules 21- Curriculum M
Reinforce geometry skills and vocabulary with this bright colored geometry poster set. Display all 52 posters or pick and choose as each concept is introduced. Check out the preview for a more detailed look! Each poster includes illustrations and attributes for each type of line, angle, and geometric figure. Here’s what’s included: 1. Side 2. Vertex 3. Edge 4. Face 5. Base 6. Types of Lines 7. Line 8. Ray 9. Line Segment 10. Parallel Lines 11. Intersecting Lines 12. Perpendicular Lines 13. T
Let's learn about Natural Disasters! This worksheet includes 34 pages with a large variety of activities and exercises about natural disasters. Crosswords, word searches, puzzles and other kinds of activities are included to make it a fun and interesting class. The answers and an answer sheet are included. GOOGLE SLIDES AND FILLABLE PDF VERSIONS INCLUDED!Overview: Page 1-2: Introduction Page 3-4: EarthquakesPage 5-7: HurricanesPage 8-9: FloodsPage 10-11: Volcanic EruptionsPage 12-13: TsunamisPag
Are you always searching for your occupational therapy supplies? Organize all of your fine motor Occupational Therapy materials and fine motor supplies. Never search for therapy materials or classroom supplies again! The labels are designed to fit storage bine labels onto plastic containers or 4x6 photo and craft storage containers. This set includes 70 labels. Happy organizing! Labels: 1. Dry Erase Markers 2. Pencils 3. Markers4. Push Pins5. Paperclips6. Dice7. Crayons 8. Glue9. Scissors10. Hi
This is a set of Journey's spelling lists to SUPPLEMENT the 1st grade curriculum. 30 weeks are included along with 12 ink friendly spelling activities to use with any of the lists. All of the activities also come with center instructions. Here is what is included. Spelling Lists: 6 words each 1. short a 2. short i 3. short o 4. short e 5. short u 8 words each 6. short a 7. short i 8. short o 9. short e 10. short u 11. th 12. ch, tch 13. sh, wh, ph 14. long a 15. long i 12 words 16. long o
Let’s get to know Africa! This worksheet includes 36 pages with a wide variety of activities and exercises about Africa. The materials have informative exercises about the things that Africa is famous for, such as tribal peoples, natural resources, Nelson Mandela, wildlife, Nelson Mandela, pyramids and many other things! Crosswords, word searches, puzzles and other kinds of activities are included to make it a fun and interesting class. GOOGLE SLIDES WITH PREMADE TEXTBOXES INCLUDED! Overview:Pag
Practice reading words starting with CH, SH and TH digraphs by putting together these word puzzles. Just print, cut and go!You can find this cheaper as part of a big bundle HERE.Includes the following word blends in both color and black and white. Relevant page numbers for the color and black and white versions follow.CH DIGRAPHSCH: chat, chew, chin, chop (5, 12) CH: chain, chair, chalk, champ (6, 13)CH: chart, chase, cheek, cheep (7, 14)CH: cheer, chess, chest, child (8, 15)CH: chili*, chill,
PreK - 1st
This is a comprehensive resource for 1st grade centers. By choosing this resource, you will be getting first grade centers for the entire year!Here's What's Inside: January CentersSentence Scramble Puzzles (16 puzzles)Research It (20 task cards)Diphthong Clip It (48 cards)Sight Word Puzzles (11 mats, 88 puzzle cards)Sequencing Station (8 mats, 48 pictures)Describe It (28 picture cards, 48 descriptive word cards)Story Details (9 story mats)Using Commas (30 cards)Define the Word (24 cards)Shades
Phonics Sorting Worksheets Bundle: blends, digraphs, trigraphs, double consonant endings, silent letters, hard and soft c, hard and soft g, letter reversals b dThis is a discounted, BUNDLED pack of my 22 products:1.CH and CK Sorts | Cut and Paste Worksheets | Freebie2.Digraphs Sorts TH-TCH | Cut and Paste Worksheets3.QU and WH Sorts | Cut and Paste Worksheets4.PH - GH - FF Sorts | Cut and Paste Worksheet5.Trigraphs Sorts scr-shr-spl-squ-str-spr | Cut and Paste Worksheets6.Words Ending in -LE Sor
