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Orton-Gillingham 3 part drill Sound Cards

This set of 104 phonogram flash cards is printed in a back to back format. They are suitable for Orton-Gillingham or Wilson instruction.To purchase my full Flash cards and Poster Set click here: Flash Cards and Poster SetI am currently using them as part of my O-G lessons. The first part of the O-G lesson is a drill with phonogram flashcards. The teacher holds up a card. The student says the letter or phonogram, the key word for it, and the sound it makes. Sometimes students need a picture prom

Layers of the Ocean Biome Montessori 3 Part Cards Student Blackline Worksheets

Layers of the ocean 3-part cards and sorting activities. Here's what's included:Layers of the ocean poster and animal cards for sorting and matching. The set features watercolor images. There are two sets included with three ( the Sunlight Zone, Twilight Zone and Midnight Zone) and five layers (the Sunlight Zone, Twilight Zone, Midnight Zone, Abyss and The Trenches).Layers of the ocean 3-part cards, information cards and blackline master (cursive/print tracing and pages for independent writing)A

Internal Organs of the Human Body Montessori 3 Part Cards

This learning material contains 9 internal organs of the human body in Montessori 3 part cards format. The digital image is high quality and isolated in white background. Definition cards for each part is included which can be assembled into a booklet. - 9 picture cards - 9 labels - 9 control cards - 9 definitions for booklet - activity sheets - title cards✳️✳️ YOU MIGHT ALSO BE INTERESTED IN:Planets and Solar System 3 Part CardsHuman Body Systems 3 Part CardsConstellations 3 Part CardsZ

Geometric Solids- Real Life Objects: 3 Part Montessori Cards

Created by
Miss Andria
Click HERE for FREE Montessori materials! Please check out my new Geometry SUPER PACK with 5 of my top selling materials for a super discounted price!!! I created these three part cards for my 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade Montessori students to use when relating geometric solids to real life objects. Students become quite motivated when challenged to learn something and are able to self correct their own work while striving for perfection. The geometric solids included are: cylinder, cone, sphere

Solar System and Space Bundle with Close Up Cards, Planets Book, & 3 Part Cards

Use these space themed printables to create hands-on solar system learning activities for your students. You can use these cards to teach children the names of planets and additional elements from our solar system. These cards can be used in a Montessori classroom and are perfect for science centers!Use these Space Cards to create hands-on activities and to teach children about planets. Your students will be excited to see the details of the different planets in our solar system! Note: the image

Reading Comprehension BOOM CARDS Sequencing | Story Retell BUNDLE Parts 1-3

Created by
BOOM CARDS: Have FUN WHILE LEARNING with this comprehensive NO PREP, NO PRINT Boom Card BUNDLE that addresses the concept of Sequencing, Story Retell, comprehension, vocabulary, story elements, answering WH questions, and MORE. It includes THREE COMPLETE EVERGREEN UNITS PARTS 1-3 (non-seasonal and is great for year-round use) FOR A TOTAL OF 9 ORIGINAL SHORT STORIES. It includes full-color, high-resolution images and is fully interactive with point & click and drag & drop features with i

Orton-Gillingham Sound Cards For Three Part Drill

Explicit, systematic, multisensory, phonics instruction is important for struggling readers, particularly those with dyslexia who need dyslexia intervention. I’m excited to share this set of 104 phoneme/grapheme Orton-Gillingham sound cards and Orton-Gillingham posters in a back to back format with you. I am currently using them as part of my O-G lessons. The first part of the OG lesson is a drill with phonogram flashcards. The teacher holds up a card. The student says the letter or phonogram,

Emotions and Feelings Flashcards, Real Photo Cards Montessori Style 3 Part Cards

Created by
Teach Me How
This printable SET of 20 Different FEELINGS & EMOTIONS MONTESSORI 3-PART CARDS is a wonderful way to introduce & discuss feelings/emotions with young children while expanding their vocabulary and social-emotional competence. Includes two printing options - Montessori 3-part cards(2 pictures per page) and flash card style (4 pictures per page). INCLUDES: Set of 20 Montessori Style 3-part cards with REAL photographs of multi-Cultural children displaying the following emotions/feelings:Happ

Homes Around the World 3-Part Cards - Montessori Social Studies

Homes Around the World - A beautiful photographic look at the variety of structures people around the world call home. Includes: yurt, tulou, bhunga, roundhouse, pit dwelling, hut, stilt house, tepee, igloo, apartment building, tree house, and more!Includes:26 cards with labels26 cards without labels26 labelsThe cards with labels are approx. 3½" x 3¼", cards without labels are approx. 1" shorter.

