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This easy-to-use, comprehensive flip book is a great way for students to record their learning about Virginia during the 20th century and beyond. Depending on your students, you might complete this as a class or have students work on it in small groups, with a partner, or independently. To complete
Addresses 2008 VA SOLs 9a, 9b, 9c, and 9d Essential KnowledgeCreated these for my ESOL students because they struggle so much with all of the vocabulary and concepts. I am using them as a study guide/flashcards. Could also be used to supplement/scaffold notes.Cards Include:ruralurbanVA was not agric
This powerpoint is to assist in the instruction of Virginia Standards of Learning VS. 9. The powerpoint includes slides on Massive Resistance, Brown vs. Board of education, Growth in Virginia Cities, and important Virginians of the 20th century.
Posters for bulletin board to help reinforce contributors of 20th Century Virginia.
This Virginia Studies 20th/21st Century Virginia Unit follows Virginia State Curriculum and covers VS.9 a-d and VS.10c. It includes notes, a quiz, a study guide, and answer keys for everything. I have taught Virginia Studies for the last 6 years and I have used and improved the items found in this u
This packet includes notes, assessments, worksheets and a project for Virginia SOL standards VS 9a-9d. It also includes critical skills from VS 1, including comparing/contrasting, interpreting, analyzing primary documents, and sequencing. While specifically designed to cover the Virginia SOL requi
**Updated in 2017 for the new SOLs!** This is a 20 page instructional SMARTboard lesson designed for the Virginia Studies unit of Virginia in the 20th Century & Beyond. It covers ALL of the 4th grade Virginia SOLs on this topic - VS.9a-d. It is colorful, informative, and interactive - TONS of
There was a lot of political and social change in the 20th century. Students have to know quite a few people who made contributions to Virginia's history. Students will differentiate among the following: -Maggie L. Walker -L. Douglas Wilder -Harry F. Byrd, Sr. -Oliver Hill, Sr. -George C. Marshall
Writers of the Early 20th Century (1900-1950) includes 24 graphic organizers which represent a wide variety of men and women that made important contributions to the world of English-language writing in the first half of the 20th century. There are many more than 24 excellent or representative writ
Students enjoy using this helpful study guide and review worksheet to review what they've learned about Virginia in the 20th and 21st centuries. Students can complete the worksheet while you teach or as an end-of-unit review. You can also send the study guide home so that parents can help reinforce
VS.9 20th and 21st Centuries in Virginia**Updated to new standardsVirginia is changing! The economy is more industrialized, the cities are growing, and people are making a difference! Teach it all in new and different ways!It includes the VS.9 Famous 20th Century Virginians PackEach strand of the s
Task cards are an engaging way to review content and can be used in many ways. Use them to play games, such as Scoot, board games, and Jeopardy. Question formats range from multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and short answer. This set comes with 2 groups of task cards each – one with questions (3
When you're ready to review Virginia Studies content, these engaging, paperless activities are the way to go! This digital resource contains web-based activities that students can complete in Google Drive™ or Microsoft OneDrive™. Students use the 11 interactive slides to review their knowledge of 20
Word walls are a wonderful way to support your students' learning! This visually rich set of vocabulary cards and posters is perfect to display on a concept wall or word wall in your classroom as you teach your students about twentieth- and twenty-first-century Virginia! Leave it up to reinforce con
If you're looking for a quick grab-and-go resource for students to take notes on the political contributions of Virginians during the 20th century, this is it! Students simply fill in the blanks in this low-prep foldable booklet!People Covered:Harry F. Byrd, Sr.Oliver W. Hill, Sr.A. Linwood Holton,
Are you and your students tired of worksheets? Then consider using task cards as a different and motivating way to review! There are 16 cards with a variety of questions included in this file. Most of the questions are open-ended, requiring student to think a little more than just a standard mult
Looking for more foldables to teach Virginia History? Then this file is for you! In this file you will receive the following: -Detailed instructions on how to use and prepare the notebook (SEE THE WHOLE FILE FOR FREE BY CLICKING PREVIEW) -Photos of every foldable -4 foldables -6 Vocabulary words
Looking for a quick and helpful way to review Virginia Studies content? This set of 30 flash cards is a great way for students to review their knowledge of 20th and 21st century Virginia. Cut them apart and fold in half to use as traditional flash cards (question on the front, answer on the back) or
Looking for a creative way to engage your students before the Virginia SOL Tests? Then this is the game for your students! This game can be compared to 'Taboo'. This particular game is for VS.9 only! That means all of the cards are for 20th Century history in Virignia. The goal is for the clue giver
This is an instructional packet that I use for my Virginia in the 20th Century Unit that I teach to cover the 4th grade Virginia Studies SOLs 4.9. Included in this packet: 1 - Worksheet – Integration in Public Schools 2 - Worksheet – 20th Century Famous Virginians 3 - Famous Virginians Review Book
Here are 3 bingo games to review the fourth grade Virginia Studies SOLs for the topics of Virginia in the Civil War, Reconstruction in Virginia, and Virginia in the 20th Century & Beyond. The packet includes three game boards, instructional sheet, question sheets containing 75 questions, and a s
**Updated in 2017 to reflect the new SOLs!** This 21 page interactive notebook covers the entire Virginia Studies unit "Virginian in the 20th Century" - SOLs VS.9. This interactive notebook contains: *Student notebook organizer page *3 pages of student notes - includes all SOL information! *Vocabu
This interactive notebook contains all the information Virginia Studies 4th and 5th grade students need to know about Virginia during 20th and 21st centuries NOW UPDATED with changes to the VA Studies standards for the 2016-17 school year. Help make your life and the lives of your students easier by
This I Have... Who Has..? game has 25 cards. It covers all the terms and definitions students need to know for Virginia Studies SOL VS.9. Words include: L. Douglas Wilder, mechanization and low crop prices, economic opportunities, raods/ railraods/ streetcars, coal mining, Northern Virginia, Norther

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