Classroom Greetings | Social Distancing | Morning GreetingWith social distancing becoming the new normal, provide students with a fun way to greet you and each other upon entering and exiting school. Students will choose one of the choices daily. 48 Posters in Total 16 Posters | 2 Versions of Each | 2 Color Options and Black & White HEADERS 1. Air Hug2. Elbow Bump3. Namaste4. Hip Bump5. Hat Tip6. Foot Bump7. Salute8. Spirit Fingers9. Curtsey10. Wave11. Wink12. Bow13. Peace Sign14. Smile15. T
PreK - 4th
This product was specifically created for Virginia SOL 2.13. It included activities for the following American symbols: Washington Monument, bald eagle, Statue of Liberty, and American Flag. This packet also included activities about the Pledge of Allegiance. Here is what is included:Pages 3-5: Vocabulary WordsPages 6-9: Symbol PostersPages 10-11: Symbol foldablePage 12: Symbol notesPages 13-16: Symbols for anchor chartsPages 17-20: Graphic organizers (can be used as KWL or to take notes)Pages 2
Symmetry Worksheets, Printables and Activities This fun pack of printables is perfect for your students to learn and review symmetry skills! This packet includes: p. 4: Symmetry Cover Page p. 5: Symmetry Pre-test p. 6: Symmetry 101 p. 7: Create a ‘What is Symmetry?’ poster p. 8: 2D Shape Symmetry p. 9: Alphabet Letter Symmetry p. 10: Letter and Number Symmetry p. 11: Symbol Symmetry p. 12-13: Symmetry In the Environment p. 14-18: Cut and Glue Symmetry p. 19-20: How Many Lines of Symmetry? p.
1st - 3rd
This 6th grade math bundle includes three activities per math topic that can be used during centers, math warm ups, math exit tickets, or math homework. 72 Printable AND 72 Digital activities are included in this purchase.*Save 50% when you purchase this complete bundle.Topics Included (Print & Digital)1. Basic Ratio Concepts2. Ratios & Unit Rate3. Equivalent Ratios4. Problem Solving with Unit Rate5. Problem Solving with Percents6. Measurement Conversion7. Dividing Fractions8. Multi-Digi
This resource is a great way for your students to practice reading skills, vocabulary, and comprehension while reading The Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman. Updated 5/6/21: This resource now contains a digital version of the novel study in Google Slides.What’s Included:Before Reading Research graphic organizer on IndiaCharacter Chart with major charactersA Reading Guide Sheet for the following chapter sections (1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16, 17-21, 22-25, 26-29, 30-33, 34-37, 38-40, 41-44)Conflict Graph
The following task cards are designed to accompany my STEM Bins® , found at the following link:★STEM BINSNOW INCLUDES A SPANISH AND FRENCH VERSION!!!This is a HUGE pack of 162 additional task cards for STEM Bins®! Students can use a STEM Bin® with a building material of their choice to construct as many seasonal structures as possible.Includes the following themes:Pages 3-8: Task Card Box Covers (recommended for 4x6 photo cases)Pages 9-10: Back to School StructuresPages 11-12: Fall/Halloween/Tha
These nonfiction text features posters are a perfect way to emerge your students in nonfiction. As part of the Common Core, your students are expected to know and understand the text features in informational text. Expose your students to the various nonfiction text features with this poster set displayed in your classroom! 24 Nonfiction Text Features Included:1. Glossary 2. Caption 3. Hyperlink 4. Maps 5. Table of Contents 6. Photograph 7. Chart/Graph 8. Types of Print / Keywords 9. Index 10. H
Social Studies Interactive Notebook: 52 fun and highly engaging foldables, posters, supply list, and so much more! You'll never go back to your old INBs after this! Download Preview File Please make sure to download the preview file and video video if applicable. Please ensure that it is appropriate for your grade level prior to purchasing. This Product Includes: 1.Table of Contents 2.Labor Day 3.Columbus Day 4.Veteran's Day 5.MLK Day 6.President's Day 7.Memorial Day 8.Flag Day 9.Independe
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