Dinosaurs Montessori 3 Part Cards and Information Cards

Montessori inspired beautiful learning materials of 10 dinosaurs: ➥ apatosaurus ➥ tyrannosaurus rex ➥ elasmosaurus ➥ spinosaurus ➥ stegosaurus ➥ pteranodon ➥ triceratops ➥ velociraptor ➥ ankylosaurus ➥ parasaurolophusThe file includes: ➥ 10 control cards (picture + label) size: 5.25"x4" ➥ 10 picture cards size: 4"x4" ➥ 10 labels size: 1.25"x4" ➥ 10 information cards size: 5.5"x3.75"IMPORTANT!!Please check the thumbnails of this material before purchasing so you will have an idea of what you

Emotions and Feelings 3 Part Cards Montessori Inspired Printables

I was always passionate about teaching children to understand their emotions and being empathetic towards each other. It inspired me to create this teaching resource.Teaching Feelings and Emotions Pack for students aged 3-6 includes:- Sorting activity with 10 different feelings/emotions (curious, happy, loved, lonely, sad, scared, silly, confused, angry, shy). Children are encouraged to match pictures to particular emotions.- Emotions Montessori 3-Part Cards with 10 different emotions: curious,

Distance Learning: OG Three Part Drill Template and ALL concept cards

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Save time and get the NO PREP Three-Part-Drill bundle you need: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★☻ Kinder ☻ First Grade ☻ Second Grade ☻ Third Grade ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This file is a PowerPoint and GOOGLE Slides template for Orton Gillingham's Three-Part-Drill: Visual, Auditory/Kinesthetic, and blending along with ALL concept cards based on RECIPE FOR READING. You get 229 slides.Visual Drill: T

7 Continents Montessori 3 Part Cards

Montessori inspired seven continents in 3 part cards and definition cards which can be assembled into a booklet. Includes coloring and activity sheets for work extensions.BONUS MATERIALS:6 Continent Posters6 Word Map PostersEDIT 2021: The posters are BONUS MATERIALS (freebie). It only contains 6 continents (no Antarctica) because I can't seem to find an appropriate illustration for the mat/poster.RELATED PRODUCTS:  ✔️Animals Around the World Bundle Pack  (check the  individual packs too)  ✔️L

Types of Mountains Information, 3-Part Cards & Control Chart

Types of Mountains Information, 3-Part Cards & Control Chart - Identify, sort, and classify 5 types of mountains: fault-block mountains, fold mountains, volcanic mountains, dome mountains, and plateau mountains.This work includes:1 page outlining the importance of mountainsdefinition cards for each of the 5 types of mountainsdiagram for each of the 5 types of mountains20 photographic sorting cardscontrol chart showing the correct classification of the photo cardsCards with labels are approx.

Montessori Geometric Solids 3-Part Cards - Primary Geometry

Montessori Geometric Solids 3-Part Cards - This material includes a cube, sphere, rectangular prism, triangular prism, cone, square base pyramid, ellipsoid, ovoid, cylinder, and triangular-based pyramid (tetrahedron).Includes:10 pictures with labels10 pictures without labels10 labelsCards with labels are approx. 3½" x 3¼" cards without labels are approx. 1" shorter.You may be interested in the following:Geometric Solids BookGeometric Solids Command CardsGeometric Solids Sorting Cards

Prepositions 3-part cards--Montessori Language Arts--Montessori Grammar

Where are these silly pink tower cubes? Over, under, between, and around, where else can you find them? A super fun way to learn your prepositions! This file includes 11 3-part cards with images for easy visual understanding of prepositions. It will make a lovely addition to your language shelves and perhaps will encourage your child to use their pink tower in an unusual way :) Please see the preview image for ideas on how to prepare your materials. For this set we chose to mount our cards on

