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Classifying 2D Shapes Activity Pack
This activity pack is great for building your stations over the topic of classifying 2D shapes. It includes a rigorous venn diagram activity, 2-sets of flashcards, and frayer model templates. Great for 4th and 5th grade students.
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4th Grade Math Word Problems | Test Prep YEARLONG BUNDLE | SPIRAL REVIEW
✐150 MATH COMMON CORE ALIGNED QUESTIONS TO TRANSFORM YOUR CLASSROOM!✐ Perfect for morning work, math rotations, spiral review, and math practice!WHAT ARE P.O.W.E.R PROBLEMS?☛PURPOSEFUL - These problems are meant to keep students focused, while strengthening initiative and perseverance. ☛OPPORTUNITIE
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4th Grade Guided Math Reference Mats COMPLETE BUNDLE Small Groups Rotations
Purchase this COMPLETE BUNDLE and SAVE $7! This bundle includes FIVE Guided Math Reference Mats sets which sell for $7.00 each. Buy and save now! Take the prep work out of guided math rotations and make life easier for yourself. Guided Math Reference Mats tailor instruction for your students wit
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4th Grade Math Test Prep Centers
4th Grade Math Test Prep Centers I'm so excited to offer these new math centers! They align to both the 4th Grade TEKS and 4th Grade Common Core. What's included in this pack? • a sheet for each set of standards detailing what is included. • 9 centers with cover sheets, materials, student answer
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4th Grade Google Classroom Math Interactive Notebook, Digital: All Standards
Interactive Math Notebook, 4th Grade Digital Notebook, Google Classroom, Paperless:This 4th grade Google Classroom interactive notebook provides guided instruction, example problems, and quick references for all 4th grade Common Core math standards! Now you can get all the interaction and engagemen
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4th Grade Performance Tasks MEGA BUNDLE FOR ALL YEAR Math Printables
Need to challenge your students? Want feedback on how your class is mastering the material you teach? Looking for more than a standard multiple choice assessment? Take your math instruction to the next level and get your students excited about math! PERFORMANCE TASKS ARE WHAT YOUR STUDENTS NEED. *S
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Math Digital Escape Room 4th Grade BUNDLE Google Classroom BREAKOUT
This Math Digital Classroom Escape BUNDLE includes interactive activities which promotes peer collaboration and problem solving. Standards based math questions, challenges, and puzzlers combine to create the perfect blend of learning and fun!****SAVE $45.00 BY PURCHASING THE BUNDLE!****WANT TO TRY O
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Geometry UNIT Fourth Grade Math 4.G.1, 4.G.2, 4.G.3,  4.MD.5, 4.MD.6, 4.MD.7
This is a complete Geometry common core Unit for fourth grade math! You have everything you need!! This contains endless amounts of items including assessments, independent and small group activities, games, projects and "I Can" statements for your board. I have used this for several years and our s
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Bloom's Taxonomy 4th Grade Math Question Cards ALL STANDARDS 170 CARDS!
This purchases include 170 Bloom's Taxonomy question cards! What are Bloom’s Taxonomy Math Cards? Bloom’s Taxonomy question cards are designed for teachers to use in their math classroom to ensure that they are targeting the different levels of questioning. Teaching math is a complex process that r
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Big Summer Bundle: Packets for Students Entering Kindergarten Through 4th Grade
This is a bundle of my five summer packets. It includes packets for students entering kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, and fourth grade. Each packet contains a table of contents and is common core aligned. Get Ready For Kindergarten Summer Packet *Practice Your Name Sheets
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2D Shapes Math Tasks and Exit Tickets 5th Grade
This set is the perfect tool to teach your students the third and fourth standards in the common core. By completing the activities in this set, your students will understand how to recognize the different attributes of 2D shapes, and classify them in a hierarchy based on their properties. Include