Constellations Montessori 3 Part Cards

This Montessori inspired Constellation 3 part cards features 13 known constellations. It consist of: - 13 control cards with size 5.375"x4" (picture + label) - 13 picture cards - 13 labels (1.5" x 4") - 13 activity pin poking sheets, size 5.375" x 8.125" (half a page) List of constellations: aquarius aries cancer capricorn dipper gemini leo libra pisces sagittarius scorpio taurus virgo OTHER SPACE THEMED RELATED PRODUCTS: ➤ Constellations ➤ Space Ten Frames ➤ Moon Phases   ➤ Planet

Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant Montessori 3-part cards

This set of 6 3-part cards depicts the stages of development of a Green Bean Plant. Use Safari LTD Safariology set of models with your cards, germinate your own seeds and have fun learning! Please click on a preview image to see a photo of finished materials. Please check out my other Life Cycle sets. I have 8 sets of 3-part cards and a card-to-object bundle perfect for toddlers. Choose from frog, green bean plant, sea turtle, chicken, ladybug, ant, honey bee, and butterfly--which is a free

13 Original Colonies of the United States Maps, 3-Part Cards & Information

13 Original Colonies of the United States Maps & Information -Includes the following maps of the 13 original colonies of the USA as the states are divided today. The color maps are colored using the traditional Montessori map colors.Includes:1 black and white blank map1 black and white labeled map1 colored blank map1 colored and labeled map3 regions of the 13 colonies (includes maps for each of the 3 regions)It also includes the following maps of the 13 original colonies of the USA as the st

Animal Body Coverings Sorting Activity | Montessori 3-part cards

These beautiful cards will help children to learn about different animal body coverings. Teach children about feathers, scales, fur, skin, and shell using this sorting activity and Montessori 3-part cards.THE RESOURCE INCLUDES:- 5 picture+name cards (for every type of covering)- 5 picture only cards- 5 name cards- 5 information cards- 25 animal cards for sorting (5 cards for every type of covering)- 25 animal name cards- 5 animal control cards- 5 animal name control cards✎ If you downloaded this

The History of Transportation Montessori Timeline 3-part Nomenclature Cards

Timeline of the history of transportation printable cards for Montessori classroom and home. The set contains 38 control cards, 38 timeline cards, and 38 picture matching cards. This set is a great addition to your Transport Unit and Inventions Unit.This set of printable cards can assist students in understanding the concept of time and shows the technological progress in pictures – which is perfect for visual learners.

Spider Life Cycle Activities and 3-part cards for Montessori or Science Centers

Spider life cycle activities and 3-part cards. These cards are perfect or learning about spiders and their life cycles. This set features 3-part cards, and a life cycle spinner! This set is perfect for Montessori primary classrooms, children between the ages of 3 to 6, or those simply interested in learning more about spiders! Psst! These are great for a Halloween theme, too! Use this Montessori spider life cycle pack to give your students a general understanding of the life cycle of a spider,

Types of Musical Instruments (Set 1) - Montessori 3-Part Cards - Vocabulary, ESL

Types of Musical Instruments (Set 1)Includes 23 types of musical instruments: trumpet, trombone, saxophone, french horn, tuba, violin, cello, guitar, harp, xylophone, glockenspiel, marimba, timpani, snare drum, bass, triangle, castanets, maracas, piano, clarinet, flute, bassoon, and tambourine.Includes:23 pictures with labels23 pictures without labels23 labelstitle cardCards with labels are approx. 3½" x 3¼", cards without labels are approx. 1" shorter.You may be interested in the following:Musi

South America Resource Pack for The Montessori Classroom 3-Part Cards

This pack provides an initial introduction to the geography of the continent, introduces to some cultural aspects of South America and presents iconic animals of this amazingly diverse part of the world.The South America Resource Pack is a great addition to the Continent Boxes.Here’s what’s included:South America introductory picture cards x 6Flag matching cards and control cards Outline map of South AmericaPolitical map of South AmericqInsects, birds and mammals of South America sorting activit
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