Also included in: Geometry Bundle 5th Grade

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Interactive Notebook Activities - Classifying Polygons (2D Shapes) {4.G.2}
This is a set of activities to use in your 4th grade math interactive notebooks. This set is aligned with the following Common Core standard in the Geometry domain: CCSS.Math.Content.4.G.A.2 Classify two-dimensional figures based on the presence or absence of parallel or perpendicular lines, or the
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FREE 2D Shape Cards for sorting, matching, and other geometry activities
These free geometry cards can be used as math manipulatives in your math centers or workstations. They're designed to be used with the following products (the exact shapes included in each item vary according to the grade level):1st Grade Geometry Math Partner Games: 8 shapes & equal shares game
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2D Shapes Worksheet Alternatives, Activities, Games, or Math Centers
These low prep puzzles are a great way to let students practice 2D shapes. These magic square puzzles make it quick and easy for teachers to provide hands on activities that meet the needs of all students! Have your students practice matching the 2-D shapes to the correct word!Shapes included are: s
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4th Grade Math Concept Posters Geometry 4.G.1 4.G.2 4.G.3 Angles Lines Symmetry
4th Grade Math Concept Posters- Geometry This math resource contains posters for students to complete on the topics of: -Lines -Angles -2D Shapes -Triangles -Symmetry Students can use these posters to demonstrate their understanding of these topics at the end of a lesson/unit. Five posters
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Christmas No Prep Math for 3rd & 4th  Grade
Holiday themed math worksheets that are easy to print and pass out to your students immediately! These handouts are great for those busy days during the month of December! Answer Keys are included for easy checking and grading!The following math skills are included:Place ValueExpanded FormWord For
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Poetry Notebook: Poem Writing, Poetry Writing 4th Grade 3rd Grade Poetry Terms
Poetry Interactive Notebooks are an exciting way to teach Poetry! This notebook is wonderful and a great start to teaching Poetry in your Classroom! It includes components to a well rounded poetry class. I created this notebook with activities that I used to build a strong foundation and a love for

Also included in: Poetry Unit, Reading Notebook, Writing Notebook 3rd Grade & 4th Grade Bundle

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Geometry Worksheets / Activities - First Grade Common Core
This is a pack of worksheets and activities designed to help teach the geometry common core standards for first-grade. There are worksheets and activities for every first grade geometry common core standard. Worksheets Included: *Defining Attributes - Students determine which attributes of a shape

Also included in: First Grade Math Common Core Bundle

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4th Grade Math Stations:  Set Three
Are you looking for math stations for your 4th graders? These stations review several different skills and don’t require too much work to set-up! Here are the ELEVEN stations that are included: -Place Value JENGA (Need JENGA blocks): Place Value of Whole Numbers and Decimals-Pick a Stick, Solve, an
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ISAT practice 4th grade
I made this PowerPoint to help 4th graders study for the ISAT test. It could either be printed out to make packets or used on a SmartBoard or ENO board. It includes: 3D shapes, 2D shapes, polygons, perpendicular and parallel lines, line segments and rays, types of angles, using a protractor, parts o
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2D Shapes and 3D Shapes for K-2
Looking for a complete packet for the Common Core geometry standards that use solid ways to teach 2D and 3D shapes plus halves and fourths in a meaningful way? This packet is an in depth look at geometry and shapes for kindergarten, first and second grade. It takes the principles of CGI and applie

Also included in: Guided Math Workshop Curriculum BUNDLE

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Classifying 2D Shapes Maze 4.6C 4.6D 5.5A
This maze requires students to classify and name quadrilaterals and triangles. It includes true/false questions with tricky wording about shapes as well. Students answer the questions and follow the path to the end of the maze! This resource includes 11 classifying shapes problems with quadrilatera
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4th Grade Math Rigorous Word Problems Geometry Standards 4.G.1, 4.G.2, 4.G.3
✐MATH COMMON CORE ALIGNED QUESTIONS TO TRANSFORM YOUR CLASSROOM!✐ WHAT ARE P.O.W.E.R PROBLEMS? ☛PURPOSEFUL - These problems are meant to keep students focused, while strengthening initiative and perseverance. ☛OPPORTUNITIES - These prompts can be used in a variety of ways. P.O.W.E.R problems can

Also included in: 4th Grade Math Word Problems | Test Prep YEARLONG BUNDLE | SPIRAL REVIEW

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4th Grade Math Maze Bundle
These mazes provide a fun and exciting way for students to practice a variety of math skills!This resource includes 16 different mazes that cover topics such as place value, rounding, word problems, adding and subtracting decimals, 2D shapes, angles, relative measurement, and measurement conversions
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